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  1. Jehovah is a happy God and he wants us to engage in wholesome recreation, but we must always keep it in perspective. We need to exert ourselves to attain salvation. So we need to give priority to the preaching and teaching activity and building on our personal relationship with Jehovah.
  2. We could never thank Jehovah enough for the greatest gift anyone could ever receive.
  3. That "temptation" is all of the things that Satan dangles in front of us to keep us from wholeheartedly serving Jehovah. We must be careful that we don't fall prey even to the smallest things. We must pray for deliverance. We must not forget to never neglect feeding from our spiritual table because that will help us fight off Satan's schemes.
  4. How encouraging at the Annual Meeting we had new understanding about praying for the sanctification of our Father's name and the vindication of his sovereignty. When we address Jehovah as our FATHER it reflects that we have an intimate, respectful relationship with him. It helps us to draw close to him. This gives us confidence that he wants to hear our prayers.
  5. Because we are all imperfect humans, its likely that we will face some anxiety. It's easy to say to pray to Jehovah, but if prayer is not part of our regular routine we will become overly anxious and it could cause physical or spiritual harm. So, my aim is to increase my heartfelt prayers, so that my first thought will be to go to Jehovah first and not rely on myself.
  6. As the GB at the Annual Meeting reiterated, we are living in the last days and the time is very short. Soon and very soon Jehovah and his Son, Jesus will take action.
  7. Yes, the elders should do their part by commending the brothers for their fine efforts in caring out their assignments in a way that honor Jehovah. We too can also offer commendation. We can encourage them and let them know that Jehovah is pleased with the work they are doing for the congregation and for him. We can also thank our elders for shepherding the flock, because they too have a lot of responsibilities. We must remember these are imperfect men appointed by Jehovah. The appointment by Jehovah should move us to be patient and encourage them as well as others in the congregation.
  8. Paul likens the congregation to a human body. A human body is made up of many different members, but has just one head. However, nothing in the body—not a muscle, not a nerve, not a vein—is useless. Each member is valuable and contributes something to the health and beauty of the whole. Similarly, the congregation is made up of many different members, but each member—whether young or old, strong or frail—can contribute something to the overall spiritual health and beauty of the congregation. No one need feel that he is too insignificant to matter. At the other extreme, none should feel superior, for we all—shepherds and sheep alike—are part of the body, and there is but one head, Christ.
  9. Very deep text today. It made me think about my prayers to Jehovah now, while I'm not facing persecution. Do I see myself saying the same thing sometimes and not really supplicating my heart to Jehovah? Am I taking advantage of daily Bible reading and preparing for all the meetings? Doing this now will help me draw closer to him so that I'm giving the Holy Spirit something to call back to memory. It will help me to go to him in prayer without hesitation when the trials, tribulations, and persecution starts. Another area for me to work on.
  10. Text touches homes about being aware of things that could interfere with us making sure our service and loyalty to Jehovah is our first priority. Jonathan went against his flesh and blood, his father, because of his loyalty to Jehovah. At times we may be faced with the same situation. Who are we going to be loyal to? May our answer always be to Jehovah and if not, may we ask Jehovah to help us.
  11. Jehovah has given us the BEST gift ever. There are no words in our vocabulary that can come close to describing what he has done for us. I thank Jehovah daily for the sacrifice he made for me. I need to make it my aim to be like Daniel and keep up my spiritual routine and never waiver in my loyalty to Jehovah, even if my life is on the line. Always ready to give a witness or be a witness of Jehovah's name.
  12. Luke provided medical for their physical well being, but he also spread the good news. We too have medicine, God's Word, the Bible, that we are trying to direct the sick too as well. Our message can help all spiritually. This medicine will help them to get to know about our creator better, his Kingdom and to work to align their lives according to his standards. Yes, we are ministers for this life saving work, so let us take every opportunity at work, grocery store, etc. to spread the good news.
  13. Yes, the tongue is very powerful because it can be used to do harm and good. We want to think before we speak and we want to examine our choice of words and tone as not to offend, but to resolve matter quickly or encourage someone. We never want to stumble anyone by the things we do or say. Let's all do our part to be loving and encouraging to one another. Have a good day!❤️
  14. It's comforting to know that Jehovah provides everything we need through the written pages of the Bible. ❤️
  15. After the destruction of false religion then time for preaching will have passed. It will be time to reveal what's in our heart. We must be willing to leave behind possessions and endure hardships in order to survive and maintain our loyalty to Jehovah. That's why it's so important now for us to build our faith and be obedient to those taking the lead.

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