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  1. May we offer support and encouragement to those that have not made the decision to dedicate their lives with hope that the truth will touch their heart and they will soon get baptized.
  2. Is there a thread for Pure Worship of Jehovah—Restored At Last book?

    1. Sheep


      Try this one...



  3. Can I get suggestions for purchasing ministry organizers for magazines, tracts, etc? Thank you in advance.

    1. Sheep


      There are several online sites that sell things like this—specially made for Jehovah's Witnesses. Two that I have bought from are Ministry Ideaz and Madzay. But you might find this topic to be helpful too. Note, however, that the main list is quite old, and so may have some dead links in it. It's six pages, but it might be worth a look.



    2. Spechellekaye


      Thank you! I did review the mentioned link.

  4. This is so important to remember. If you have learned you have offended or have been offended by someone it is best to talk to that person right away. There’s no need to talk with other people about it. Making peace with an offended brother test our humility because when you are humble you do not argue to establish your “rights.” Remember we do not go to the offended one to convince him that we are right or wrong. We go to restore peace. Make we always be peaceful, peace makers, and peace loving.
  5. It’s wrong to exalt individuals, even if they are anointed, CO’s, COBI’s, elders, etc. Giving them undue praise or attention could make it hard for them to stay humble. It is worth our effort to put into practice what the Bible says about rendering honor. We also don’t want to think that we are better than others. If so, we want to dismiss those thoughts immediately. We want to follow Jesus example of being lowly in mind and free of arrogance and pride. By achieving proper balance brings many rich benefits.
  6. We are provided with an abundance of spiritual food, through jw dot org and our weekly meetings. This allows us to have a spiritual feast everyday. We want to use every available resource to strengthen our faith and relationship with Jehovah so that we can #becourageous in the end. If we do this, we will help to sanctify Jehovah's name and put ourselves in line to gain everlasting life.
  7. Setting the “mind on the flesh” means being controlled and motivated by the desires of our flesh. We don't want to fall victim to Satan's old tricks by living our life based on fleshly things. This will only lead to death. We set our minds on the spirit by focusing on spiritual things. Our minds are in harmony with God's thoughts. This allows us to have peace with Jehovah, ourselves, and our brothers and sisters and put us in line for the prospect of everlasting life.
  8. **This text is another great reminder that we can’t hide anything from Jehovah. We may hide things from our friends, but Jehovah will reveal these things because First, he wants us to ask for the help from those appointed to assist us and Second, he will not let his congregation be tainted. We all have to give an account to him for what we do, so let’s not let something or someone cause us to lose out on our prospect of everlasting life.
  9. What a wonderful reminder that ties in with the August Broadcast. Yes, we can ask Jehovah to help us personally, but we never want to forget the worldwide association of brothers. So many are sick and suffering spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally. We want to use their names in our prayers when possible. There is a list on jw. org with the names of brothers imprisoned and the GB asked us to pick a name and pray for that person specifically. We know friends locally. We never want to underestimate the power of prayer. Jehovah answers prayers!!
  10. We need to do our part to allow Jehovah's Holy Spirit to strengthen us. This means daily Bible reading, preparing and attending for Christian meetings, personal study, family worship, and supplicating Jehovah in prayer. If we have a regular routine of doing these things we will see his Holy Spirit energize and sustain us.
  11. This is a warm invitation to serve Jehovah and conform our lives fully to his will. Such a course means giving up some of our freedom and making sacrifices. Yet, when we wholeheartedly accept Jehovah’s invitation we need never regret doing so. Jehovah will be very good to us. He will guide us and care for us spiritually. He will sustain us through trials by means of his Word, his Holy Spirit, and the Christian congregation and he will eventually reward us with everlasting life. #dontgiveup #becourageous
  12. Jehovah gave us his very best. No gift has cost him more. So we can be confident no matter what challenges we face, Jehovah will care for us personally as long as we remain loyal.
  13. Encouraging text. No matter what trials and tribulations we face today, we know it's only temporary. What we have in store for us in the future is EVERLASTING and permanent. It's also a promise from Jehovah, our God who we know can't lie. Now that's exciting!!!
  14. There is no greater person then Jesus Christ. Because of his love for all of us he gave up his life so that we can have a second chance. How wonderful and amazing he was to do that for us. We can't thank him enough but we can always show our appreciation .
  15. Humility and being modest often work hands in hand with each other. They team up well together. These are endearing qualities we should always put into practice when it comes to dealing with our brothers. The foremost reason being that we love them. When we practice and cultivate these two qualities we allow lowliness of mind to take root in our hearts and put that of having a presumptuous arrogant attitude behind us.

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