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  1. Encouraging text. No matter what trials and tribulations we face today, we know it's only temporary. What we have in store for us in the future is EVERLASTING and permanent. It's also a promise from Jehovah, our God who we know can't lie. Now that's exciting!!!
  2. There is no greater person then Jesus Christ. Because of his love for all of us he gave up his life so that we can have a second chance. How wonderful and amazing he was to do that for us. We can't thank him enough but we can always show our appreciation .
  3. Humility and being modest often work hands in hand with each other. They team up well together. These are endearing qualities we should always put into practice when it comes to dealing with our brothers. The foremost reason being that we love them. When we practice and cultivate these two qualities we allow lowliness of mind to take root in our hearts and put that of having a presumptuous arrogant attitude behind us.
  4. The real pleasure of the righteous person results from fulfilling a genuine desire to know the law of Jehovah and applying it. We must not let a day pass by without considering spiritual matters.
  5. We have to make sure our dress and grooming reflects Jehovah's standards everywhere we go. We never want anyone to wonder if we are true servants of Jehovah and we never want to bring reproach on Jehovah's name.
  6. We have many spirit-minded young ones, like Timothy, who serve as ministerial servants, pioneers, missionaries, construction volunteers, and Bethelites. We can do our part by always commending and encouraging our young ones in whatever capacity we can.
  7. Heb. 6:10 gives us assurance that Jehovah knows who we are and he appreciates us. We humans often forget about the good that others do, but Jehovah never forgets the good work of his faithful servants.
  8. Today's text is a loving reminder to go to Jehovah in prayer about all matters. Our sincere prayers endear us to him. By regularly talking to Jehovah, he becomes real to us. When we have the habit of turning to Jehovah "on every occasion" we gain true intimacy with him. This text is not just about praying for ourselves. We also need to pray for our brothers and sisters, the GB, as well as the success of the preaching work in this time of the end.
  9. Paul notes that God's qualities can be seen "from the world's creation onward." Paul is saying that from the moment we were created, we can see evidence of Jehovah's qualities in the things he made. The evidence is all around us. May we take time to enjoy Jehovah's creation and also to thank him daily for all he has given us.
  10. We can see that not all complaints are displeasing to Jehovah. The Greek-speaking Jews were not being selfish about their lot in life. They were drawing attention to the failure to meet the needs of the widows. They were not troublemakers. They directed their complaints to the apostles who saw their complaints were justified. Jehovah is a God of order, so these responsible men arranged for prompt action to be taken and unity was maintained. May we keep free from murmuring and having a unwholesome complaining spirit, but contribute to the unity of the congregation by allowing the Holy Spirit to produce love in us.
  11. It took humility for Paul to admit this. When he did, he prevented his imperfect tendencies from overcoming him. Paul gained the wisdom and understanding needed to cope with challenges and make good decisions by allowing himself to be guided and by relying on Jehovah. We are urged to do the same. If we see some character flaws that don't align with Jehovah's standards, we need to address them quickly and make the necessary changes. We need to use God's Word to assist us along with heartfelt prayer to Jehovah. In some cases, we may need the assistance of the loving shepherds. Yes, because of the ransom, we have hope. So let's put on that suit of armor to help protect us against the efforts of the wicked spirits to get us to do what is bad.
  12. Jehovah is willing and able to save! His hand will NEVER be too short! We can trust, with no uncertainty, Jehovah will continue to protect us against Satan's machinations. He will always deliver his faithful people.
  13. We all can have a part in reacting to the acceleration of the disciple-making work. I️ am overjoyed to see the brothers and sisters that serve as regular or auxiliary pioneers. I️ am also overjoyed to see each individual doing their part based on their circumstances. We should never compare ourselves to others, but we should give Jehovah our best. We want to give him something to bless. We must also remember that the door to Jehovah’s organization is still open. There are more sheep to find.
  14. We should NEVER be too busy to talk to Jehovah. Our friendship with him is our most prized possession. By having this unrestricted approach to Jehovah we can pour our hearts to him. We can tell him our anxieties, fears concerns, etc. and know that he will hear them. This undeserved gift of freeness of speech is truly precious when we use it to preach to others about Jehovah, his Son, and his Kingdom that will rule very soon. May we never take this for granted!!
  15. Jesus is making the point crystal clear in this scripture. All of us must cultivate childlike humility if we are to inherit God's Kingdom. To learn about God we must first be humble, willing to be taught. Humility promotes peace and respect others. It moves us to witness from door to door. It can impress on our children, mates, family and friends. Most importantly, when we cultivate this humble, childlike spirit it draws us closer to Jehovah and it allows us to obtain divine guidance.

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