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  1. I need to make sure that I’m doing everything that I can to fully support Jehovah’s arrangement for pure worship.
  2. The Bible describes Jesus as “the exact representation of His very being”. This assures us that Jehovah personally feels the pains of his worshippers. When we are discouraged or depressed, we draw to someone who understands our circumstances and share our pain. Why not draw closer to Jehovah, a compassionate God who feels our pain and understands the reasons for our tears. Have a great day!❤️
  3. Moses “looked intently toward the payment of the reward” by acting in faith and growing in love for Jehovah. Our faith in God and our love for Him can help us too to envision what Jehovah has promised.
  4. The experiences of “those who have endured” teach us how to remain steadfast, reassure us that we can succeed, and remind us that our faithful course will be rewarded. So, we need to prepare our mind and heart, to train ourselves to do what is right and we need to do it NOW.
  5. Jehovah does not go back on his promises to us and neither should we go back on our promises to him.
  6. Jehovah is an approachable, compassionate Father who invites us to pray to him and he yearns to help his children. He will “rise up” on behalf of his faithful worshippers by not allowing Satan’s world to exist for one day longer than justice requires.
  7. We can become Jehovah's friend when we allow our worship of Jehovah to touch every part of our life. We will also seek to serve Jehovah with a complete heart and be obedient to those taking the lead. We have so many wonderful examples in the Bible that we can imitate. I long to be Jehovah's friend.
  8. Yes, it is an honor and privilege to teach Bible truths to others. There truly is no better work in the world.
  9. The love Paul had for Jesus prevented him from acting selfishly and helped him to focus on serving God and fellow humans inside and outside the congregation. Our love for Jesus should motivate us the same way. We do not want to be pursuing selfish goals and living largely to gratify ourselves. Instead, we need to do a self-examination and adjust our affairs to give first place to the work God has given us to do.
  10. We do not want to rush into making any decision before doing research and praying for wisdom. We want to consider all the information, not just listening to one persons opinion or statement, and then take action based on the information received. Deut. 17:6 of today’s text is my personal study topic for the week.
  11. Our local needs part last night focused on the same topic. The brother asked if we viewed our brothers and sisters as a threat or competition or if we viewed them as fellow workers. We want to have an “intense love” (warm personal attachment or deep affection) for our brothers and sisters.
  12. Great Bible scripture to remind us to first prepare our heart for understanding by means of prayer. We also need to pray for the heart attitude that will allow us to accept what we read so that we can be obedient and follow Jehovah's laws and principles to the best of our abilities.
  13. Jehovah lovingly invites us to draw close to Him. This verse shows us that effort is required to have a relationship with HIm. We do this by taking in knowledge daily, so we can become aquainted with Him. We are obedient, and we have intimate, confidential talk with our heavenly Father by means of prayer, regularly. There is no greater honor than drawing close to God.
  14. The preaching of the good news worldwide is proof of Jehovah’s helping hand when he helped his people defend and legally establish the good news. The unity we have worldwide is also proof of God’s helping hand. When we have a strong relationship with Him, we can easily see his hand in our life. So we must have a pure heart like the many examples in the power. No doubt that we all have personally seen Jehovah loving hand help us in our personal lives.
  15. What a great honor to be the only woman mentioned in the Bible that Jesus loved. We are given an opportunity to be in the same type of loving situation today with Jesus and Jehovah. We do this by believing in the ransom and building our spiritual relationship with Jehovah by daily Bible reading, meditation, meeting attendance, public witnessing work, and remaining faithful and loyal to the end.

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