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  1. We imperfect humans should be willing to always give Jehovah our best, because he gave us his best. What was given to us can never be repaid by imperfect humans, so we must use every opportunity to value on the gift and let it make a difference in our lives.
  2. Even though works alone cannot save us, they are necessary. If we have real faith, it will move us to godly action. So we all can do a self examination and ask ourselves if our actions show we are doing our best to prove our faith in all we do. This question can be asked also in areas of our life not directly related to our meetings or the ministry. No matter how much we say we have faith in God, it's meaningless unless we demonstrate that faith by our actions.
  3. Showing hospitality to our brothers and sisters is another way to engender a loving spirit in the congregation. We must keep in mind that our goal is to encourage and not to try and impress.
  4. We need faith a regular routine of Bible reading and prayer to maintain our faith.
  5. When we are going through difficult trials and situations we want to IMMEDIATELY pray to Jehovah and seek his direction from his Word, the Bible. While we are praying for Jehovah's strength and protection for ourselves, we want to pray for our brothers and sisters as well.
  6. It's heartwarming to know that Jehovah cares for us so much. Isa. 41:10 talks about Jehovah holding on to us. Wow! So even when we might feel like giving up and let go of his hand "He holds on to us". He doesn't open his hand and let go of us. He holds on. Wow!
  7. What a great reminder today that we need to take every opportunity to talk about Jehovah, Jesus, and the Kingdom. Nothing should keep us from keeping Kingdom interest FIRST PRIORITY in our lives. As the words from song 60 from last nights meeting: "It means their life, but not just theirs. It means our own lives as well." We must keep supporting and encouraging each other.
  8. Plan and simple: Jehovah will always give us the right amount of everything that we need IF we put spiritual interests first. Jehovah is a loving, happy God and he wants us to be happy.
  9. We all encounter temptations and it could be as simple everyday advertisements and the products we buy. It is risky to become overconfident about what we will or will not do even on more serious matters. It shows that we have no idea bout the power of sin. We need to bear in mind that Satan is the master manipulator and he is very dangerous if we do not keep our spiritual armor in tact. We never want to be complacent. If we sense an improper motive, we should not be discouraged. We should pray to Jehovah and/or even ask for help from the elders.
  10. Jehovah, the great Potter does not look at our outer appearance or mistakes we made and hold them against us. He looks at us individually and he looks into our heart to see if we are moldable. If we’ve committed a sin and HE sees that we are repented and moldable, he will allow us to be counseled. We all have made mistakes and whether we are reproved publicly or privately, we know that Jehovah only disciplines those he loves. So we need to look at our brothers and sisters in a positive light. Remember the way that we judge others, we will be judged.
  11. Jehovah has made it possible for the good news to be preached in vast territories. Many are responding to the invitation to worship Jehovah. Every dedicated Christian has an important role they must play in the preaching work. It is vital for us to have some share in this “life saving” work that Jesus foretold would be done in the last days. We have access to Bible based at our fingertips, so let’s take advantage to talk to all we meet about Jehovah and his Kingdom.
  12. This text is a reminder that the Bible was not only written for our benefit, but it instructed God’s people in the past. Some gems in the Bible may be hard to see at first, but if we ask for Jehovah’s Holy Spirit and do some digging, we will see the value of those gems. When we really dig for these gems our appreciation for the sacrifice that Jesus made will deepen. So we must never take the Word of Jehovah for granted. It must be the energizing force in our life.
  13. It's a wonderful feeling to know that Jehovah always take care of his sheep.

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