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  1. Jehovah sees everything. We can't hide our sins. What done in the dark always comes to the light.
  2. Faith is a powerful motivating force. When we have faith in Jehovah and Jesus we do not just know about what they have done, but we are convinced of what they will do for us in the future. This faith gives me a strong desire to continue to strive to live in harmony with the way his Word has taught me to live.
  3. No matter how much we have going on in our lives we MUST always eat from Jehovah's spiritual table DAILY. This doesn't mean skimming over the meeting material or rushing over our personal study just to say that we've reviewed it, but we must let it sink deep into our heart, so that it can deepen our faith in Jehovah, his promises, and his Kingdom.
  4. There is more to married life than working and providing the necessary things. The marriage vow involves certain responsibilities that the man and the woman must live up to. The Bible outlines these. As the text says: For success in marriage, each mate must accept personal responsibility and obey Jehovah. We are all individually accountable for our actions whether we are married or not.
  5. We are only vessels used by Jehovah because HE chose us and because HE loves us. We MUST have humility to be taught and used by Jehovah. We cannot do anything on our own accord. If we allow Jehovah to mold us, being that he knows everything about us, our faith will never waiver and we can be used by him in anyway HE wants to use us.
  6. We must work hard at maintaining humility and submissiveness and smother any feelings of self-importance. When we do this, we avoid any presumptuous acts that result in Jehovah's disfavor.
  7. As sinful creatures, we are not worthy of Jehovah's love. This offer of the "free gift" is a perfect example of the greatness and range of God's undeserved kindnes.
  8. We need to pray frequently for God’s spirit to help us fight any tendency of feeling superior to others.
  9. We must allow Jehovah to be a part of every aspect of our life. We need to trust in Jehovah and prove faithful to Him as our God.
  10. We have been instructed to not let the woes of Satan’s world to cause us to become distracted. It’s not always easy, but that’s where prayer, reliance on Jehovah and staying close to our Christian congregation comes into play. We need to remember that this is temporary, because soon, God’s Kingdom will be ruling mankind.
  11. If we desire to reach out to serve in a foreign language congregation we must first pray to Jehovah. Once committed, we must make sure we allot additional time to study in our first language as well so we will not become spiritually weak.
  12. Can someone PLEASE help me?
    I get this message when trying to install WT Library on Mac with High Sierra: No new executables found!
    Maybe the installer failed...?
    If you tried to install somewhere other than C: drive (drive_c in the wrapper) then you will get this message too. All software must be installed in C: drive.


    Wineskin messages: Wineskin is currently busy. Please wait.

    1. carlos


      Kim, it's better if you start a topic about this. Chances are that you will receive more replies. Not all members can reply to status updates.

    2. Stoffer


      You'll need to use a conversion program for Mac like WINE if I'm not mistaken as the WT doesn't make a native installer version for the Mac.


      Your other option (which I've done on mine) is install Windows 10 on it (runs way better and is more stable than Windows on a native PC) and that way you will have no compatibility issues. Depends what you mainly use your Mac for. I only occasionally use the native MacOS for video editing so I've made the Windows partition larger and default boot it to Windows.

    3. Stoffer


      For the first option you could try this free software from a brother. I used this years ago before Mac made machines that allowed you to install Windows:




      Before anyone harps on about copyright, this is NOT the actual CD-ROM, which you need to own to be able to install it on your Mac with the help of this software! :D


      Here's an excerpt from their FAQ:


      Can I use the Application from a USB Flash Drive?
      Yes, but remember that, starting with OS X 10.8, to use software not downloaded from the Apple Store, you need to enable the permissions from the "System Preferences" folder (watch the video).


      Does using WtLibrary infringe the Copyright of the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society?
      No. The use of this software does not infringe the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society’s copyrighted material. The application takes care to respect all copyrights of the Watchtower Bible a& Tract Society. You must possess the original disc or a backup copy to be able to use it.


      To use WtLibrary do I need special software licenses?
      No. The whole project is based on the open source software Wine and Wineskin.


      Does the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society allow the use of this application?
      The Watchtower Bible & Tract Society does not officially support this application. However, after reading the "Readme.txt" document on the Watchtower Library CD, we understand that its use is not prohibited.
      For instance, here is an extract:
      Question: Can I use Watchtower Library on my Apple Macintosh computer?
      Answer: There is no version of Watchtower Library designed for Apple Macintosh (Mac) computers. Some products for Apple Macintosh computers (such as emulators) claim to be able to run Windows programs. These products have not been tested with Watchtower Library, but some of them may work with Watchtower Library.


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