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    My older fleshly sister got baptized at the age of 16, and took me to the Kingdom Hall as a baby, as I got older she studied with me out of the Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained book! I thank Jehovah for my older sister who now serves where the need is greater!

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    I love art, mostly like drawing, trying to learn a new language... and of course preaching and teaching the good news and preparing children for kindergarten is a joy of mine as well.
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    All of our study literature has to come first! And, I love reading to my students as well. Mostly Children Books!
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    All music except rap! Lover of Jazz, classical the most!
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    There are so many I have to come back with updates....

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  1. Hi Sis, Patiently waiting here as well.
  2. Thanks Sis, I was up on the last one - and now here it is again!!!
  3. Yes - and ABC weather anchor guy can keep saying as he points out his screen view and... "Over the Watchtower" this morning it is ...!
  4. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2018/10/03/volcano-eruption-rocks-indonesia-after-devastating-earthquake-tsunami/1507607002/ A volcano erupted Wednesday on the same island in Indonesia where an earthquake and tsunami last week killed at least 1,400 people. The eruption of Mount Soputan on Sulawesi island in central Indonesia prompted authorities to warn of possible lava flows and ash clouds that could impact air travel. Evacuations were ordered for those living within a few miles of the volcano. The eruption spewed ash 19,700 feet into the sky. Scientists have not yet determined whether the eruption was directly triggered by the earthquake in central Sulawesi on Friday. However, Indonesian news portal Tempo cited a government volcanologist who suspected it was. Indonesia has many actives volcanoes. It is also located in the so-called Ring of Fire, one of the most active areas for earthquakes in the world. In our thoughts and prayers!!!
  5. CyreJay

    Category 4 Hurricane Florence Heading for the US

    Yes indeed...we too have family in Columbia and Florence, SC... and other areas of SC...Thoughts and Prayers for the friends in the path of this storm.
  6. New York attorney general’s office has issued subpoenas to every Catholic diocese in the state By Julie Zauzmer and Michelle Boorstein September 6 at 7:10 PM The New York attorney general’s office has issued subpoenas to every Catholic diocese in the state, becoming the latest U.S. state to embark on an expansive investigation of sex crimes committed and covered up by Catholic priests. The Catholic Church faces a major test over the next several months, as the attorneys general of at least five states conduct investigations and several more consider opening up the decades-old secret files of the dioceses in their states. Millions of Catholics nationwide now must grapple with attending a church that is under criminal investigation. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/acts-of-faith/wp/2018/09/06/new-york-joins-the-list-of-states-investigating-sex-crimes-committed-by-catholic-priests/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.f575bfc709c1
  7. So, sorry you are going through this sis... Sis, What about these plants! I have some that plants in the basement that Nasa recommend - I truly have notice a difference over the years. It works for me in keeping the air cleaner - I could not stand the smell of my basement! https://www.mnn.com/health/healthy-spaces/stories/cleaning-cigarette-smells-with-plants https://lajollamom.com/house-plants-that-clean-purify-indoor-air/ https://homeguides.sfgate.com/plants-clean-cigarette-smoke-80723.html http://www.lifegreengroup.co.za/posts/6-indoor-plants-that-filter-the-air-of-carbon-monoxide-produced-by-cigarette-smoke/ and....Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/pin/111112315777530205/?lp=true https://www.pinterest.com/mjmjoseph04/plants-that-deodorize-naturally/?lp=true And...mother in law tongue is one of the top plants https://www.consciouslifestylemag.com/air-purifying-plants-clean-air/ I better stop now...😶
  8. I have to say - at various part(s) of the broadcast - I flashed back to being a little girl - tears stinging...but ever so grateful and joyful - that Jehovah chose "me." And - upon hearing the June Broadcast - the brother stating how the Gilead Graduates had 5 months of such wonderful training - I felt a little healthy envy - but look what we have for July - I am soaking it all in. How envigorating!!!
  9. Thanks Dear Brother! I sat down to computer to start my dictation of notes! You saved me a lot of time! and like all the other brothers and sisters...I appreciate it greatly!!!...
  10. Hi Brother Eric, Yes and I thank you! I responded immediately And- I thank you so much!!!
  11. I was wondering same. Is there a "Be Courageous" notebook for the children? A sister sent me a link from instagram for the notebook - but it is difficult to for me to get the link!
  12. Oh my sis, There are so many heartfelt prayers - even before reading your post(s) We love you dearly -
  13. I am thinking of using this little snippet out in FS -
  14. Today's text - So humbling ... I kept pondering over and over I could not find it online so I had to type the verse out from my copy of my old "The Way Bible" translations states: 3 When I look up into the night skies and see the works of your fingers- the moon and the stars you have made - 4 I cannot understand how you can bother with mere puny man, to pay any attention to him! 5 And yet you have made him only a little lower than the angels, 6 and placed a crown of glory and honor upon his head. Humbling indeed!

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