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    recent widow
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    Through a sister that came to work in my department and was seated diagonally across from me. We got to know each other and before began to discuss the bible. Before long, we met for lunch and continued talking about the bible. Little did I know I was having a bible study. it progressed from there and here I am 26 yrs later.

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    Being a servant of the Almighty God Jehovah. And a good theocratic experience.
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    of course the NWT and Theocratic publications.
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    Theocratic songs, and old music, some new music!

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  1. walkr2

    The Word Association Game

    DNA - deoxyribonucleic acid
  2. walkr2

    Bible Riddles

    I have forgotten as it was over a year ago! Sorry[emoji4]
  3. walkr2


    Hey Gary, what's the method to that "fermenting" madness! This is new to me!
  4. Interdependence (the anointed Christian Congregation is likened to a body having a head. The INTERDEPENDENCE of its members is shown by the comment that it's "harmoniously joined together by means of its joints and ligaments, Paul thus using "ligaments" metaphorically in connection with the spiritual body of Christ, having Jesus as its head.)
  5. walkr2

    California Fires

    Lol, Not the literal on right now anyway! THAT'S AWESOME!

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