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    A neighbor of mine who was a brother and my best friend when I was a teenager who lived 4 homes up the street from me introduced me to the truth. Then I took a long journey through life before I got baptized in 1994. My Journeys through life experiences taught me some Important lessons on how Cold the world can be out there. I would always run into the brother that studied with me years ago before I was baptized and everytime we would run into each other he would always say to me "it's Cold out there isn't it, are you ready to come in where it's warm? I would (smile) at him and say back "I just love stabbing myself all over with many pains!" and (smile) again at him until we crossed paths again at a convention in Hampton, Va. and we walked up to each other and gave each other a hug, and then I told him about the story of my journey through life and finally said to him that day "it was time for me to come on in where it was warm because it was too Cold out there for me and I was tired of jabbing that knife deeper because the pain was to much for me to bear." (figuratively) I got the point and he did also, he knew me well, before he came into the truth we both own the streets. We were both college graduates and street smart but I had to learn through my journeys and life lessons what being Humble meant. It was crystal clear to me the meaning of humility on the day I came up out of the water when I was baptized that I knew my life journey had ended and I was beginning a new journey through life filled with hope, promise, purpose, love, protection, and the warm loving care and comfort from our God and loving father Jehovah. I am so thankful to Jehovah that he never gave up on me!

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    I'm an amateur photographer, I love going fishing when I have the time. The field ministry is my number one interest and Love. The ministry and the friends breathe new life into me when I'm tired or feeling low. I love taking road trips with my wife, associating with the friends and having them over for dinner, grilling, beach, traveling when I can...
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    #1 Bible... I'll read books that will give me personal growth and help me understand people better. I'm always about self improvement on a spiritual level and personal level.
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    Smooth Jazz, Soft Rock and some Country music.
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    I can only say my favorite movies are comedy, drama, mystery, adventure, old classics...
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    Heb.10: 24,25 "Iron sharpens Iron" let us always continue to encourage each other.

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  1. I agree Sis Ross, "Train a child from his youth up" he tried to make his case for a cupcake. When my kids were that age and my youngest wanted the last cupcake and her sister wanted it also sometimes I would place them in different rooms in the house and give one the cupcake and the other daughter another sweet snack bcoz my youngest daughter at 3 would plead her case why she didn't want to share her cupcake with her sister. Once they had finished eating their treat and came back together both of them were happy and had forgotten all about that one cupcake left.
  2. 3-year-old Mateo Makes His Case for Cupcakes
  3. Manny2186

    "The Game of Things"

    I forgot to mention if you purchase the game make sure you buy the Anniversary edition bcoz it comes with a lot more topics to choose from when you play the game and also it comes in a very nice well designed wooden case that you can leave out on your bookshelf at home...
  4. Manny2186

    "The Game of Things"

    If you visit the website make sure you click on the first picture of Ellen and her guess. That video will give you a better idea of what the game is like than the other 2 videos.
  5. Friends if you're looking for a really fun and hilarious game to play with family and friends please purchase this game. "The Game of Things" My wife and I invite friends over to our home at least twice a month to play this game. The game is so much fun if you have at least 6 players or more but you can play the game with 3 or 4 players. It's a very popular game and hard to find in stores, Target usually carry it but can be ordered on Amazon also. I'll leave a link here so you can watch the video from the Home website of game to see how to play it and understand the concept and rules of game. I would like to read any friends thoughts on this post who purchased this game and had friends over for a night of fun? Friends can come up with some of the funniest things to say playing this game. https://www.thegameofthings.com/
  6. Wow, that was easy enough Sis. Carole. That goes to show you how much I'm keeping pace with technology. Brain Fog again...I need to take some time and explore all the features throughout JW Library app. Yesterday I paraphrased a scripture to my wife and told her I couldn't remember where it was located and she pulled out her smart phone and opened up JW Library app and then opened the Bible and then typed in the word "thoughts" and a list of scriptures popped up with the scripture I had paraphrased. I asked her "how did you find that scripture so fast!" <sighed> felt so technology clueless at that moment.

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