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    A neighbor who was a brother and my best friend when I was a teenager who lived up the street from me introduced me to the truth. And then I took a long journey through life before I got baptized in 1994.

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    amateur photographer, field ministry, road trips with my wife, associating with the friends and having them over for dinner, grilling,beach,travel when I can...
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    Bible, All Things New
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    Heb. 10: 24,25

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  1. "Ponder over these things; be absorbed in them" (1 Tim. 4:15) Keep Meditating on Spiritual Things: -meditate means to focus our thoughts and to reflect on or ponder over something, be it good or bad. (Ps. 77:12) >Jehovah has provided the Bible as a wonderful gift to make us wise. >When we read the Bible we're filling our minds with Jehovah's thoughts. (Ps. 92:5)
  2. Meditating on the truth about Jehovah and looking up at His visible heavens and creations should move us to declare His glory. King David wrote: “The heavens are declaring the glory of God; the skies above proclaim the work of his hands.” >As we contemplate on Jehovah's wisdom in His creative works our appreciation and Love for Jehovah should move us to put our heart into telling everyone the Kingdom good news and helping people to understand God’s grand purpose for mankind.
  3. (Prov. 13:20) We need to follow Jesus example in choosing friends, be selective and those who are loyal and serve Jehovah.
  4. I downloaded the JWREADER APP on my Android phone and enabled (unknown sources in settings) but for some reason when I try to pull up daily text or bible I get a message that tells me "failed to open" The publication section opens up fine and can read in Adobe, but for some reason daily text and bible will not open. Can someone help me or give me some suggestions to solve this issue please? I tried uninstalling App and installed again but still same issue. I'm not sure if I need to enable something else in settings to resolve this issue or it's some other technical issue? Thank you for any technical assistance someone can provide me to clear this issue up...
  5. I agree, to me he has what I call one of those Melvin Franklin Golden voices.
  6. Dear, Brothers and Sisters I want to share my appreciation for the admins/mods and also all of my spiritual family here. I have received such an "interchange of encouragement" here reading different post and having a share. There is so much spiritual food here to feast upon on many different topics and forums. I try to slowly digest and taste the flavor of every post I have a chance to read and have a share in because I know when I sign/off for the day I will leave here equipped and spiritually fed with everything I need to keep me spiritually strong. So I would like to thank all of my brothers and sisters here that take time out of their busy schedule from work, family, before and after attending meetings to come here on JWtalk and share your thoughts and encouraging words. I'm sure we all have those busy and stressful days sometime and the thought of knowing that we have a refreshing place to come and get encouragement and be fortified with the insightful comments and years of experiences and wisdom serving Jehovah faithfully to help us deal with the many problems, trials, health issues, family issues that we face and have to deal with on a daily bases in this dying system of things and knowing that we all here will have comforting words of encouragement and the appropriate scriptures to give us what we need at that moment as we look forward to living forever in a new world that Jehovah will provide "Just Around the Corner." Thank You, Brothers and Sisters
  7. haha...yeah I did also Turtle when I first ran across the picture...that fuzzy tail critter looks like he have 4 fingers, but instead 4 front claws and 5 claws on his feet for balance.
  8. Wait! Wait! "Can we all just get along?" You American voters failed the IQ test and took my last Nut to the White House. I thought you American voters were exceptional!
  9. My wife use to tell me stories about her parents taking her to the Grand Canyons on their way to the conventions when she was younger in the truth. I always wanted to go there one day and visit the location her parents took her too, she have such a vivid memory of what it's like there. Colorado Mountains
  10. haha...I wouldn't even care if I caught anything, I may spend all day there mediating about Jehovah's creation and what's next on my list to see because I'll have a life time to enjoy it all. Maybe I'll see if I can canoe my way along the Colorado river and then hike my way up to the Colorado mountains.
  11. Awww...I can't wait to exhale and breathe clean air in Paradise!
  12. Friesian Horse This is my favorite horse I want to ride throughout the earth in the New System! Such a Beautiful, elegant, muscular animal Jehovah created. I want to care for 4 of them in Paradise.
  13. (Matt. 5:3) Many in the world today have a false sense of happiness. Their "pursuit of happiness" revolves around material things, good salary and large gated homes. Jesus mentioned happiness in the very first word of His famous sermon. To survive we need to breathe and eat, but to be happy we have a need for understanding the purpose of life. Those who are conscious of their spiritual need are happy because we draw close to Jehovah. Hope is vital for happiness. Faith and a good relationship with Jehovah will bring us true happiness.