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  1. Carlos Alberto

    Northern Territory

    Thanks Brother Hess, that’s right!! This is Australia!!
  2. Carlos Alberto

    Northern Territory

    Sister, what country is it??
  3. Do you have thé link Brother??
  4. I think that thé hoster for July Broadcasting will be Brother Cook 😉
  5. Two days to go!!! Monday is coming up!!!
  6. Ohhh very good Brother Hess!!! ;)
  7. Thank you Brother Hess!! Are you Computer Scientist???
  8. Yes, it is much more cheaper, do it by a hosting company!!
  9. In thé Spanish versión of thé song, there include three Words in three différent languages: 1. « ... I love you... » 2. « ... J’ai t’aime ...» 3. « ... Te Amo... «
  10. Anyone know when is thé HQ Visit to Mexico and Central America Branch?? And who is thé Brother who will Visit us?? thank you!!
  11. Me too!! I love this Broadcasting !! ☺️

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