Can You Sleep on A Windy Night

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Someone on here ( I can not recall who) posted this talk.  It was worded a little different, but this one was made back in 1976.   Maybe this will help refresh other's memory, certainly not mine!  SORRY!


Can You Sleep On A Windy Night


This i the brother who gave the talk  - Charles Sinutko, the brothers said they aren't to certain if it was him.  It was given in this place in 76:  1976 St. Louis MO Arnold MO, Mehlville MO, according to the site.  


The one I heard 30 years ago, sounded broken up, and hard to follow at times.  It sounded like there were waves crashing outside the hall, perhaps it was near a beach of some sort.  I haven't played this one yet.  Maybe some of you can. 


If I posted this in the wrong place, put it where it belongs, I wasn't to sure.



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one of my fav talks.  :wub:


my copy is "Can You Sleep When the Wind Blows?"


same talk no doubt.

timely message...

'are you who you want to be when the end comes'



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Is it in the current outline list of talks that brothers can give?

This was really good! I seem to remember it, but it has been a while. I wouldn't mind hearing it next Sunday.....Thanks for posting the link!

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