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Name Food Alphabetically - from Bible Times

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Hey loving that alphabetical place thread so thought I'd do a food that is either found through the scriptures or about that time (from other countries is allowed too) from history. 


If there is no food for a letter - enter the letter X for example and put 'None" - then go on to Y: Yams eg.


So I'll start shall I?


A - ALMONDS - A seed of a fruit that is often classed as a nut, very high in protein and found abundantly throughout bible lands, including the Promised Land, as Aaron's rod blossomed in Almond blossoms to show the people that Aaron had Jehovah's approval.  Very pretty flower.

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D - Dukkah (pronounced DOO-kah) gets its name from the Egyptian Arabic word for "to crush" or "to pound," which is precisely how it's made. Recipes vary but generally consist of cumin, coriander, sesame seeds, salt, dried herbs, and nuts (especially peanuts, which are widely available in Egypt). 

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1 minute ago, Stormswift said:


Ok ... 

Kaneh is old Hebrew measurement for  cubic  equivalents   etc

Kasha is a staple Jewish food. In the English language, kasha is a term for the pseudocereal buckwheat. In Central and Eastern Europe, especially in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Poland, kasha is a dish made of any kind of grains boiled in water or milk, possibly with additives, i.e., a porridge.

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