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At the bottom of the pages on the forum there is a list of links. One of those is for "Chat". It used to take you to the Chat Room. However, when you click on that link, it will give you this message



OK, I understand that the Chat Room was not reinstated after the last update - but wouldn't it make sense that if there is a link for Chat, there should be a Chat Room - and, conversely, if there is NO Chat Room, the link should be deleted?


Anyway, since Error code 1H000/o says "Contact Us", thought I should do as instructed.

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As you mentioned and as stated several times before, the chat feature is no longer offered by the Invision software. As soon as Bob has time to update to the latest version, I'm sure the option and link will be removed. Meanwhile, just try to control yourself and don't click on the chat link. I realize it's hard to resist, but I know you can do it. :)


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Lol lol ... I so far, have NOTclicked that link - was going to though - glad John did it for me. haha.

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