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Stanley Theater remodel Photo Book

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Wow so much work it looks nearly impossible! Or simply just overwhelming.

It looks like Jehovah "proceeded to fill [them] with the spirit of God in wisdom, in understanding and in knowledge and in every sort of craftsmanship and for designing devices, for working in gold and silver and copper, and in working of stones to set them and in working of wood to make ingenious products of every sort. And he has put it into his heart that he should teach" (Exodus 35:31-34)

Many brothers, ones of which have no professional résumé or experience on construction and how things are put together, are pulling this off. You would think a certain task would be overwhelming, but not so with a person who 'actually' loves Jehovah with every ounce of his life, not so with a person who 'worships' Jehovah in the true sense of the word and doesn't take that word "worship" lightly.

If a person loves Jehovah from the bottom of his heart he will never consider a task as a burden, but a privilege despite it's difficulty, a privilege to know that every drop of sweat he puts into his hard work that his Creator is looking down on him with glad feelings in his own heart. The man knows that a sacrifice is not a sacrifice, unless it's a sacrifice. Doing hard and seemingly impossible work for our God gives us exactly that, a deep sense of sacrifice, which is why we are strengthened soooo much when we carry it out, knowing also that Jehovah is helping us also.

I believe working hard for Jehovah God in any fashion actually helps a person develop 'intimacy' with God. Intimacy is what gives a warm attaching connection between us and Jehovah, which is really a result of deep love.

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Oh my is it gorgeous!  I went on a Bethel Tour with a friend when I was 17 and I have pics of what it looked like then.  They had discovered so many "gems" under paint and had been restoring some of it then..... wow.... to see how it looks now!  The tour we had of the Stanley then was amazing, cannot imagine seeing it now, 26 years later with all of it completely redone and so gorgeous!

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Thank you Chuck..we attended the dedication and had first assembly..took a whole album of pictures..now I want to compare! Thanks!...I can picture after Armageddon the brothers traveling from Walkill, Patterson and Warwick to attend assemblies there...it would be easy for Jehovah to preserve selected sites!post-2322-0-80252900-1376575484.jpg

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Being there is stunning! We went as a family years ago after they scraped paint off the old joint. Some places they actually found GOLD underneath that paint.


My girlfriend attends ASL and for many years they held all their DCs at the Stanley Theater. She went to the restroom during a session once and noticed something. The A/C had just kicked on in the lobby and as she climbed the stairs she heard the chandelier tinkling. She realized that had she been at a hearing convention she never would have heard that sound.


The thing that kills me is the feeling one gets as they sit in the theater. They can raise and lower the lighting behind the 'buildings' in front and on the sides and make it look like daylight or night. In daylight there are clouds painted on the beautiful blue sky ceiling. At night, with lowered lighting there are tiny lights that twinkle in the ceiling replicating the stars. Very cool. It is supposed to look like an Italian courtyard in front of a palazzo. Just beautiful and clever designing of our brothers.

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