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New Bible causes "baggage check alert"

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My Sis and hubby were invited to the AM at Stanley Theater,  Sat. A.M.. Going through the baggage check at the airport, on their way home, a "Baggage Check Alert" was sounded. Their baggage was full of Bibles and the silver gilding set off alarms. In the view screen it appeared black.  Their baggage was searched and they had a chuckle with the storm of people that responded to the alert when all they found was Bibles.

I keep telling my brother in-law that he looks too much like a terrorist. Soon after 9/11 they were trying to get on a plane to attend an International Convention. I was working at the airport at the time and told him that he looks like a terrorist and they will never let him on the plane. Of course I was joking. Anyway, he laughed and proceeded to baggage check only to come back a few minutes later and ask me if I would hold a gold pocket knife for him as they wouldn't let him through baggage claim with it. Have more fun teasing them and earn my name in the family as the black sheep.

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Hahaha ! That's hilarious.


But I'm sure all these bibles were a very good occasion to preach, right ? right ?  ^_^


Yes they gave a fine witness and she said the airport security was very nice to them of which she said is not always the case. Soooooo there have been other occasions of  security checks that i'm not privy to, hum, I wonder why.

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I wonder if only one would set them off?  In places where the witnessing work is banned --- getting bibles to them is already problematic...this adds another element.

Thats a good point we will have to send them all our old ones.

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