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Pursuits or activities that fulfill you

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When you think about what you love and find joy in, what makes you smile, feel fulfilled, and gives you energy or spurs you on? What activities, pursuits, hobbies or skills would you miss most if you couldn't do them?

In thinking about this, of course, our main joy is serving Jehovah - that goes without saying... So this is things in addition to that or supplementing that facet of our life.

For instance, I love music and any part of my service to Jehovah involving music moves me deeply. I also love to learn to play instruments, sing, listen to music.

I love to organize and clean.

Love to write.

Love numbers and figuring out math problems.

Love to skate, roller first but ice a close second.

Love cats.

Love to create and decorate with my own original spin.... Bold colours and storage / organizing type decor.

Love to study and research until I really get to something where lightbulbs go off and neat understandings click and come together.

Love planning get togethers or parties ( but not without people involved to help me or do it together with - no fun alone).... The menu, the theme, games and fun aspects....

Love anything chocolate.

Love historical information and learning about people from the past.

Love watching life thru little kid's eyes - seeing them experience things for the first time and their joy & excitement and the learning process. Four and five year olds are my favourite! Wanted to teach those years if I was a teacher. That's why I loved homeschooling.

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I love to go shopping.  I could spend hours just looking around. 


I love going to amusement parks.  It's a lot of fun. 


I love to go swimming at the beach with my family.


I love to study and do research.  Sometimes I can be heard singing:  "I'm so happy, happy, happy.  I'm so happy, very happy", after finding a treasure trove.


I love roller skating and bowling too, but my back can't take it anymore. 

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I love watching children...........when they are good and when they are being bad. I just love them.

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.

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I love to sing. Did you know that as you age you lose your voice?   :unsure:


I love to draw in flair pen and do pencil portraits.


I used to love to do cartwheels and handsprings. Now I watch others do it.


I love intimate and upbuilding conversation with profound thoughts zooming around!


I love studying plants and flowers.


I love forests with fallen logs, ferns, lichen and the feeling of being surrounded by green air.


I love mountains.


I love rocks and stones of every size and shape.


I love the Grand Canyon and desire to go there.


I love watching sunsets and cloud formations. My fav clouds are 'cobblestones' all stretched out across the sky.


I love babies and children.


I love watching it snow with a hot cocoa in hand and a good book.


I love to crochet. It's my absolutely favorite thing to do. I love colorful yarn and the expectation of what it will become.


I love gemstones and would like to own at least one of each kind and just look at them.


I love sleeping in a big comfy bed with clean sheets. Ahhhhhhh....


I love holding a sleeping baby, so calming. I love smelling their little necks and kissing their velvet skin. I love touching their toes and the dimples on their hands. And especially watching them awake from sleep and they look at you with half closed eyes. I adore how babies are always fascinated with each new day. They are never depressed but excited to learn something new. Wonderment!


I love when I learn something new from the scriptures that all just falls into place with one small detail added. It was there all the time but I just didn't understand it until I got the last bit to complete the thought. Amazing.


I love to people watch.


I love flying.


I love the feeling you get right before a huge windy rainstorm and the smell of dark, moist earth in the air.


I love to write.


I love books.


I love a nice long, newsy email from my favorite friends.


I love it when my husband comes in from work and smells of freshly cut wood (carpenter).

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I love willow trees - sitting under one reading a good book by the banks of a river


I love to design furniture in my head / on paper - always wanted to take woodworking classes so I could bring my ideas to fruition; I have designed and helped build stuff but never on my own

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I love to go camping too.   I forgot to put that down.  I don't like the fishing part when one goes camping though, because it pains me to see living, moving things die.  Of course, this doesn't mean I'm a Vegetarian.  I would be though if I had to kill my own food, because I couldn't do it. 

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Karin, when I read how Ma had to kill, gut and pluck Prairie Chickens before she even cooked them (Little House on the Prairie series)... that made me think I could never have been a pioneer woman! 


I design jewelry in my head.


If I have been on the computer before bed... I type my prayers to Jehovah that night.   :uhhuh:


What is weirder is that if I have been crocheting before bed - you guessed it... I CROCHET a prayer in my mind. DUH!   ::o

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I love quiet time. I was raised with an outhouse and would sit with the door open and watch the creek way down below, listen to the birds and smell the air as it rushed through the fir and hemlock trees.


I love history and long for the day when I can find all the people I have learned about and ask them questions.


I love to do any kind of food preservation/gardening/farming


I love seeing how far I can stretch a dollar


I love an intimate conversation with a friend


I love sharing jokes with my BFF, we laugh until we have to run to the potty


I LOVE my daughter. She was a tyrant as a child but I knew her stubbornness would be a blessing in adulthood, she’s stubborn for Jehovah


I love my grand girl, she made unbaptized publisher at 5 and is wonderful at the door.


I love my son-in-law, since my own son left Jehovah I have gotten closer to him, and he calls me mom.


I love the time I can spend in personal study. The way Jehovah expands our minds as we reach out for him more and more is something to marvel at.


Sorry for this one but it’s special to me. I love my bed. I spent almost 30 years up all hours of the night thinking I had sleep problems. That was until husband worked away from home during the week for 10 months. His snoring was the problem, he now sleeps in his room and I love my bed!! (Unless you experience this it will be difficult to understand it.)


I love the thought that I, yes me, may be able to see the magnificent power of Jehovah at Armageddon.


Have much more, but that’s enough, a bit too emotional when thinking about these things.

Safeguard Your Heart for " Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks" Matthew 12:34

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What beautiful and sometimes sentimental personalities here.What I love is holding new grand babies in my arms as they sleep.Writing short stories about my grandchildrens personalities.Writing Poems.Funny ones, sad ones, wherever my mood takes me.Listening to the rain and the wind during a storm. Watching my grown Childrens faces light up with true laughter.And giggling at my own corny jokes, even if others don't think it near as funny as me..:)  The excitement of learning new things from the bible. I love to sit and watch people as they pass by and wonder where they are going, What kind of life they have, then feeling sad because I will realize that they probably don't have the truth, and wonder if they are sad because they think that today is all there is to life. Iam impatient for the spring, So there will be flowers again, and wait dreamily for summer so I can bask in it's awesome warmth. I love life, family,friends, and first of all Jehovah our god. Our majestic father, who's love and patience drew me back to him after a long time away....

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