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Gimme Some Love....

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We all have struggles in life, and one of the ones that is prevalent is the struggle to see the good around us.  It is easy to get weighed down with this system of things and the aches and pains of daily life.  If nothing else, life is so full and packed with activity that we fail to stop and smell the roses, so to speak.  Gratitude is very important for finding happiness in life, so show me some love by posting yours below.  You don't have to post them all at once, but as a running post we can add to the list when something strikes us.  By doing so, you may just help someone else to appreciate some things that they love and are overlooking.  This is just a random list, and I'll go ahead and take Jehovah and your spouse/children off the list.  Those are obvious, what we're looking for here are the less obvious things, the small things that you love.  If you're feeling particularly daring, post something that you love about yourself.  That's where people really struggle, and the truth is that we really can't love others (including Jehovah) much more than we love ourselves.  


I'll start:


I love fishing or playing disc golf in a park throughout the year and watching the seasons change as I play.


I love the feeling of putting on clothes straight out of the dryer on a cold day.


I love finding a few extra dollars in the pocket of my coat when I first put it on for the winter, money that I forgot I left in there.


I love having a day where I have nothing that I have to do, so I can create that day as I wish.


I love the smell of coffee in the morning, even though I don't personally like the taste.


I love it when some little kid that I don't know just seems drawn to me and laughs and smiles.  (maybe I'm just funny looking)


I love it when I feel alone, like I'm the only one that feels or thinks something, and then someone else brings up that they do too, and I no longer have to feel so alone.


I love my ability to think very quickly and to adapt in conversations, to be able to fit into just about any conversation even if I don't know much about the subject.  It makes me feel smart and included.  


I love that the hard work I've put into bettering myself and my interactions with others is paying off, and now I get to see the fruitage of that work in seeing others with much more understanding and compassion instead of rigid judgement.  It is freeing.


Your turn.......

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I love just thinking about walking on the beach, feeling the warm sand on my bear feet, never mind doing it!

I love to dance.

I love the smell of fresh clothes, just off the line.

I love the smell of a new book.

I love rocks. Especially the "soft, waxy ones". Jade, agates, petrified wood, also.

Warm south winds.

Orange and purple sunsets.

The smell of my cat after she's been out doors, and her purring as she curls up beside me.

Hugging our dogs, or even just looking in their eyes.

When the house is quiet, and I can just hear the fire in the stove.

Getting woken up by a bird, making his noise, flying over our place.

Lastly, watching the birds at the feeder in the back yard.

Oh, and Greek yogurt.


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Ohhhhh, ditto on several of yours!! The coffee one, the found money, and the ability to adapt to conversations!

I am glad that I never experience boredom any more! How could you after coming to know Jehovah!

I am super glad I really never experience depression personally! It is hard enough to cope with it in my husband.

I am glad no matter how bad things are I can usually bounce back by just thinking and reflecting on Jehovah's promises!

I am happy Jehovah gave me sexy feet! I am a nurse so I have seen some pretty diasterous things called feet! When I wear sandals I have even complete strangers tell me I have beautiful feet!

Everyday when my dogs look at me and cuddle me I am eager to find out what Jehovah has in store for us and the animal kingdom!

I've got to go now because I am getting ready to eat a gingerbread waffle come from Braum's! Even though we don't celebrate the holidays I am glad we can partake in this icecream that is served only at this time if the year and Jehovah does not make me feel like I shouldn't !

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I love to hear the birds singing in the morning and see the animals playing outside with one another.


I love the snow.  It's beautiful outside right now. 


I love hearing trucks and cars going down the road and my neighbors talking to one another.  I spend a lot of time alone, but it's like I'm never alone.  There's always things going on around me.


I love that I have a positive personality and that I don't get depressed.  I think that it makes it way easier for me to cope with what life brings me and with what Satan sends my way.


I love that I'm open-minded.  I can't imagine being any other way.


I love how my Siamese cat cries when he's scared and how he tries to hide his face in my arms.  It reminds me of when he was a kitten. 


I love seeing the neighbor's cats and those left behind coming and going, knowing that they will be leaving with full tummies.


I love having time to myself, something that I didn't get much of while raising a family.


I love looking at the stars too.  They are so beautiful.

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I love rocks to Bea!I said that to somebody and they thought I was weird.

I love eating marshmallows melted just a little bit in my hot chocolate.

I love gloves,so I have dozens of pairs of them.I wish we'd go back to wearing little white gloves all the time.

I love opening my bedroom blinds and watching the snow fall in the woods beside my house.

I love it when my little dog nibbles my ear lobes with his teeth.Really gently,it makes me laugh and he wags his tail so fast.And goes back and forth from one ear to the other.

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I love spring in the morning when I can open my windows and smell the dew on the green grass.


I love listening to my granddaughter chattering like a little bird and laughing at some of the remarkable things that come out of her three yr old mouth.


And like leslie, I like having pretty feet. Especially in the summer when I have my toes painted pink....and wear flip flops to show them off..lol


I enjoy the sound of quite. Like right now, when the rest of the family is sleeping.


I love getting smiles from people. And giving them back..


I love visiting my sister. She always makes my day a little brighter.



I love that my children love and respect me for who Iam.



Iam in awe the way the trees look in winter. All naked and humble.



I adore my kitty, cali girl..she always seems to know when I need affection.



I love hats. But am to self conscious to wear them.


I love wearing heels.


I get excited finding stuff at the goodwill for half off.

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I LOVE Jehovah ( he's my best friend )

I love the brotherhood :)

I love what is familiar and comfortable :) ( good friends , truth , routine)

I love the smell of fresh baked bread :)

I love HOT pink :)

I love Horses ( big majestic beautiful creatures)

I love how my husband can make me laugh ( even when I'm crabby )

Just to name a few !

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I love taking pictures of random things. 


I love the smell after the rain.


I love watching the ravens play outside my office window.


I love the way the grasses blow in the wind.


I love to sit and watch the living things in a pond.  


I love to look at things under a microscope, to see what I've missed with my naked eye.


I love dandelion fluff floating through the air, though it makes my eyes itchy.


I love the laughter of children.


I love looking up at the sky at night and tracking the satellites as they move to and fro across their grids.


I love playing with my puppies.


I love playing hockey.


I love this forum!   :D


Oh and because I forgot to add what I love about myself...........my sense of humour.

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I too, Sharon, love the smell of things after a rain


I love fresh washed sheets on my bed


I miss many things but look forward to in the new system


sleeping outside at night and going to sleep looking at the stars




riding, training and jumping horses


having a flat tummy(haha)


What I love about myself: With Jehovah's help I created 4 beautiful children that are all currently serving Jehovah

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I love this thread. awesome!!!


I love the fact I have just got back from camping. One day I got to go Kayaking on the bay. I paddle out quite a fair distance & past a small shelf. So I turned around & say a bunch of tourist on a dolphin watch cruise here they were with their cameras & binoculars. watching them. I had front row seat,,,the dolphins just swam right by me. in front of me. this is something I had so long to see. not just from land but up close.

SO thank you Jehovah for letting me experience that moment.

I love anything to do with the ocean just find it very intriguing.

 I love catching up with family I havent seen for so long. & discovering they have made it back to the truth.


I love having ago at new things like gardening. My grandparents were so good at it.

This last few months. I have been having more of ago & its working. 


I love cooking & creating new dishes. I kinda follow recipes. but make up the rest as I go.

I love scented candles, they create a great aroma throughout the house.

I love looking up at well lighted sky full of nothing but stars..

I love how even though we are all in so many different places we can get together & know each other on this forum. truly amazing.

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I'll add some more.


I love waiting for a package to arrive.


I love walking outside on a hot summer night after it rains and everything gets steamy, particularly parking lots.


I love college football games, particularly going to them with my wife.


I love inspiring someone else to see something that hurts them in a different way and to see that switch click in their mind.  I also love it when they tell me later that it really meant something to them and helped where they were struggling.


I love getting and giving surprise gifts.  I love researching to find something that I think will blow their mind, giving it to them, and watching their mind blow, lol.

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The Blessing of Jehovah's love and forgiveness.

If we obey Jehovah's standards blessings we will be assured to reap. If not, we're headed on a one way course for disaster. In Satan's world the choices we make have consequences . The decisions we make determines the quality of our relationship with Jehovah. It is really that simple.

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  • 2 months later...

Beyond chocolate, crossing unplowed winter fields that go on and on, and  Canadian geese formations honking overhead, 

I realize that......

I love people who are authentic, plain-spoken, and loyal to a fault. 

I love that animals know how to do this without having to be taught; it takes people such a long time to learn this and some never seem to find the courage or conviction.

I love that the ugliness of this system will end with the dramatic deafening thunder of Jehovah's disapproval.

I love that Jehovah has the sense of humor to show me the absurdity behind human behaviors which makes me laugh out loud despite disappointment over their choices.

I love that Jehovah validates our feelings through his Word and that bible characters had warts; large ones!

I love that moment when Jehovah's spirit fills the auditorium until it seems the roof of the building will lift off.

I love the gentleness that speaks to us from Jehovah's creations.

I love that the apostle John was closest to Jesus and the kind of person who spoke from the heart and despite being a fisherman, wrote without shame,  "he loved them to the end."

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Okay, this might seem a bit weird.

But here goes anyway:

I love the smell of my wife in the morning before she goes to bath. The smell of her perfume from the day before is fantastic. I know, I'm a freak. Sorry, but I really love it.

And yes of course, I do too love the smell of my wife when she comes out of the bath. The smell of her hair when I give her a hug before leaving home to go to work.

These two things makes me absolutely crazy about her. I love you, hun!

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