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The end of a difficult year

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Came up to the lounge early to prepare food for tomorrow night's event.  Rick has several servers that will be helping him so all I will do is prepare canapes and finger foods.  Making Scotch Eggs with a horseradish cream dipping sauce, and honey mustard sauce and a sweet-hot ketsup.  BBQ meatballs--check.  Chicken salad for toasted bagels--check. Carmelized onion dip, artichoke dip, and spinach dip for a variety of pita chips, crackers and bread sticks.  A cheese beer dip for skewered veggies, bread chunks, and bits of brisket.  I will be making a sangria of merlot, green apple vodka, vanilla and some cut fruit.  Excellent sangria!  I will spend the night here tomorrow night but will keep in the office and come out to replenish the food from time to time. Home is now twice as far to get to since they closed the dam for repairs and since I do not consider NYE a safe night to be out I will just spend it here.  Sleep in the recliner in the office while Rick takes the sofa.  Two months ago they closed the Keystone Dam which will be down for repairs for an estimated 13-16 months.  This has greatly effected our business because our customers are now forced to go about 30 miles out of their way to get to our place.  My husband has been plagued with worry about staying afloat.  I have prayed about the business almost from the day we bought it.  Praying till I feel like it is a memorized rote.  That's no good.  But I just don't know how else to continually express it to Jehovah.  Something has got to give us a break.  Just don't know from where.  The stress is visiable and palpable.  My husband looks like he has aged 15 years in the last 2.  


Praying and hoping for some changes.  I know so many of you here our feeling your own trials and feeling that desperationof just needing a little reprieve.  Just a moment to catch your breath and feel that relief is near.  Not just knowing it but feeling it!


Keeping all of you and our brotherhood in my thoughts and prayers!  Let us not give up and continue to love and support one another.  Even if we can not be there physically to support/help--Jehovah has given us thiswonderul opportunity to not just focus on ourselves but others.  Let's not let him down!  Can you feel the love?  I can.  Thanks for all your kind words and prayers.




Thankful to be among friends everyday!

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Leslie, Yes I can feel the love and its coming from Jehovah and his organization and our friends on this site and all over the world. Where would we be without it. You and Rick are to old to sleep on the recliner and sofa. Its so easy to get ourselves in a difficult situation and so stressful and painful to get out of it, and I speak from experience, I feel like I have a knack for it. Weather its a job, a house, a business, you name it, it can be hard to let go of. But when it affects our health, our attitude, our joy, our relationship with others, and most of all Jehovah, we need to prioritize and make sure of the more important things. Satan is trying to drown us all with distractions and he is doing a pretty good job. You are such a capable sister in so many areas I know that with Jehovahs help and direction you'll figure things out. Put the burden on Jehovah and off of yourself and you and all of us together will make it. Jehovah always keeps his word. Thank you for your words of encouragement and know that you are not alone.

Preach The Word....Be At It Urgently. 2 Tim. 4:2

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I'm sorry to hear of the tough times, and admittedly I don't know the situation, but maybe I can help.  I'm somewhat a marketing junkie, and if you'll private message me some information about your restaurant (website, background, location, etc.) maybe I can make some suggestions that might help.  If nothing else, I have a private labeled restaurant marketing report that I could send you that might help create some ideas.  I love business and marketing and have had my own small businesses for almost my entire adult life.  Something simple like using sms (text) marketing to create a customer list might help you to bring back customers a little more frequently if you offer some deals.  I would be happy to lend some advice.  Restaurants are some of the most stressful businesses out there.  


I know about the stress of business.  My wife and I just got done spending 18 months of working almost non-stop to pay off $55,000+ in back taxes, but with Jehovah's help, we made it.  It wasn't easy, but it was possible.  We worked 34 days straight at one point, and I've never done anything so hard in my life (neither had my wife), but Jehovah's hand was visible in some things that happened, and it got done even faster than I had originally hoped or dreamed.

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I hope you wont be too affected Leslie.


I am also glad this year is over. Been crazy.


Mike I have not much to complain about. I have almost finished paying back one lot of tax. * I missed a yr due to health * other circumstances with taxes. I was expecting a tax return. * some relief too. but didnt happen. Now my centrelink family payments say I have to pay back 14,000 or so. Its not easy in this world.. :givehug:  :flowers:  :grouphug:

"It's a known fact that eighty decibels of rushing water is one of the most pleasing sounds known to mankind. On other hand, ten and a half days at sea is enough water for anybody." 


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