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Foundation Request U.N. Action to End Religious Violence

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"True religions of the world do not support or incite violence," says Gary Krupp, PTWF Founder. "When religion is used to justify murder, as is happening every day in our world, this is a matter of specific individuals and groups using religion to exploit the religious faithful, and forward their own private agendas."

In response to this issue and to lead the world toward a true solution to peace, Pave the Way Foundation has requested that the United Nations establish a council of religious authorities. This is an effective path to counter the false religious teachings by some who pervert religion to serve illegitimate purposes.




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Wow they want to name all religions that use violence as "false religions" that is a huge thing. This happened at the first of the year, we all know that the world has become a lot more intense within the last few months all around the world...we are close. I plan on getting into the campaign this August and really working as hard as I can to share the message.

We should stay close and encouraging to one another, things will change quickly when the GT starts...much love to all of you!!!

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Wow, readings and thoughts like these encourage me!  I hope a whole bunch of us, no matter how in-firmed most of us are, just sign up and Aux. Pioneer for August. And those of us who can't do the 30 hours, do the the best we can, with what we have to work with.    Who knows it might be our last hurrah to give the greatest glory to Jehovah and his son!!!!   Wow, am I excited!!!   Am happy to do the track for the convention in my territory (its way out in the country) in July!    See how Jehovah is allowing us to give our all in service for his Kingdom, he's made it so simple.  TRACTS!! Look at our new tracks!  And more to come after releases from conventions.  You don't have to carry a suitcase anymore out in the ministry, for some tracts are the way to go, so simple to place and leave at people's homes.  I love it!   Yes, we do place our magazines too, but those new tracks, OH MY!!    When the end does come, no body on this planet can't say we didn't tell them or give them an opportunity to come know Jehovah!  

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