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A Spanish printing company was commissioned to print cards for the canonization of 

two popes. They printed the text from Deut 6: 24 - 26 thereon, 

However, they did not receive as a template a Catholic Bible but a Protestant

Translation. Now they have the name JEHOVAH  on the cards, 


The Vatican distances itself from it, has the order withdrawn, 

and calls for the finish of the sale 


My first thought was that this is a hoax - but it is not. It really happened. Here are some links to Spanish news articles that have a little more detailed information about the incident.


Vatican calls for withdrawal of Roman libraries prints by John Paul II "blessing" of Jehovah


It is worthwhile to translate the articles via Google translation (or similar) if you don't speak Spanish. There are some interesting lies spread about the name of God. 


Vatican calls for the removal of the Roman bookstores images of John Paul II with a "blessing" Jehovah's

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i am google translating paragraph by paragraph for myself and come upon this ....


"Most expressed disappointment, especially when the English and Italian versions used respectively "the Lord" and "il Signore" ("Lord") and not the biblical term invented by Protestants." (red highlight mine). It's in the eighth paragraph. Just thought it was interesting.


and this in the 12th paragraph:


"He recalls the Iberoamerican Network for the Study of Sects, "Jehovah is a wrong word or misinterpretation of God's name.""


13th paragraph:


"The word 'Jehovah' does not exist until the year 1000 AD. The reason for this is that the Old Testament was written only with pure consonants, vowels were not written but were known and used through tradition. In fact many ancient Semitic peoples did that with his writings, as strong of them in the process of communicating was not exactly writing but oral or verbal language."


and finally the last paragraph:


"Surely Charles Russell, who was the founder of the Jehovah's Witnesses in 1876, he knew nothing of all this, so put it as a badge of those who supposedly would use the true name of God, but went the opposite, because promote the wrong name. This is the first reason why we did not use in the Catholic Church, he adds."


Hope no one minds  me posting some of the translation. I have never used google translate before. It did better when i only put in a paragraph at a time.

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Samira... the third link you have posted is an article about the "misprint" on the cards but it is a site that is very derogatory about the witnesses when you look into it further. i hit the translate button on the site and it is very anti- witness and talks about mind control .. brain washing etc. I didn't know if you noticed and thought I would bring it to your attention.

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