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The Auto Enthusiast Thread

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I'm guessing that somebody on here must be something of a car enthusiast...


Apart from me, that is.  After all, cars have been an integral part of our ministry since at least the forties, for some much earlier, not that many who were driving the witnessing groups around in the thirties would be on the 'net these days.


But I do mean a more exaggerated interest in the automobile. My father trained me well in appreciating cars, repairing them and servicing them while my interest in motor sport led to me wanting to know how to get the most out of them in different driving conditions.


And then there's issues like brand-loyalty, perceptions about car types and what they can do for us.


I have had a personal preference for Peugeots for over fifty years, but that interest loses strength after the 404 models which ended the worm-drive dynasty and the simple and efficient designs which were easy to maintain and a great joy to drive. I still own a 404 sedan, one of my projects to complete one day.


Due to the interests of my favorite nephew I have also taken a liking to the Chrysler world of the same era, so I own a Valiant which is almost ready to go back on the road. This is equipped with a 245ci Hemi 6 engine and I'm fitting a 4-speed manual transmission to it.


My coming trip around the US will be in a Dodge RAM350 van, a 'conversion van', which means it has a lounge which converts to a bed and a couple of other home comforts. This is powered  by  a 360 V8 (it's a 1987 model) and I changed it to a manual 4-speed when I arrived in America the last time. I plan to ship that home for use here after my next trip.


Though I've been driving a '96 Camry around for a year, I now have two '05 Subaru Foresters on the road and the Camry will get the flick. These are great for tripping, while their all-wheel-drive and reasonable ground clearance make them ideal for our witnessing territory.


So what other car enthusiasts do we have here?

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If your vehicles have Carbs - no computers, then I can show you how to increase gas mileage by 30% for just a few dollars.

It is modern technology from the 1930's.

If has Carb & a computer and costs goes up some but not a lot.


For straight carb ( Ford did it best with 2 vent holes ) - carb has to be rebuilt if it sucking air other than through throat.

It is so simple.

1 - run a vacuum line to a 1/4" brass needle valve, that can be locked in place by tightening nut.

2 - run vacuum line through air breather on inside of filter.

3- attach vacuum line to 1/4" copper tubing that sits loosely inside float bowl vent hole. ( in case of Ford, close or almost close off other vent hole )

4- start vehicle, slowly open valve until engine just starts to rev up a little. Lock in place.

5 -You may have to adjust valve vacuum slightly over time.

6 - to test if carb isn't too leaky - open valve all the way. You should be able to stall the engine. If not, rebuild carb or in case of Ford, close off 2nd vent completely, then try it again.



I have used this method years ago on several carbed vehicles and it worked great. 30% to 40% increase in mileage and stomp on gas -full power ( vacuum drops )

Consciousness, that annoying time between naps! :sleeping:

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We currently have a 04 Ford Escape, which last week I spun out in the rain and nosed it into a dirt bank....oops..It still runs ok, it will need some new plastic in the front...:depressed:


MY truck(lol) is a '86 Toyota 4runner, 4wheel drive, go anyplace you have the nerve to point it at fun vehicle..

We stick our kayaks in the back, and go wherever.... It developed an engine issue a while back(225,000 miles) so I am in the process of rebuilding it in my garage. :hammer: I hope I can get it all done before the invitation campaign is finished, we have some rough territory here and I am one of the few that will go in there. I used to have a '97 Jeep Grand Cherokee that was an awesome service vehicle, sadly, it is no longer with us--:shutup:

97 Jeep 002.jpg

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I use to have a 96 Impala SS with the 5.7. I loved that car but we decided to sell it a few year ago, I think Darth Vader wanted it back...

CAUTION: The comments above may contain personal opinion, speculation, inaccurate information, sarcasm, wit, satire or humor, let the reader use discernment...:D


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8 hours ago, RaymondG said:


Due to the interests of my favorite nephew I have also taken a liking to the Chrysler world of the same era, so I own a Valiant which is almost ready to go back on the road. This is equipped with a 245ci Hemi 6 engine and I'm fitting a 4-speed manual transmission to it.


So what other car enthusiasts do we have here?

My sister had a Valiant...she drove it Valiantly fast and wrecked it several times.


Back in high school I had a 67 Chevelle Super sport 396, at that time you could pick one up for $500.  dollars.  I shriek when I see the quality and prices at Barrett-Jackson Auctions these days. 


Currently am looking for a 36 Chevy pickup to restore with a small block and IFS, disc brakes etc.   (tu)


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Some interesting cars turning out here...


Here's a shot of my two damaged Foresters. I bought the silver one to get bits to fix my own, which is green. Then I realised the silver one was too good to wreck so I bought the blue one to provide parts for both cars.




And here's the blue car sacrificing rear end bits and its engine for the green car:




A bit of a pain that I had to do all of this work in the outdoors in high summer, which alternates between stinking hot and sunny and stormy, but that's the way life is. #


I have another project in mind, to build a replica of this car:




I have acquired, over many years, most of the major components. As can be seen, it uses Ford suspension and brakes (1940 or thereabouts) while the engine is a Plymouth flathead six, the gearbox is from a pre-war 25hp Vauxhall.


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7 hours ago, Precision said:

My sister had a Valiant...she drove it Valiantly fast and wrecked it several times.


Here's a pic of mine when I first bought it... over eight years ago...




This car was always going to be a project. For the past year it's been sitting with its paint (now white) awaiting buffing, screens still need to be refitted and the interior needs some work, at some time I'll do big things with the engine, where I'll be looking for over 300hp.


The Hemi 6 engine isn't related to the slant 6 at all, a way more modern engine, but it was only sold in Australia and New Zealand.

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Your Chrysler Special project looks like fun. I have done some welding and fabbing on project cars and buggies before and it is neat getting it all running and working properly,  like it should. Have fun with that. 

I had an old Dodge van that had a slant 6 in it. That was one strong unit, plenty of torque to tap. I put a good hitch on it and could pull a 20 foot trailer full of beams and columns and it would just get er done, no problems.


The Hemi 6 sounds interesting.  I  may have to make my way over that way sometime,  someday. ...:)

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Interesting comments in MOPAR chat Ray.   I have never heard of a Hemi 6...and with 300 ponies. You will fry your tires !     :D  


How is the Chrysler special coming along, frame rails, sheet metal, fabrication etc. ???  The brake drums look rather large for the time era.

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