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Did anyone see last night's episode of Chicago Med? It dealt with a Witness couple where the husband needed heart bypass surgery but objected to the use of a heart-lung machine. The doctors honored their objection and agreed to perform the operation without stopping the heart. I won't tell you how it ended. 

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I generally enjoy the show but that episode really shows me that they did no real consultation of what we believe in by means of a brochure or even really talking to a witness. Even though it was supposed to be an emergency situation they didn't look like or act like any Jehovah's Witness that I know of. I didn't like the presentation of it at all. It is what it is. It's worldly entertainment that happens to feature a snippet of how medical issues may deal with us.  It was to me the least favorite episode to this point. 

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Well! I saw that particular episode on Hulu last night. I was a little surprised to see it there actually. It goes to show, at least to me, that Hulu is very up to date.

Anyway. As far as the actual episode, indeed they need to do more research. 

For starters though I know they're all actors, they could have taken the time to indeed do their research to make it real. For instance, the wife was so unbelievable as a JW it wasn't even funny. And the husband? What was with that hair on his face like that? Then while the medical team was deciding on what surgical treatment would be best since they were "JW" the wife asks "what's that?" when told about bloodless surgery. She even mentioned "eternal life (eternity? I forgot which). Then in the operating room, and she gives consent for her husband to receive blood, she audibly mutters a prayer. We don't do that. I'm not saying we don't or will not pray aloud in front of people (I'm not referring to cong. prayers), but it struck me as odd and phony. 

I'm very aware it was just a show and they were all actors doing a part, and getting paid. But I feel that if you're going to do this, make it real. 

But what did I expect eh? After all, years ago they had Pharoah and his sickos live. And there was one show (around Easter time) when Rebecca's eyes lacked luster, but Leah's eyes shown as the moon. Yet, Jehovah described those women's eyes just the opposite. And actually, it was then I decided not to watch the "Bible" shows anymore. 

But, I still like Chicago Med in general. There's only one thing more I notice and this is just in general: Why do the "patients" stay in the ER? They're never moved to their room even after the crises is over. Oh well "That's show business." Lol.

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It's just more inaccurate negative publicity on the blood issue that we don't need. Since when does a heart-lung machine always require the use of blood? It can also be primed with another liquid solution and is a conscience matter anyway. Also, If the husband had a DPA, it specifically states that his stand on "no blood" is irrevocable and to be enforced even if he's unconscious, whereas the show made it seem that his position was negotiable and that his wife could decide for him. The husband and wife were made to appear fanatical and unreasonable and in the end, the statement the wife made was such a rationalization it wasn't funny, namely, that after her compromise, she had given it careful consideration and concluded that a loving God is also a forgiving God. With that, her forgiving husband smiles approvingly as they hold hands and the doctor looks on with an expression that says, "I'm glad you both finally came to your senses."



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49 minutes ago, minister159 said:

It's just more inaccurate negative publicity on the blood issue that we don't need.


It does make it more imperative that we get the correct facts out there to willing ears. In the last 2 weeks I have had the opportunity to talk to 2 nurses regarding our stand, based on solid Scriptural reasonings,  on the use of blood and/or blood fractions.


Yesterday I was in hospital for some tests, the tech surprised me with a test I didn't know had been ordered, a white cell tracer test. It involves removal of blood,  centrifuging to remove the white cells, adding a radioactive tracer to the white cells and then reintroducing them to the body.


Since I had some time between tests, I called one of our Elders, he emailed me a word doc file, I took it to a local printing house and got copies and was able to write some notes on them and attach a JW  card. I got to talk to 2 techs while they were in the process of making me glow in the dark, telling them why I declined the test and maybe help them understand Gods views on blood a little bit better.  It was a good day. 


Last night was a little rough, sure was bright in the bedroom. 


And no, Denise isn't here to keep an eye on me, she went in service this morning. :raspberry:

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Well, that was disappointing.


Let me start by saying we watch all the Chicago shows - Med, Fire and PD.  In fact, I had this very idea for such shows that constantly crossed over with each other years ago.  I've felt that Med has the potential of becoming just as good as ER was.


Tonight's episode was a bit disappointing.   You can tell it was obviously written by someone who had no (or little) first-hand knowledge about what we believe.  "Spending eternity together," and worried about his "soul" made it sound as if we believe in the immortal soul and that taking blood will affect where we spend the afterlife.  


I can forgive the absence of any elders in the waiting room, the HLC not being present, etc...  That takes a lot of knowledge to know we have such brothers in such position or that we have such love that elders and friends would show up at a moment's notice.  


I nearly choked when the Witness couple didn't know anything about bloodless medicine.  We've practically pioneered the field.  


And, come on, at least quote from the NWT.  Everyone knows we have our own Bible!


Maybe these two weren't Witnesses but they were just studying.  That's the only thing that makes sense.  They were Bible students that really didn't know what to do or what options were available.  Yeah, that's it.  That's the ticket.

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