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Escalating Tensions Between US & Russia

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Tensions with Russia sour after US ships' near-pass

“These actions have the potential to unnecessarily escalate tensions between [Russia and the U.S.], and could result in a miscalculation or accident which results in serious injury or death,” one official warned.



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Nothing compared to the Russians hazing american planes during the Berlin Airlift. Hardly a ripple in the pond.

 I am not sying I am Superman, I am only saying that nobody has ever seen Superman  and me in a room together.

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3 hours ago, Shawnster said:

Used to happen all the time during the Cold War. 


The more things change...

Yeah, exactly...


They each say the other side is to blame, that 'they' were the agitator and aggressor and oh, 'we' did no wrong, nuh-uh, not us....


Yeah, right. ..


If you look at the video, taken from the Russian boat, it appears that the Russian boat turns left, towards the US boat, which speeds up as it turns slightly away.

Leastwise, thats what my eyes are telling me. I'm no sailor so I  could be reading the water sign all wrong..


All the water in the world to play in and those idiots want to play bumper cars...er, boats:boating:


I  think I'll go take my kayak to the lake, maybe I can find another kayak to ram and then blame him....:nope:

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I will buy the Russian version of this one. I see the destroyer easing out on the Russian's course. Rather than being pushed, the Russian elected to return to course and start a cross astern maneuver with the destroyer. I doubt if either skipper was overly concerned. Even though you see the Russian turning toward the position of the destroyer, the frigate would fall behind due to deviating thirty degrees from the original heading. Since no one seemed to get excited the Russians may well have advised the American of his pass astern maneuver. The Americans showed their stuff by putting the pedal to the metal. If the Americans had been overly concerned you would have heard a loud blast from the destroyer's siren, collision imminent. There wasn't even 3 blasts, danger warning.

It is called gamemanship

 I am not sying I am Superman, I am only saying that nobody has ever seen Superman  and me in a room together.

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I felt with my previous comment I should explain the reason for my conclusion that the Russian version is the correct one. For those that don’t fly or operate a boat at sea it might not be apparent, you are use to staying in your lane and signaling lane changes. See if you can picture this:

The fleet is steaming due north, course 360 degrees. The destroyer on the right flank is following the same course, parallel to the fleet, The Russian frigate is steering the same parallel course 360 degrees, a mile to the right (starboard) of the picket destroyer, same speed and course. The American skipper is given an order, or maybe he takes the initiative, to move the Russian away from the fleet. To change course and head directly for the Russian vessel would be considered an act of aggression. The American skipper orders a course change of one degree to the right. (If hauled before a board of inquiry he would say the change in course was logged in as a compensation for ocean currents. It would not be disputed.) New course is now 001 degrees. Just 1 degree to the right of everybody’s previous course. Such a minor change would not discernable to either radar or by visual means for some time. By monitoring his speed the American keeps exact pace with the frigate. If the American ship kept to his original speed he would drop astern of the Russian.

In this changed scenario it would take some time before it obvious that the American was closing the distance between the two vessels.

The Russian is in the right for two reasons, first he hasn’t changed course and being the vessel to the starboard he has the right of way.

In a small sail boat you just holler ‘STARBOARD!’ and the encroaching vessel is obligated by law to yield. Try that with a war ship.

No skipper would willfully allow his ship to collide with another vessel. It became a game of chicken. The Russian blinked. Why? “He was bigger than me.”




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Can't spell !

 I am not sying I am Superman, I am only saying that nobody has ever seen Superman  and me in a room together.

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