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10 hours ago, Doug said:

El General -  Apparently a very successful  Panamanian reggae talent. 32 gold albums, and 17 platinum according to Wikipedia. Can that be right? 

It looks like him.  I can't speak to his albums though.  It says in Wikipedia that he left to be a witness and that for all his success he considers God's Kingdom to be the best of all ❤  


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I love how it starts off the best I think, with a point to reason on and then he spoke of how he didn't root those desires out and they were picked up by the associates around him.


I had a moment today, we were asked to find some supporting documentation for some research our Ministry had done.  It was to refute another bunch of bunk that had been submitted. 


To a person with an untrained eye, or someone lacking experience you could see how this sham science could have been ram rodded through.  It had support but they withdrew the backing, but anyhow it took me about five minutes to pick the report/science that had been submitted apart.  I asked about bioavailability over long term, where we're the supporting studies that were from reputable journals etc. , where on the charting were the standard deviations in their amounts cited.  


In looking back at this it makes me think about how we must appear to Satan when we have these inclinations.  Our supporting evidence (some of it is likely weak in some area), what kind of heart felt expressions  we make without it touching the heart maybe.  It's openly plain to see by Jehovah, but also our enemy too.  


So if I were to cite evidence to refute Satan, what would that look like.  Well it would look a lot like Jesus' words.  It is written. He's citing from the finest reference materials there are.  Paul did the same thing, and then referenced the greatest peer as backing for his thoughts.  


The work presented had the author citing his own work lol.  I mean yes you can do this, but YOU have some vested interest. In this instance probably best to leave that out. Otherwise you have a competing interest.  Better to cite someone superior to yourself, and let them discover your works and refer others to them (like Jah did with Job).


I've always loved the thought that if you love Jehovah, would there be enough evidence to convict you?  Sadly my answer hasn't always been yes because I was focused on my talents for me and not for Jehovah. 



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