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12th Dead Sea Scrolls Cave Discovered

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Actually another article that was posted earlier explained that a cave that might have contained the Dead Sea Scrolls was found but it did not contain any scrolls,


This article says....

The team thinks looters ransacked the cave around the 1950s, pointing to pickaxes left in the tunnel as evidence.
"I imagine they came into the tunnel. They found the scroll jars. They took the scrolls," said Gutfeld. "They even opened the scrolls and left everything around, the textiles, the pottery."

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It might have been the same Bedoin who stripped this cave of it's scrolls were the same lot who raided the other caves back in the 40's 50's.


The 'legend' runs that the person who brought the first Dead Sea scrolls to light in 1947, claimed a young shepherd alighted on them and let him have them. This was because, even back then it was illegal to trade in the country's antiquities. Therefore, saying he bought examples of them in a Bedoin market and asked the sellers, with cash inducements, where they got them from. would have got him arrested. Yet, later investigations seem to point to the truth of this later story.


There's so much 'fake news' surrounding these scrolls, and who put them there and why, that it's hard to filter through the nonsense. We went over there and were shown round Essene monasteries in the area where the Jewish guides were telling us the scrolls were written. This is very controversial. The Dead Sea Scrolls seem to be just buried there because material for writing on was precious and expensive/rare, so was repaired repeatedly whilst in use and, especially any with reference to sacred text, were reverently buried near a human cemetery when they got too fragile to use any more.


What were shown to us as  Essene monasteries are false interpretations of  rebuilt rubble ruins of what other archaeologists think were actually the cemetery washing and body preparation rooms and places for the mourners to sit for a funeral meal before returning home, not Essene baptism pools, refectories and scriptoriums of monasteries - such places with Latin based names designated like this only appeared in Europe in the Middle Ages - 1000 years later.


Why do Jewish guides do this? Their Jewish Israeli authorities like to make out that Essenes were an apostate sect of the Jews pre-dating Jesus and John the Baptist, that Jesus and John the Baptist were copying whilst proclaiming they were rabbis of their new faith and secularists/atheists are only too pleased to keep this misinformation going, so it hasn't stopped despite later archaeologists pointing out these faults and misinterpretations.


All this controversy aside, the scrolls themselves have a fascinating history after 1947 all of their own, regarding how they were dated, prised open -shattered - re-constructed - compared to other Bible manuscripts and displayed in a special way.

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Helen I think along the same lines. When I hear stories like the 1947 findings I tend to sit back and see how it plays out. People tend to want notoriety and say whatever it takes. Looking forward to the NS when we can just ASK what happened to the ones who lived back then. Someone will HAVE to know something. Exhausts me at what lengths people go to to say they found the real truth when it's just an hypothesis. Nobody really knows.

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