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Below is a portion I copied from a new article in the JULY 2017 WT Study Edition. 
How very valuable and helpful this is right now for our Brother & Sisters in Russia! For those brothers/sisters here on JWtalk that are presently in Russia, may these spiritual points below give you great encouragement and strengthen your mind and heart against any propaganda or threats by the government!
For those of us not in Russia, we all can still greatly benefit by preparing our minds now for possible future persecution in our area. When we read this, try imagining what it would be like if we were in Russia now. We could get overly worried as to what may happen in just a few weeks on APR 5.  Due to fear of man and fear of persecution, a variety of questions could start racing through our minds like:
"Will we be banned?"
"If so, will the police be searching for us?"
"Will we lose our possessions?"
"Will we lose our home?"
"Will the persecution involve torture?"
"I could die!"
Here is how we fight to protect our heart and minds!
"Winning the Battle for Your Mind"
Keep in mind, though, that Satan’s propaganda is not always subtle. At times, he uses terror tactics—“one of the oldest of all forms of propaganda.” (Easily Led—A History of Propaganda) The Assyrians, for example, dominated their enemies with “a policy of terror coupled with one of propaganda,” wrote British Professor Philip M. Taylor. Satan will use fear of man, fear of persecution, fear of death, and any other kind of negative fear to try to dominate you and make you shrink back from serving Jehovah.—Isa. 8:12; Jer. 42:11; Heb. 2:15.
Do not let Satan use fear itself to weaken your morale or break your integrity. Jesus said: “Do not fear those who kill the body and after this are not able to do anything more.” (Luke 12:4) Have complete confidence in Jehovah’s promise to watch over you, to give you “the power beyond what is normal,” and to help you withstand any attempts to frighten you into submission.—2 Cor. 4:7-9; 1 Pet. 3:14.
You may, of course, encounter frightening, morale-weakening events. But keep in mind Jehovah’s words of encouragement to Joshua: “Be courageous and strong. Do not be struck with terror or fear, for Jehovah your God is with you wherever you go.” (Josh. 1:9) If anxiety strikes, go immediately to Jehovah in prayer with all your concerns. You can be sure that “the peace of God . . . will guard your hearts and your mental powers” so that you will have the strength to resist all of Satan’s propaganda.—Phil. 4:6, 7, 13.
Do you remember the propaganda used by the Assyrian envoy, the Rabshakeh, against God’s people? He said, in effect, ‘Nothing can protect you from Assyria. Even your God, Jehovah, can do nothing for you.’ He boldly added: ‘Jehovah himself told us to destroy this land.’ What did Jehovah say in return? “Do not be afraid because of the words that you heard, . . . with which the attendants of the king of Assyria blasphemed me.” (2 Ki. 18:22-25; 19:6) He then sent an angel who destroyed 185,000 Assyrians in one night!—2 Ki. 19:35.

Loved this article!
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Thank you for posting Neil.    This is very informative .   We need to start immediately preparing our mind to get focused on the important issues.    Remaining loyal to our God Jehovah and not ever giving up or in.       As you stated already.....This is practical information for ALL of Jehovah's servants.  We have to let love for Jehovah control our thoughts and not any Satanic propaganda .    Knowing how our brothers and sisters stood firm in Nazi Germany it really gives us strength and courage.  Jehovah knows what we need just at the right moment.

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