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Nuclear domino effect hits Iran

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Wow... the threatening of the US get it's domino effect on other countries. Iran now pops up again with the message that they will restart their nuclear program again if the US keeps threatening.




The world is completely out of control. It gets closer to the image that the bible described as the last days. Riots, anargy, people will be afraid and can't rely on their governments. Natural disasters...


I have grown up in the truth and already preach about these days for decades... and every year I could say that it got worse than the years before. But what happens now could be seen as those words in Matthew 24.


I try to imagine the days of Noah, cause these days would be like that one. In these days people who live by norms and values of the bible, are seen as abnormal. The new standard to accept is the 'LHBTQ' and several other terms which they also going to introduce on schools now. Kids of 5 years old will be teached now that there's something wrong with you if you learn that a man will mary a woman. And that you can be born in a wrong body. Even birth cards got their message now as: 'seen as a boy' instead of 'A boy'.

Gay and Lesbians activities are widely accepted now. Riots and anarchy everywhere cause people don't accept their government or their decisions. Terrorist attacks that afraids people. People that think they can judge themselves and kill people. And so on...


Now this nuclear program issue that frighten people worldwide... I think there's a lot to come in a very short time. As we think it could not get worse... I think it still can... 

Cause these days will be as it has never been before....

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On 8/15/2017 at 3:48 AM, Foxes53 said:

It can certainly get a lot worse but at some point we're still awaiting the cry of "peace and security" !

Maybe the two are related. It will get a lot worse before 'they'  get their act together and try doing something about it. Of course, it will merely be crying out " 'Peace', when there is no Peace".

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