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Daily Wine

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Apparently one of the secrets to a long life is a glass of red wine a day..




Add a Daily bacon to our Daily Bread and it's a meal! 

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The scientists who found those results also did not recommend starting to drink to gain tbe slight health benefit because the risks associated with alcohol consumption far out weigh the minor gains of moderate consumption. In my opinion alcohol is best avoided. It has far too big of a possible down side compared to the benefits. A drinker is always on the edge of a deep pit. An emotional disaster like the death of mate, unfiathfullness or job loss, can sweep a person off the edge and down into the pit of alcoholism. Even regular daily consumption can be alcoholism. The guy who has three drinks after work each day is an alcoholic. Just having one at dinner, probably  not, but if it is more, you may be an alcoholic. The risks associated with drinking alcohol are not to be ignored and those who choose to drink need to be constantly on guard.


Kind of hard to relax if you have to keep your guard up. That is why when I need a little something I have a piece of chocolate and health benefits are associated with dark chocolate. Biggest problem of over consumption is my paints don't fit no more. Just try to keep in control and someday I maybe able to wear my old paints. Hey at least it isn't a beer gut.

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My understanding from working 36 years in the medical profession, many years with addictions—alcohol and drugs.  You can be an alcoholic even if you drink only one drink once a month.  I was taught that it is how the alcohol effects you and your decision making after consumption. I have not worked with addicts for over ten years now but that was the thinking when I moved from Oklahoma to LA.  First my husband’s personal experience he always said different alcohols effected him differently.  I never believed him because I was taught alcohol is alcohol.  But once again, in LA I was told that different alcohols produced different behaviors. Tequila made him want to fight.  Vodka made him sleepy.  Bourbon brought out a tomantic side.  So I guess there is still much to learn. As with everything—only Jehovah knows for sure. 

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On 2/20/2018 at 1:18 AM, Mephibosheth said:

Eat, drink and live longer.

Alcohol is better than exercise. 



The bar closer than the gym...:lol:

I like to work out with bar-bells.....when I’m at the bar, I ring the bell for a drink.:lol1:

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