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Golbeki Tepe: 12,000 Year Old Unexplained Structure! Really?

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Has anyone seen this video before regarding Golbeki Tepe? Archaeologists are claiming this was the World's First Temple built 12,000 years ago. :uhhuh: Just thought to share this intersting claim by archaeologists, which was discovered in Turkey in 1994. Some archaelogists claim it might be part of Eden. Way too much speculation but still interesting.

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This is what Archeaologists are saying: "In the Book of Genesis, it is indicated that Eden is west of Assyria. Sure enough, this is where Gobekli is sited.

Likewise, biblical Eden is by four rivers, including the Tigris and Euphrates. And Gobekli lies between both of these. In ancient Assyrian texts, there is mention of a 'Beth Eden' - a house of Eden. This minor kingdom was 50 miles from Gobekli Tepe. Another book in the Old Testament talks of 'the children of Eden which were in Thelasar', a town in northern Syria, near Gobekli. The very word 'Eden' comes from the Sumerian for 'plain'; Gobekli lies on the plains of Harran. Thus, when you put it all together, the evidence is persuasive. Gobekli Tepe is, indeed, a 'temple in Eden', built by our leisured and fortunate ancestors - people who had time to cultivate art, architecture and complex ritual, before the traumas of agriculture ruined their lifestyle, and devastated their paradise. It's a stunning and seductive idea. Yet it has a sinister epilogue. Because the loss paradise seems to have had a strange and darkening effect on the human mind."

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We have to take anything like this with a grain of salt. The History channel and other programs like to stretch the truth and sensationalize their stories in order to attract viewers. I watched the video and it's easy to tell that it was written and presents the information in a very dramatic manner specifically to arouse interest and curiosity. Nothing arouses the interest of people more than controversy and conspiracy.

As for the dating discrepency with the Bible - almost all archaeological dating conflicts with scripture. This isn't anything new nor exclusive to this site. To present the aspect that the data conflicts the Bible is definitely intended for dramatic purposes.

People don't consider what kind of impact a global flood would have had on the environment and the way carbon is left behind in remains. C14 isn't a reliable source of dating an object the farther back you go in time. We've had a number of articles about this subject. From what I understand, anything that happened AFTER the flood is much more reliably dated by C14 than events that happened BEFORE the flood. Again, nothing new.

What scientists see as evidence of an ice age or various ice ages can likewise be the evidence of a global flood, especially a global flood that happened as suddenly as the Deluge. This is another aspect that science ignores.

I watched the video and did not notice any reference that this city might be the location of Eden. I've not done any further research, however.

We obviously know that the city itself isn't the location of Eden. At the time Adam and Eve were driven out of the garden, there were only 2 people on the planet. Cain did establish a city, however the Insight book speculates this may have been nothing more than a fortified village by today's standards. The idea that this city was a city built shortly after the Flood is intriguing. A large enough city built at some point after the Flood would be conceiveable. It would need to be long enough after the Flood that the population would warrant a city, yet close enough to allow for the different animals to still be in the area and not have migrated elsewhere.

As for the location of the Garden of Eden? I'd really like to know. Some day we definitely will know. I'm sure Able, Seth and the rest of Adam and Eve's children knew. We'll meet them and they will be able to take us to the exact spot, providing the topography hasn't changed that drastically. Even the Society is not 100% convinced of the location of the Garden, that's why the lable always includes a ? when noting the location on a map.

I heard one theory that placed the Garden of Eden in what is today the Persian Gulf. The theory speculated the Garden was at the mouths of the Tigris and Euphrates where they dump into the Gulf. I kinda liked this theory, personally.

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I agree with Shawn. As soon as I saw Graham Hancock, Andrew Collins and Linda Moulton Howe I knew we would be taken for a ride. These people are journalists and authors of esoteric UFO speculative sensationalist stuff that circulates the UFO circuits giving them much acclaim. I never saw a proper interview with the German archaeologists throughout this video only unfounded speculation by these authors/journalists.

Graham Hancock caused a controversy when he put out a documentary about secret codes to do with the pyramids at Giza and other sites and real archaeologists told the BBC he was misrepresenting the facts.He's also written odd stuff about the twin towers related to the pillars of Solomon's Temple. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graham_Hancock

Linda Moulton Howe was laughed at in Britain when she brought out her 'abducted by aliens'/aliens crop circles books after students showed how they had created the crop circles on PC and gone into fields to make them through the night - which I covered on an earlier thread. She has her own UFO type website. ://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linda_Moulton_Howe

Andrew Collins writes and gives sensational talks to UFO/Conspiracy theory type folk about 'Secrets of the Holy Grail'

'Secrets of Exodus and Tutankhamen' etc that you can get on Amazon.http://www.amazon.co.uk/Andrew-Collins/e/B001HCVYN2 (Ecclesiastes 12:12)

The video reminds me somewhat of Eric von Danekan and his theories made famous in the 1970's of aliens bringing humans here - that have been blown out of the water by true archaeologists - especially the bit where LM Howe said "How did these ancient people make such monuments without tools" when the German Scientists did find tools as an article from the Smithsonian writes:"The archaeologists did find evidence of tool use, including stone hammers and blades."Read more: http://www.smithsonianmag.com/history-archaeology/gobekli-tepe.html#ixzz1g57GJMrj .

There's nothing strange about what was found here. It resembles the same 'Stone-age' stone circle megalith temples found on Malta, including the fat goddess figures. The Temple is very like the Canaanite temples found in Israel that God's people often fell foul of by copying ( Ezekiel 8:9,10).

The dates given are similar to those for other temples in the area and Jericho. It has long been admitted that C14 dating beyond 6 000 years is very speculative and riven with problems and reliant on the environment being the same then as now, which we know it was not.

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We have to take anything like this with a grain of salt. The History channel and other programs like to stretch the truth and sensationalize their stories in order to attract viewers.

A good example is the story the History Channel had about Mary Magdalene and Jesus being married and living a long life together. Who would have thought they could make up such whoopers like that. :nope:

Any thing to sell a story.

We cannot incite if we are not in sight.___Heb.10:24,25

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