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If I may offer my humble view of 'religion' - take this word down to its brass tacks Greg and follow what Rudyard Kipling says:


"I keep six honest serving men: They taught me all I knew:

Their names ar What and Why and When

and How and Where and Who."


(example used in this months broadcasting)


So let's take religion on an interesting journey:

What is religion?

Religion is the putting first of something in your life ...

ie: Money could become your religion


Or Religion based on the scriptures or other creeds.



Because fundamentally, mankind either consciously or subconsciously recognizes that they have a spiritual need,

so spend time fulfilling that need either with valid or invalid pursuits.



When something moves their heart to the point they become passionate, it may not always be tangible or reasonable, but it is something that adds depth to their lives and gives some meaning.



By how they dedicate their money, their possessions and their time, conveys what becomes their religion.



Where they find like minded ones who have developed the same passion, usually if the foundation of their 'religion' is weak, they will bounce from one religion to another. Being in a world controlled by Satan, often their hearts are trained towards patriotism to the point of religious fervor. They may not call it religious, but it is no different to the fervor one shows towards Jehovah, when considering the basics.



Because mankind has a limited knowledge on a wide range of subjects, it doesn't take much for someone to come along and seemingly answer their unanswered questions, and even seem miraculous as in the events of cults. Iconic sports stars evoke worship and adoration and truly become their whole core of somethiing that seems to make sense to them.


Rudyard Kipling also said something else very intersting:


"If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten"


So religion for people tell a story that appeals to their hearts, their ideals.

The Idol series for instance ... uses stories to appeal to the audience of contestants who have had a hard luck story almost like they are creating a 'god' who has their respect and if successful possibly even their worship.


So Greg, you could concentrate on the conventional view of religion and base it on historical religions that were often used to consolidate Kings and Queens and hold the common people in captivity ... or you could concentrate on the wider definition where idols can creep in to lives of even those who vehemently despise 'religious' people. 







Edited by Stormswift

<p>"Jehovah chooses to either 'reveal' or 'conceal' - cherish what he reveals and be patient with what he conceals."

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I like to mention that no matter what time or period mankind find themselves, they ALWAYS have some belief system.
Eqypt, Babylon, Rome, Greece, Incas, Aztec, native Indians, indigenous tribes... (you get the idea) there is a belief in something. Usually spiritual or supernatural in nature. Could be summed up as religious....
Even the back blocks of PNG tribes, never seen outside the area, belief in spiritual matters.
The conclusion is that 'religion' is an integral part of being human.
The USSR tried to stamp out religion, but without success.
As mentioned above, some who would say that they are not religious, will still have a 'belief system', even if that is science... Lol...

{still waiting for the 'Wiser'}

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Hi Greg,

I was thinking about an illustration but it may not be exactly what you were looking for. But I will share it with you anyway and maybe it can help with some ideas for the kind of illustration you are looking for.


Throughout all of history, people from every society have went out sailing on the ocean.

But no matter their culture, language, race, they all have 1 thing in common, they are inclined to ask:

"I wonder what is below the surface?"


Similarly, throughout all of history, people from every society have been inclined to search for the "deeper" meaning of life, a spiritual search for a higher power, Creator, God. These spiritual desires have started many religions, and therefore religion has been an intricate part of every society.

Edited by Beggar for the Spirit

"Create in me a pure heart, O God, And put within me a new spirit, a steadfast one" (PS 51:10)


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