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The last Bible Trivia game was from 2011, so here is a newer version.

Please feel free to ask your own Bible Trivia questions.

Time allowing, I will attempt to post ten new Bible Trivia questions each week.

Have fun!:D


1.  What sound did Paul say would have a profound effect on the inhabitants of heaven and earth?



1. The name of Jesus

(Philippians 2:10) so that in the name of Jesus every knee should bend—of those in heaven and those on earth and those under the ground


Insight, Vol 2, Kneel

Jehovah has granted the faithful resurrected Jesus Christ a superior position and a name that is above every other name, “so that in the name of Jesus every knee should bend of those in heaven and those on earth and those under the ground.” All who gain life must bend their knees in worship to Jehovah in the name of Jesus Christ and acknowledge him as Lord to God’s glory. This includes “those under the ground,” evidently showing that those resurrected from the grave also come under this requirement.—Php 2:9-11; Joh 5:28, 29; Eph 1:9, 10.


2. Besides divine favor, what did John say Jesus was full of?


A) Truth

B) Love

C) Power

D) Hope



2.  A) Truth

(John 1: 14) So the Word became flesh and resided among us, and we had a view of his glory, a glory such as belongs to an only-begotten son+ from a father; and he was full of divine favor and truth.


Insight, Vol 2 , Truth

Like his Father Jehovah, Jesus Christ is “full of undeserved kindness and truth.” (Joh 1:14; Eph 4:21) While on earth, he always spoke the truth as he had received it from his Father. (Joh 8:40, 45, 46) “He committed no sin, nor was deception found in his mouth.” (1Pe 2:22) Jesus represented things as they really were. Besides being ‘full of truth,’ Jesus was himself “the truth,” and truth came through him. He declared: “I am the way and the truth and the life.” (Joh 14:6) And the apostle John wrote: “The Law was given through Moses, the undeserved kindness and the truth came to be through Jesus Christ.”—Joh 1:17.


3.  What was the name of the angel who announced Jesus’ birth to Mary?



3. Gabriel


(Luke 1:26) In her sixth month, the angel Gabriel was sent from God to a city of Gali·lee named Naza·reth,


4. What event do these three sites have in common?

Mount Sinai

Jesus’ tomb

The Philippian jail



4.  an Earthquake


(Exodus 19:18) Mount Sinai smoked all over, because Jehovah came down upon it in fire; and its smoke was rising like the smoke of a kiln, and the whole mountain was trembling violently.

(Matthew 28:1,2)  After the Sabbath, when it was growing light on the first day of the week, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary came to view the grave. 2 And look! a great earthquake had taken place, for Jehovah’s angel had descended from heaven and had come and rolled away the stone, and he was sitting on it.

(Acts 16:26) Suddenly a great earthquake occurred, so that the foundations of the jail were shaken. Moreover, all the doors were instantly opened, and everyone’s bonds came loose.


5. The Valley of Kidron was

A) where Jesus gave his Sermon on the Mount

B) where Lazarus was resurrected

C) near where Jesus was arrested

D) where Abraham was buried



5. near to where Jesus was arrested


(John 18:1) After he said these things, Jesus went out with his disciples across the Kidron Valley to where there was a garden, and he and his disciples went into it.

(John 18:12) Then the soldiers and the military commander and the officers of the Jews seized Jesus and bound him.


6.  Luke described four things the child Jesus progressed in.  How many can you name?



6.  Wisdom, physical growth, favor with God, favor with men.

(Luke 2:52) And Jesus went on progressing in wisdom and in physical growth and in favor with God and men.


7. What do these three have in common?



A woman of Endor



7.  They all practiced sorcery


(2 Kings 9:22) As soon as Jehoram saw Jehu, he said: “Are you coming in peace, Jehu?” But he said: “What peace could there be as long as there is the prostitution of Jezebel your mother and her many sorceries?

(Acts 13:8) But Elymas the sorcerer (for that is how his name is translated) began opposing them, trying to turn the proconsul away from the faith.

(1 Samuel 28:7) Finally Saul said to his servants: “Find me a woman who is a spirit medium, and I will go and consult her.” His servants replied: “Look! There is a woman who is a spirit medium in Endor.”


8.  Complete this Scripture:

(Romans 6:12) Therefore, do not let sin continue ­­­­­­­­­­­­_ _   _ _ _ _   _ _   _ _ _ _ in your mortal bodies so that you should obey their desires.



8. to rule as king


9.  What son did Eve say God gave her to replace the murdered Abel?



9. Seth


(Genesis 4:25) Adam again had sexual relations with his wife, and she gave birth to a son. She named him Seth because, as she said, “God has appointed for me another offspring in place of Abel, because Cain killed him.”


10.  What special talent did Daniel receive from Jehovah that would later help the king?



10.  The ability to interpret dreams and visions


(Daniel 1:17) And the true God gave these four youths knowledge and insight into every kind of writing and wisdom; and Daniel was given understanding in all sorts of visions and dreams.



Nobody has to DRIVE me crazy.5a5e0e53285e2_Nogrinning.gif.d89ec5b2e7a22c9f5ca954867b135e7b.gif  I'm close enough to WALK. 5a5e0e77dc7a9_YESGrinning.gif.e5056e95328247b6b6b3ba90ddccae77.gif


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On 12/19/2018 at 2:54 PM, Friends just call me Ross said:

7. What do these three have in common?



A woman of Endor


I was half-way expecting the reveal to say they all knew an Ewok :lol1: 

"Let all things take place decently and by arrangement."
~ 1 Corinthians 14:40 ~

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