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Dukan Diet

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Hi there! Is anyone out there on the Dukan Diet? I have been on it for 3 months (a little more) and have lost 12 kg so far. I am loving it. It is the best diet I've found and believe me, I have tried them all.

I noticed at the meeting today that it's easier for me to stand up for the song... I always have to lever myself up by pressing on the adjacent seat. Now, I hardly have to push at all. I am feeling practically "normal"! I love it.

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I've been on the "Dunkin" diet for over 50 years and faithful to it I might add but then Dunkin Donuts left town and I am left with a permanent Donut around my waist. Not what your looking for, sorry. :shrugs:

LOL I thought the same thing when I saw the topic! I could definitely stay on a Dunkin Donut diet! :)

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Hi Brenda,

I've had a look at the Dukan website and it seems to be a bit like Atkins. Have you subscribed so that you get the coaching?

I might have given it a whirl (as I could do with losing a few pounds :perplexed: ) but it costs roughly £145 for the subscription, and I can't justify paying that sort of money for a diet.

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Hi Josephine. At first glance you might think Dukan is like Atkins, but there are several important differences. I did Atkins 10-12 years ago and lost a fair bit, but it was tough, slow, depressing going and I put the weight back on and (of course) more besides.

And first let me say I am not a subscriber of the website! I just bought the book and took it from there.

Dukan does not advocate the unlimited fats of the Atkins diet. It's not fanatical like the Pritikin Plan was, but you are definitely required to strictly limit fats.

Dukan does not say you must swear off treats forever. He gives you a 4-stage system of (1) fast initial loss, (2) an easier slow sustained weight loss to take you to goal, (3) an even easier phase where you teach your body to STAY at goal weight and (4) a final phase which you stay on forever, by which time you can eat what you like and stay slim by obeying three simple rules including one "diet day" per week.

Dukan is an advocate of oatbran -- something I had scarcely heard of, let alone eaten, prior to October 2011 :-) I now love it. You must eat a certain amount each day (the amount dependent on which stage of the diet you are on). I usually eat it as a pancake, which can be used as a wrap to enclose various goodies. You can also have it as porridge or muffins, even cookies. The oatbran helps keep you "regular" (ahem) and also helps flush a few calories from your system, unused.

You are also allowed plenty of non (or very low) fat dairy products -- cottage cheese, cream cheese, yoghurt etc. And vegetables are also a major feature of the Dukan plan.

So you see, Dukan does not rely on ketosis, or counting carb grams, or restricting the amount of veges you are allowed. There is no counting at all. And that makes it not seem like a diet. I am honestly content on this plan and the thought of taking a year to reach goal weight does not fill me with dread.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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It sounds to me, from your precis, that it is a healthy eating 'diet'. That makes sense. Avoid too much fat, eat plenty of vegetables (and fruit?) and eat plenty of fibre. What makes this particular diet special?

I have to be on two diets - there's not enough food on just one.

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