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The Privileged Planet--Now on YouTube

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After our mid-week meeting tonight, a brother mentioned that a video that was mentioned in one of our Watchtowers a while back is now posted on YouTube for all to see for free:

The Privileged Planet


I am watching it now. :D 

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I found the Watchtower that cites the book that this film is based on:


*** w07 2/15 p. 3 Enjoy Our Beautiful Earth ***
Enjoy Our Beautiful Earth


ASTRONOMERS have seen that mankind’s home is just a tiny speck in the immeasurable reaches of a boundless universe. Nowhere else in the physical universe has life been found. Only on planet Earth have just the right conditions existed.


Moreover, we can enjoy life on this beautiful globe. How pleasant it is to feel warmed by the sun on a cold day! Who of us is not moved by a spectacular sunrise or sunset? Our sun, of course, does more than merely delight our senses. It is vital to our very existence.


For countless millions of years, the gravitational force of the sun has held the earth and other planets in stable orbits. And, as students learn in school, the whole solar system moves in orbit around the center of our Milky Way galaxy. But in our galaxy the sun is just one of more than 100 billion stars making this journey together.


The Milky Way galaxy is bound in a cluster of about 35 galaxies. Larger clusters contain thousands of galaxies. Our solar system likely would not be so stable if it were located in a much larger, dense cluster of galaxies. But, as it is, few regions of the universe “are as amenable to complex life as ours,” state Guillermo Gonzalez and Jay W. Richards in their book The Privileged Planet.


Is the existence of life on this planet the product of blind chance, the fortuitous result of some part of the “big bang”? Or is there a grander meaning to life on this beautiful planet Earth?


Many people have come to the conclusion that our earthly home was specifically designed to support life. Centuries ago, a Hebrew poet called attention to the earth and the heavens. He wrote: “When I see your heavens, the works of your fingers, the moon and the stars that you have prepared, what is mortal man?” (Psalm 8:3, 4) This poet believed that there must be a Creator. Is that a reasonable conclusion in our scientific age?


*** w07 2/15 p. 7 Our Unique Solar System—How It Got Here ***

If the sun were located elsewhere in our galaxy, we would not have such a good view of the stars. “Our Solar System,” explains the book The Privileged Planet, “is located . . . far from dusty, light-polluted regions, permitting an excellent overall view of both nearby stars and the distant universe.”

The moon’s size and distance from the earth, moreover, are just right for the moon to cover the sun during a solar eclipse. These rare, awe-inspiring events permit astronomers to study the sun. Such studies have enabled them to unlock many secrets about how stars shine.



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