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Misinformation newsletter being mailed across Canada

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The Epoch Times “newspaper” is scaring many seniors in Canada who received it in their mailbox (many just this week).


The union of Canada Post workers rightly do NOT want to have to deliver it, and even made a request to try to have it declared hate speech but were told that it doesn’t quite meet the criteria for that. 

So the laws governing our national postal system here actually require that they still deliver it as long as the weird religious media corporation behind it continues to pay to have it sent out. 🤦‍♂️ 


We need better anti-spam laws that can differentiate between mass-media and people sending personal mail to strangers (like we do as JWs), since there is obviously a big difference between the two. 

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35 minutes ago, pnutts said:

Looked at it

So did my grandma, who thought it was a free copy of a reputable newspaper and got really freaked out by the “news” that China’s communist party had their eye set on Canada... to bring about evil socialism... or something.


Here I thought she’d be safe from falling for that garbage by not having Facebook. Wasn’t expecting them to print millions of colour copies of an official-looking zine and send them inconspicuously through the mail 😔

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I just had a look at their webpage.  I'm not sure what there is on there that you think sounds like hate speech.  There's opinion pieces like you get in all newspapers, but opinions aren't misinformation.  And according to the article, the particular issue sent out apparently claims that the Chinese government endangered the world by not accurately reporting the danger of the Coronavirus.  Is this what you are calling misinformation?  Are you saying the CCP were being truthful when they said the Coronavirus had been studied and found not to spread from person to person, and so it was safe for the world to accept tourists from China, and therefore that the newspaper's claim that the CCP lied is misinformation?  Do we have reason to believe the CCP generally act with good motive?

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16 hours ago, Ferb said:

that you think sounds like hate speech

please brother, don't misrepresent me. I never said it was hate speech. In the future, please read my comments more carefully before replying to them. thank you

I'll summarize, again, what I already said. And as a bonus I'll add some links (which could easily be found by anyone using a simple web search btw):

- a weird religious media company sent this out (source)
- it purports to be a reputable newspaper. it is not.

- it has scared many readers, because the newspaper fails to mention it is associated with the weird new religious movement behind it (Falun Gong)

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