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Report From England on Jehovahs Witnesses

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This was what happened according to the Daily Mail to Emma Gough.

However, I know friends of the family who told me that when Emma was pregnant she was told that the hospital had the facilities of a cell saver machine so there should have been treatment available when she hemorrhaged.

Some also were surprised she was not allowed a Cesarean as there were some complications with the birth of the twins and Emma did not have 100% good health during her pregnancy either.

Also, one family member told a sister in our congregation that when she started to hemorrhage,it was revealed that none of the staff on that shift knew how to operate the cell saver machine and were desperately searching manuals and the Internet to see what to do with it. In the meantime an African consultant, who had had no training in non-blood management or how to deal with JW's and had been arguing with her to accept blood, until she became unconscious as she hemorrhaged, then carried on arguing with her relatives to get them to accept blood instead of get on with stopping the hemorrhaging, until it was too late. He indicated to the coroner that "Blood Transfusion would have been 'the magic bullet ' to cure her in this case and she would have survived". These mitigating circumstances were never given time to be discussed at the inquest as the coroner accepted the verdict of the African doctor.

So the sister told me that the family never got to know what they would have like to know - Would she have really survived with the use of the cell saver, because if blood transfusion would have saved her, then her own blood captured within the cell saver recycling likely would have. The hospital, they felt, would not want this made public, so that they would be liable, so the consultant did not agree with this and the coroner was not knowledgeable enough to press the issue. However, perhaps, no matter what they did, she may not have survived as it's well known that women in the World who accept transfusions can still die from hemorrhage at or because of childbirth as JW nurses/retired midwives at our hospital can testify to. While one sister was midwife, they had 14 such deaths at our hospital.

We had a case in our congregation 29 years ago, where a sister had twins and months later hemorrhaged instead of healing properly.The surgeon on the night staff at the hospital hated JW's and despite her family's wishes got permission to transfuse her and gave her 6 pints before our elders and her husband got permission to take her to another hospital where she could get non-blood treatment. She died, yet all the reports said she refused blood and they didn't report that she was given it any way and her relatives are still really nasty to us all this time later!! They ignored the death certificate and inquest reports - such is Satan's World!

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This is an older video, but interesting anyway :)


I like how the sister at the dining table and the other woman get to state their opinion. It is a common prejudice that women among Jehovah's Witnesses aren't allowed to express their mind.

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