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My Cat, Batgirl

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Okay, okay, I know this may not spark a lot of interest. It’s a bit of an essay on my cat, Batgirl. I’m doing it so, down the line, when she has joined our pet graveyard, I don’t want to forget these, (I think, unique) things about her. 
I’ve always been a, “cat person”, in that I have given thought to my ideal cat. And, not, my ideal dog. (Whom, yes, have a place in my heart, too)

Any way, I had I kitty,  Kitten-Pom. She  died around the age of 21. (Yep) Cancer of the mouth is what took her down.

Sooo, I’m moving along. Now I work. Secularly. So, I thought I knew no cat would ever be mine like Kitten-Pom. She traveled with us. 
I’m quietly watching out for my next cat. This I knew. She would have long hair and wide paws. (Like Persians!) That was about it. 
I ran across a litter of kittens that, (yes!) fit the bill. Her paws sort of look like the Batman insignia on the old Batman series. Thus, “Batgirl”.

She picked me, after we got her home. 
She sleeps at my side. I can go to sleep, and, she is wherever, and wake up with her next to me. She jumps sideways at me, and, only me. She settles where I settle. 
If she thinks I’m upset, she runs to me. Right now, her head is on my shoulder. Purring. 
She was asleep at the foot of the bed, and, from downstairs, my husband asked, how do you spell, “license”. He’s hard of hearing, and he doesn’t wear his hearing aids puttering around. So, the conversation was, um, loud. Here comes Batgirl. If she thinks I need comforted, she’s right there. 
She pretty well minds me. 
She’s at least 15, and her age is showing. Although she still hops around for me. With cats, they tend to get leaner, and their eyes end up a bit speckled, from old age. Oh she can sleep most of the day away. (As I get older, I tell her, “I understand) 

I don’t know how long she will live, but this I know, when her quality of life is badly diminished, and if she doesn’t die naturally, off to the vet, for that very last visit. 
Okay, my reasoning in posting this. 
Time will move on. And I want it documented what a special kitty she is. 
(I’ve already she’d tears at the death of other animals.) 

We can deal with death of one’s we love. Jehovah has given us the resurrection hope. But, in this system, it’s really hard to deal with the death of pets.
Two of out precious kitties were done in by my husband’s favorite dog. (Another story)

Point is, I think about what I loved about their personality, and, how I miss them, still, and wonder if that specialness can be repeated in the new system. (A bit trivial, I know) 

So, I’d like to hear about your  special furry friends…

I want to age without sharp corners, and have an obedient heart!

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Thank you Bea, what a beautiful girl you have! And I love the name - Batgirl!


I feel like you do about cats. And I have loved their individual personalities and the love they show us. It will be interesting in the new world how that dynamic will work, because I know I personally feel a bit too attached to my cats, and it really hurts when I have to put them down. We won’t feel that way in the new world though.


My favourite was Stella the Wondercat. Stella was a runt who was dumped at the vet by a cat hater who wanted her to be put down. I wanted a new kitten and rescued her, but she wasn’t friendly and hissed at me. She was also a bit cross-eyed and very timid. Over time, she because the most snuggliest of all my pets, and very loyal to me, not food oriented but out of love. I called her Wondercat because she had a lot of psychological issues, and she was never going to have a normal cat life. But she tried very hard, and Jehovah has made all these animals for us to enjoy their quirks and personalities. So, although she wasn’t a dynamic and brave cat, she showed her greatest quality of love. Which gave me a lot of comfort in my darkest days.


Here she is, Stella the Wondercat




Do you have a pic of Batgirl too?

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I love all cats, also big cats.

Many on the forum already know my Romeo. He is a Maine Coon male, meanwhile 13 years old. When we got him back then he was 9 weeks old and fit in my hand. (Today he is so big that people joke about me riding him). Romeo is very "human-oriented", very affectionate. I always knew he responded to my love, but I didn't expect him to be able to increase that. When I was suddenly alone from one day to the next, Romeo immediately grasped the situation. He no longer left my side and always "comforts" me when I'm feeling bad. He always senses exactly how I feel and reacts accordingly. He is very special to me. He has a personality that always fascinates me.



Chrissy :wave:

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