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I tried to get use to wearing a CPAP years ago, the longest I got was about 6 months before giving up, nevertheless I did find that the most comfortable mask was the one fitting only over the mouth and nose ( not a full face ) with the hose connecting on the top of the head area allowing you to better turn from side to side, also having to get up to use the rest room was a hard routine to having take it off then putting it back on sometimes several times per night, I did travel once for an assembly, it wasn't hard since a travel case comes with it but never out of the country so you would need an AC adapter for the difference in  electrical .I don't mean to discourage you, if you stick it out and feel better it will be worth it.


similar to this mask   -



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I prefer a CPAP that used hoses to the nose like oxygen does ... not the full face mask.


Many of today's CPAP machines work on DC (some even have batteries) and need whatever power converter is needed for where you are. Many power adapters are dual Hz (50/60) but not ss many are 120/240. Some have "universal plug adapters" in the kit.


Remember, a CPAP is supposed to be programed by the professional who prescribed it - they are not really a DIY project


"Let all things take place decently and by arrangement."
~ 1 Corinthians 14:40 ~

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I had a Respironics C-PAP for several years. It should have been replaced I think but I moved just about the time it was due for replacement and the new doctor never told me it needed to be replaced.


When I first got it I had a mask that covered my nose and mouth.  I used it for a few years.  Then I switched to what they call 'pillows'.  The pillows fit against your nose.  They have to be changed about every two weeks because they get hard and become very uncomfortable to the nose.  Both types can potentially leak around the seal.  When they leak the air blows into your eyes and can dry out your eyes.  You have to adjust the tightness to stop them from leaking.  Too loose they leak.  Too tight, they leak.  You have to adjust them exactly right.


The Respironics I had had a removable section for the humidifier tank.  The new Restonics I have is smaller and the humidifier tank is inside the unit.  The salesman suggested that if you travel (within the United States), you could remove the humidifier tank and it was easier to move around.  The problem with removing the humidifier tank is that, if it is not used or doesn't have water in it, the air blowing down your throat dries out your throat during the night.  It is recommended that you empty the water from the tank every morning and put fresh distilled water in it before bedtime.  You also need to clean the humidifier tank about once a week with a mild soap and water solution to avoid mildew buildup.  The hose also needs to be cleaned periodically to remove bacteria that you do not want to breathe.  The dealer suggested putting the hose in a mild soap and water solution and then rinse it with water to get the soap out and hang it over the shower rod so that it can drain.


The Respironics I had had a foam filter and a paper filter below it.  The foam filter was permanent, but the smaller paper filter needs to be changed out periodically because it can get clogged up if not changed.  The Restonics only has a small white filter, no foam filter.


You can adjust the water usage on most C-PAP machines.  In the winter time in a cool bedroom, you might get condensate in the hose.  The condensate gathers at a low point in the hose.  Air blowing through the condensate makes a bubbling noise.  I only have to put about a 1/4" of water in the humidifier tank each night.  The humidifier tank will still have some water in it the next morning.


You will hear about something called So-Clean.  These devices blow positive ions through the hoses and mask.  It is supposed to clean the hose, mask and even the water in the humidifier tank.  The FDA has never approved the use of the So-Clean machines.  Some people claim that breathing the air left in the tubing is unhealthy.  I do not know.  You can decide for yourself if you wish to use such a device.  Also, the So-Clean connects to the Respironics device just fine, but not to the Restonics I have now.  I had a So-Clean I used with the Respironics for a few years. It was only recently that I heard that it never had FDA approval to be used.


I had to stop using the Respironics because of some breakdown inside the machine that could cause cancer. The doctor I had been using was left shorthanded after the pandemic and I could never get an appointment with her.  I finally went to a different doctor and got the Restonics C-PAP machine.  Years ago it was required that you go to a sleep clinic and stay the night for the sleep test.  They now have a device you attach to your finger to get tested.


The Respironics I had was set for 10 CM water pressure.  It worked fine.  When I recently got the Restonics, it was set for 20 CM water pressure.  I could not breathe well at the higher pressure.  I finally told them that they had to reduce the pressure or I would return the machine.  It is now set for 10 and I wear it constantly.


I have known men who got the C-PAP machines and never wore them.  The insurance company requires that you wear the C-PA machine at least 4 nights a week, 70% of the time for them to pay for it.  I wear mine 7 nights a week, 100% of the time except on occasions when I fall asleep before putting it on.


This may be more than you asked for but I tend to be very thorough and detailed.  I hope it helps.





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Ty for your detailed reply. This is what I am after. It was very beneficial.
Only last week, I received my Dr's script after doing a sleep study a few weeks back, so this is all new to me.
My only experience was 15 years ago when my F.I.L. used one. We lived interstate, so I never got to hear the details of operating them that might help in deciding which one to purchase. He and his wife (my M.I.L.) have both passed away, so I am unable to ask them about it.
It seems some companies down here offer a rental for some months to trial the different models. That might help me select one.
But your info was great. It will help me narrow the field.
The model the Doc suggested was the ResMed AutoSet 10. I'm not sure if this is a good unit, or if the clinic gets some benefit.

Old (Downunder) Tone

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I originally thought that mine was a purchase, all paid for.  Then I discovered that my insurance company was paying a monthly rental on the device.  That's why you have to take the SD card back to the doctor every 6 months.  They read the card to see how you are using the machine.  If you aren't using it regularly the insurance company stops paying for it.

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