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How Well Can You See Color?

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Could you be colorblind without even knowing it? While one out of 255 ladies suffer from mild colorblindness, a whopping one in 12 men can't tell the difference between chartreuse and lemon-mint. Egads!

Don't fret, we've found this nifty online quiz to test your color identification skills. Be warned: the test, made by X-Rite, manufacturer of color matching products, is not as easy as you might think. If you dare, follow the link to discover your true colors... or at least, your true color knowledge. Brag about or lament your score in the comments section below. (Note: We got a 12!)

I stole extracted this very interesting article from Huffingtonpost and wanted to share. Ever since discovering a lady can see about two million colors because of her fourth cone (we mere humans only have three and can only see about a million colors). My interest in color has been renewed! I took the test and before my vision went completely crossed I scored about a 140.

http://www.xrite.com/custom_page.aspx?pageid=77〈=en Copy and paste it and see!

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Great test! I took it and scored 4. Then I took it again, a little more slowly - and scored 0!!

Jerry, how do you capture the screen shot, or whatever it's called? I use Windows XP.

OOPS never saw this question - I use the and buttons. Then I paste in MSPaint and select only what I want to post. I save that as a jpeg file and attach.

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Oh my where did this come from? I remember this from the last site we were on!! So it has transferred...with me... with us...so I retook the test and oh boy the test results are the exact same 140!  I thought we improve with age!? So just like the last time my eyes crossed and I kept trying to move further away from the screen. I couldn't see after a while with my readers on! Hey wait a minute I would like to go back in time to see what else is there! Sounds creepy... even though time seems to be moving so so fast lately!

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