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For those familiar with non-American cultures...

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In the culture(s) you are familiar with, do they have a custom of an afternoon 'break' sort of like siesta, where people stop working and rest? Do they spend all that time sleeping or do they usually relax while awake as well? For example, if you were invited over to someone's home for lunch, how long would guests typically stay before leaving for a nap or something?

Do the Witnesses there also not go in service during that time? Do people get up earlier or stay up later since they have slept some already?

Just some things I've wondered about. I like learning about other places and cultures. :)

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I will go off one I know of. Down in Curacao, Siesta was 12-2. Some people would go home and rest or they would run errands, but a lot of people are shall we say lax about work and many times will not come back to work. Ironically unless you have it in a contract requiring them to come back you cant fire them. Witnesses will generally have lunch during that time but maybe only an hour. Now I'm not saying everyone down there is like that but many locals are. The friendliest people there aside from witnesses are males over 50. Females under 30 generally you dont see much of until Carnival. Then they all come out of whatever rocks they were under and many end up pregnant during Carnival. Most other females are nosy busybodies that get all up in your business. If they don't know you, they start making up stories. My husbands story they made up was that he was a sugar daddy to one of the locals and was buying her a penthouse.

So Rick, does that sound close to the dream you are looking for? LOL

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When I went to Malta in the late 1970's it was too hot after 10 am until 5pm in summer. Also, because the buildings were of a light limestone, it was too bright/glaring to go anywhere without the best sunglasses.The brothers went on Ministry early in the morning and late in the evening. Everyone closed shops after 10.30 am in the non-tourist areas to re-open at 4.30 pm. Ministry in the evenings included street-work because you could then meet many local people as their tradition was to dress in their best and whole families would walk along the Sleima seafront promenade and stop to chat with friends to and from their evening meals. It was very pleasant and relaxed atmosphere after the stifling heat and bright sun of midday.

Evening meetings at the area of Santa Venera (patron saint of venereal diseases on an island of many sailors!) were held in a hired Hall with a front like a garage with wide doors left open to the street. In the cool evening passing people were politely quiet and some stopped at the entrance to listen in.There was a little dog that enjoyed quietly trotting in and under the rows of seats to find a cool place to sleep under one of them.During the public talk he sent a 'Mexican wave' of folks jumping in their seats as his furry little body tickled passed their legs under the chairs! In those days they had little literature in Maltese, most Maltese were dual language with English, so we listened - but didn't understand - the talking in Maltese (strange mix of Italian Arabic and Aramaic type language), but all references to the Bible and literature were in English, so Mother and I could sort of follow what they were discussing.

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From what I have noticed over the years. Aussies have been known for the laid back lifestyle. The culture here now is becoming more Mediterranean. We have loads of Italian & Greek. Input. Most cafes. Here are designed for the yuppies. I love it. Then you go near then surfies there is still then relaxed atmosphere. I have wb Italian friend he still stops for.his seistas. When we had then book study arrangement. My friend would look after then sisters group. He would have a siesta.

Of you watch cricket. Either Aussie or British you are guAranteed to have a siesta. Works like a charm.:sleeping: lol.

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