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Stem cells made from blood

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No it's not... It is a cell from the lining of all blood vessels and also in the lymphatic vessels of the body.. These are a very unique and specialized cells.. they control blood pressure.. involved with inflammation.. Blood clotting .. They allow what passes through vessel walls.. and most importantly the formation of new blood vessels .., these cells are present in the blood and have also been taken from the urine. They are called Endothelial Cells

The process is called Induced pluripotent stem cells.. In other words the inducing is what the scientists are persuading the cell to do.

The article paints a very optimistic picture... But there is a lot work to get to the point that they can use it as a therapy...

Basically they are taking this cell and reprogramming it to make other types of cells... It's a huge jigsaw puzzle and they have just started to put some of the pieces together ...

Hope that helps..


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The cell is not one of the four components of blood that we are not to take, are they?

If you mean are they Red, White blood cells, plasma or platelets then no. If you are wondering if they are permissable to take It depends on whether you view something from blood and in blood as something that Jehovah requires us to abstain from.

Remember Platelets are from blood and in blood. They are only fragments of cells and we view them as a definate no no.

From my research blood stem cells make all the cells in blood including red and white cells. They are from and in blood. Something we have not been given permission to extract and manipulate and then use in our own body.

In my opinion if Platelets that are only fragments of cells are something we would not take then these cells also would be objectionable if they are taken from blood.

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I understand your feelings on the matter but really this is a personal decision....

Your and my blood cells do not originate in the blood ... Many originate from the marrow or the spleen.. Most of our organs and glands produce substances that travel in the the blood stream hence we group them as blood..

Albumin is in the blood yet that is a personal decision..

Immune globulins are in the blood yet that is a personal decision

Natural clotting factors are in the blood that is a personal decision

Cryoprecipitate is found in the blood that is another personal decision

Many of these substances come from donated human blood...

The list of substances taken from blood and re-infused go on and on ... All of these are determined to be a conscience matter.. Hence no command ..but you have to. Take the the responsibility for any and all repercussions that may come from that decision..

T cells are basically precursor cells ... They are a cell that can be programmed to make a heart cell or a tongue cell or any cell in the body ... These cells make organs that some do not find offensive to transplant ...

So to say that any substance found in and from blood has to be excluded ... Is really your personal choice.. And your choice alone...

I hope this helps

Your brother


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Yes. Hi Lance, please feel free to explore this thread :- Hemoglobin. Really a conscience decision?

It will stop me from explaining my view too much on this thread about stem cells.

You are right it would be a personal decision and what i stated was as i said "my opinion"

Albumin, Immune globulins, Natural clotting factors, Cryoprecipitate, Haemoglobin etc etc all come from donated stored blood and i find the use of them objectionable and abhorrent.

If i can be forced to shun someone who has taken a cell fragment ie:- platelets then in my mind it would be hypocritical for me to say it is fine to accept whole cells and other things from blood and that in my opinion is part of blood.

You are right we have to take the responsibility for any and all repercussions that may come from our decisions.

Your brother


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A cell in the blood which helps repair blood vessels may be converted into a personalised stem cell with potential to treat a range of diseases.

This looks very promising. Once this gets put together as a viable treatment it may save many lives - JWs too.

I'll have to keep an eye out on this one.

Thanks for the post.

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There are a few types of stems cells. Pluripotent and totipotent. These cells are not part of the blood, but are characteristic of the embryo.

Each of these stem cells has a different role to play, with the pluripotent ones eventually ending up as a specific organ/tissue etc., whereas totipotent cells are cells that are capable of becoming literally anything you need them to be.

There are various ways to collect these cells. One such way is through the collection of cord blood (blood from the umbilical cord), through aborted fetuses, or leftover embryos (I consider all these to be detestable and unethical), and then finally through the somatic cells of the body.

To date it has been very difficult to induce the somatic cells of the body to behave in a specific manner, and what they are finding is that stem cells can sometimes 'derail' as it were, and become cancerous. http://www.voanews.com/content/study-identifies-stem-cells-as-cancer-source/1454693.html


There is currently research going on at the facility I work at, for somatic cell production through a company called IntelligentNano. They have taken ultrasound and have induced the somatic cells of the body to divide etc.


I was unaware that there were repercussions, until having spoken with a researcher in India, who pointed me out to some papers regarding their metastatic nature...I would have never thought in a million years that a stem cell could/would become cancerous.

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