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Scottish Eggs

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The first time I heard about Scoth Eggs was when my husband told me he had them while visiting his parents in London. They were served at all the pubs there (at least the ones he frequented). I was curious about them (no computers at the time) so I mentioned them to a counselor I worked with who had a friend/chef at the Ivey in LA. Her friend called me and explained the procedure to me.

Boil how ever many eggs you want to make and then peel them. Take a dusting of cornstarch or flour and lightly roll your eggs to coat them where the sausage will stick. Take whatever sausage you prefer (I like Jimmy Dean) and make a large thin patty and wrap it around the egg --concealing the egg in the sausage. Have a large bowl of ice water sitting on the counter the dip your hands in the cold water before proceding to the next egg. The reason this is important is the heat from your hands starts making the sausage difficult to work with. The cold water helps to make the sausage release from your hand and stay wrapped around the egg. Next roll the egg in Panko break crumbs or any Italian bread crumbs then deep fry the little bundles of love in a deep pot that has been heated to 350 degrees. Cook only tow or three at a time--be sure to cook them well where the sausage is done through. Please make sure the layer of sausage is as thin as you can make it around the eggs. If it is thick it will not cook properly and you can burn the eggs before the sausage is well cooked.

These are really good served with a Dijon mustard. You can refrigerate them in ziplock baggies and microwave or serve cold. They will keep for about three days in the frig. I prefer to soft boil my eggs because I like the yolk a little on the runny side.

It's funny because I just made 18 of these for the bar on Saturday. They are really good.

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Yes, that is how they are made. They can be baked or deep fried. I use a fresh sausage made by a local market. I also use the "traditional" dredging method that starts with flour, then egg then the final breading, either flour of bread crumbs (Panko or otherwise). Although HP sauce is considered by some to be what they should be served with, some here in the US prefer Ranch Dressing. I make a seasoning that we shake on and eat that way. I made 30 for this past weekend. We went to a Scottish Games and Festival and we bring our own because not only are they much better, but WAAAAY cheaper.



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Baking them is supposed to make them "less fat" - I prefer them with all their fat intact ... I fry them!

We needed 30 for the number of us eating them. I cook them 5 at a time for 10 minutes and that seems to do the trick. I do not try to get the sausage "too thin", but have never had a problem getting them cooked all the way through. We also "hard boil" the eggs since we do NOT like runny yolks.

As a side note - a "Nu-wave" oven is great for heating them up, if needed. Not only does it get them hot correctly without "exploding" (like can happen in a microwave) but they come out "crispy: like they were when first cooked.

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I've had them. And love them. YUMMMMMM!

We used to have a pub style restaurant here that made them. The restaurant has changed hands and I haven't been in awhile so don't know if they are still on the menu.

I am not supposed to have eggs as I tested highly allergic to them a few years ago but the doctor said that if I avoided them for a year or so, I may be less allergic later on. So I do have them in little bits now, here and there, mostly in baked things. So many of the things I loved had the things I'm allergic to in them. Like eggs benedict!

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