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  1. I was thinking along the same lines. It seems to be a reversal of our long-standing modus operandi, that the organization is growing rapidly with an average of 5,000 newly baptized Witnesses each week, and we need more Kingdom Halls in order to accommodate them. Large congregations were viewed somewhat as a liability in the past, because of the strain it put on the elders to care for all the sheep and the possibility of getting lost or overlooked in the crowd. Our Kingdom Hall has four congregations using it, which is the norm in this area, and we have about 165 publishers with larger attendances on Sunday. Sometimes it makes it hard to get called on for a comment during the Watchtower study and we only have enough parking for about 120 publishers. It also requires more homes to meet in for field service or else the service groups become too large, and the Kingdom Hall is already being used on Saturdays by two of the other congregations for their meetings for service. Large congregations have their own particular problems, logistical and otherwise, to deal with, as I think will become more apparent to those who attend one as time goes on.
  2. UNACCEPTABLE YOUR PERSONAL DECISION TO CHRISTIANS WHOLE Choices You BLOOD FRACTIONS Need to Make PLASMA ALBUMIN—UP TO 4% OF PLASMA A protein extracted from plasma. Types of albumin are found also in plants, in foods such as milk and eggs, and in the milk of a nursing mother. Albumin from blood is sometimes ․․ I accept albumin used in volume expanders or to treat shock and severe ․․ I refuse albumin burns. These preparations may contain up to 25 percent albumin. Minute amounts are used in the formulation of many other medicines, including some formulations of erythropoietin (EPO). For more information on blood fractions and procedures involving the medical use of your own blood, see Our Kingdom Ministry, November 2006 Worksheets.
  3. Probably so, since in each case sited, the brothers/sisters were asked to resign voluntarily, and when they refused, were subjected to severe conditions that made their lives miserable. They apparently, weren't fired or terminated, in order to avoid any legal repercussions, like a lawsuit.
  4. Apparently, they don't have any labor unions to turn to as a recourse for unlawful termination as we do here in the U.S., for many types of employment, with larger companies and institutions. What an oppressive society where citizens' rights are so easily trampled on, in what should be an illegal manner!
  5. And do they realize that by the fourth century the so-called Church Fathers were all apostate Christians teaching commands of men as doctrine? "However, even if we or an angel out of heaven were to declare to you as good news something beyond the good news we declared to you, let him be accursed." --- Gal. 1:8
  6. For some reason, the little big-eyed boy in the video, reminded me of the lyrics in Jackson Browne's song, "Doctor my Eyes." Originally written and produced in 1972, but still as relevant today as it was then.
  7. "When two sisters from a Jehovah's Witness family in Pizhanka District, Kirov Region, refused to sing a song about war, their class teacher told them: "You are now banned and we are already fed up with your religion". Later, she said to their mother: "You are now extremists and there will be no indulgence". Blatant discrimination based on one's religion, or anything else for that matter, isn't tolerated one iota by government officials, state agencies, and employers, including school districts here in the U. S. The fact that this teacher could talk this way to a student and her mother, shows a complete disregard for their civil rights and freedom of religion, which apparently is non-existent for the time being. If a teacher spoke that way here, she would be fired in a heartbeat and probably subject to a lawsuit including a fine and possible imprisonment. What a contrast indeed!
  8. As I understand it, he wrote this song after the death of his good friend Freddy Mercury, who as he remembered him was so full of life, but now as he saw him at the funeral was lifeless and "so cold," or he felt that it was "so cold" of him to die and leave him here all alone. It sent him into a deep depression for awhile, so that as he says in the song, "and I feel I'm dyin'." Very emotional song.
  9. Did the amount have anything to do with the mark of the wild beast?
  10. I agree with you wholeheartedly. No argument there, but I was speaking statistically, and I saw the two men arrested in this case happened to be 20 and 25 year-old black men. There seems to be, for whatever reason, a preponderance of evidence that this wicked system we live in produces or creates an inordinate percentage of young black men who prey upon the innocent in perpetrating these heinous crimes, without even a slight pang of conscience. What the reason is, I could only begin to speculate.
  11. Yes, it's a sick world that produces so many sociopathic young black men who can be labeled domestic terrorists!
  12. Exactly. It's called propaganda, and it works.
  13. Did anyone watch last nights episode? Once again, the writers promoted Satanic propaganda, designed to make those who adhere to God's law on the practice of homosexuality look like religious fanatics and those who have homosexual tendencies as helpless to resist or combat those wrong desires. It did it in such a way that made all those who reject homosexual practices as totally unbalanced and ignorant of the facts, and therefore portrayed the Bible and God's law as ridiculous and invalid in this enlightened age. By that I mean, the pastor they prosecuted, twisted God's word, went beyond what is written and was teaching his own doctrines related to homosexuality. To the educated masses, who are mainly Bible illiterate and cynical of religion in general, it was another example of how the Bible has been used to oppress, control and manipulate the naive and vulnerable who are either homosexual or homophobic.
  14. How does a young man in rural Arkansas compliment the girl on their first date? "Nice tooth!"