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  1. "But for this very reason I have kept you in existence; to show you my power and to have my NAME declared in all the earth". Ex. 9:16
  2. I think No. 5 should be, "She is the taller of the two sisters."
  3. Lance, when I read your post, I thought to myself, "Bless you Lance".
  4. Leslie, I was in a nursing home in November and December as a result of falling and breaking my hip. (My dog pulled me down on the sidewalk) It was like being in prison. I was so happy when I got to go home.
  5. Lisa, if you like operatic music, go to Google and type in Britain's Got Talent, 2012. Then click on Jonathon and Charlotte. At that time they were 16 and 17. Beautiful voices. I don't know the words they were singing but it was fantastic. I have been missing from the forum since Oct. 29th. I had an accident. My dog, Buttons, got his leash wrapped around my legs and pulled me down on the sidewalk. I had a broken hip, surgery, then a long stay in a nursing home. I am home now, but I'm in a wheel chair. I'm glad to be home.
  6. I do hope we keep getting updates to let us know how Ashya is doing.
  7. Beautiful, brought tears to my eyes.
  8. Nice to meet you. This is very interesting!
  9. Since we're talking about embarrassing moments, mine happened about four years at my granddaughter's school. It was grandparent's day and I wanted to make a good impression. I had changed my clothes in hurry since I had a cleaning job that morning. When I got home, from the school I discovered I had on one white earring and one red one. Then when I took off my jacket (which I recently purchased), I discovered the large price tag dangling under the sleeve. So much for making a good impression!
  10. How about this one. "You're not running things here".
  11. I knew you would have something funny to say!
  12. Excellent, I too, had tears in my eyes when reading it.
  13. Our prayers have been answered!