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  1. New article on The Moscow Times
  2. I did, but it seems much better. Random books and magazines here and there. The big problem I had was downloading music. A few time I tried to download the Piano music and it locked up the program so bad I had to uninstill/reinstall AND reload all the data even though I had it on an SD card. Still afraid to try again so my tablet is music-less.
  3. Sorry, I just re-read the title of your post........ My bad. You mean just the size of the BACKUP file. Makes total sense it's so small since it's just data (notes). It should never slow you down. A mg of notes would be A TON.
  4. On my Samsung Android tablet the program it self is 1.75 GB with 42.52GB of data. I have mostly everything downloaded expect for Monthly Broadcasts and Branch Updates. On my Surface Pro 3 the program is 1.61GB, not sure on the data but I'd guess it to be about the same as my tablet. I very well could be wrong but I think the kb file you are looking at is small because it is just the size of the launch exe file not the whole program. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. Sorry, now I re-read it........ you mean just your back up file........ sorry.
  5. Didnt know where to post this... feel free to move. I have Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10 and I use Onenote to take my Convention notes. Today I spent some time entering the Convention Program into Onenote doing one page for each talk. If you notice the Program has the theme scriptures listed and all you have to do is tap on them to go to the scripture. When I copied these over to Onenote they won't direct to the scripture because I'm assuming it's no longer within the same program. Onenote gives me the option to edit the hyperlink of the scripture. Any thoughts on what to change to get it to open the JW LIBRARY app? The very first scripture is Galatians 6:9 and the current hyperlink is jwpub://b/NWTR/48:6:9-48:6. Because it's an App I'm having a hard time finding the source in Windows file manager. Maybe it can't be done, but it would be nice.
  6. Windows 10 is available too......
  7. From The Moscow Times Russia’s Phony Jehovah’s Witnesses How state television framed a bunch of university students to make this Christian group seem extra scary.
  8. I guess I'm the news nerd....... Russia's Supreme Court began a hearing Wednesday to potentially ban the Jehovah's Witnesses and declare it an extremist organization in the country.
  9. From The Moscow Times... Russia's Supreme Court has refused to recognize the country's Jehovah's Witnesses as victims of political repression.
  10. United Nations Statement 4/4/2017
  11. I'm the secretary in the one I live in. It just means I collect the dues each month and pay the insurance along with any lawn care or snow removal payments. It takes me about 15 minutes a month. The president makes sure tenets live up to the HOA rules given to each buyer of the Townhouses, and handles any insurance claims or problems. It also maybe takes him 15 minutes a month. We have one meeting a year, to see if anyone else would like to be Secretary or president...... and nobody ever does. The meeting takes about 1/2 hour. I would place this on our "Christian might not want to do " meter at a zero..... but if your conscience says differently just don't volunteer. If the HOA rules have something in them you don't agree with you should have read them before you bought (they always give you a copy at closing). If you rent it doesn't apply because it's a Home OWNERS Association, not renters.
  12. Actually yes if you have narcissistic personality disorder and no if you don't.... My father had NPD and would have rated off the chart on this test, having no problem answering the questions. If you have a normal amount of self esteem then you are looking for answers in the gray area which is good. I (unfortunately) have done a lot of research on the subject. It is a bad, hurtful disorder. If you feel you may have been raised by a truly narcissistic parent (either Father or Mother) I would suggest reading the book "Children of the Self Absorbed" You can read a chapter free on Amazon.
  13. Does anyone know the name of the tax office where Matthew worked? I did some digging and found out it was owned by two brothers, Herodotus and Rehoboam. Their last name was Blocktavious. Under the advice from a marketing firm it was later shortened to H&R Block.