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  1. Okay, it seems to me that there are 2 ways to look at this: Anything that is, is a being--since "IS", "BE" and "ARE" are just verb tenses. On the other hand, I keep remembering the quote: "I think, therefore, I am"......and this would leave out the animal creation. My 2 cents (if they are worth that, even, with today's inflation)
  2. I first posted this last night to a different category, but it occurred to me that not everyone reads the Comfort, Consolation forum. I'm hoping that she gets a lot of encouragement from all of our friends here. Thank you so much! This sister in our Hall is having severe health issues. She recently had minor surgery so that she can undergo a major surgery in about 4 months. She can't afford any of the medical procedures, but she has made payment arrangements with the doctors and hospitals. She lost her disabled husband shortly after moving to our congregation (we never even got to meet him!) She has worked very hard to support herself, but like so many of us, she lives from paycheck to paycheck. The doctor has told her complete bedrest for the next month! The sisters are organized to stay with her round the clock, and those who can't are providing food and other necessary services. I thought since I've gotten to know so many of you in this online congregation, that it would be encouraging to Diania if you could drop her a line or card. It would be such an incredible boost to our small congregation, as well. If any of you would like to write her, please pm me, as I'm sure the moderators would encourage me to keep her privacy as much as possible. (PS, if it's okay to post her address, I would be glad to do that as well???) Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for her. It means so much! I'm including the link below as it shows a recent picture of this sister while she was in the hospital recovering before being sent home. https://www.gofundme.com/zx-help-with-bills
  3. What a unique perspective we have! Thank you for these "apples of gold".
  4. Could we start a daily game of abbreviating the daily text? It sounds like the young pioneers who are doing this by texting each other every morning are having a LOT of fun!!!! For example, one young brother abbreviated today's text as : Provide spiritually & materially (characters don't count) one young sister said Bring home bacon another young sister said Provide for family etc.
  5. You left us hanging, Ruben! What happened with the job situation? Are you still with the temporary but exciting one where you spend too much on travel and don't get to visit your mom much?

  6. Am I right in thinking that the Russian brothers still have access to the JW Library app, since you can download it from the app store?


    1. shali


      Yes they will.  Whatever they downloaded into the app before they lost jw.org will always be there.  Nothing can be added or updated though.  I'm sure they all saw this coming and did their best to load up their Library app!

  7. When you right click, do they show an option to extract? That is an extra step to unzipping.
  8. I'm watching! Thanks for the link!
  9. Out of all the extremist groups, the terrorist groups, and those who stir up political and racial hatred over the earth--none are backed or participated in by Jehovah's people. You would think that ANY earthly government would be happy to have law-abiding citizens living in their country. They can only improve any situation they are in by the love, generosity and helpfulness they display.
  10. I have also tried to find alternate confirmation for Phelicity's condition, with no success. I apologize for posting the item from Bible Speaks.
  11. From Bible Speaks on Facebook: (1 hour ago) She will be remembered! She loved Jehovah God. Note last minute: I've just been informed of the death of the little sister, Phelicity Sneesby, our little sister Australian 13 years returns home with almost no hope of living. She is on tv.jw.home this month. (It was filmed three months ago) " she knows that she's probably coming home to die in Australia ' It's close to realize his dream to go back home to Australia from a hospital in the United States, following a spate of financial support and an offer of help from Qantas (Airline) The girl has a congenital heart defect. During the last two months, phelicity has been in intensive care in a hospital in Ohio, after her parents took her to the United States. For a rescue operation of emergency. The treatment has not been successful.
  12. "You look so much like your great great great great grandmother--you could be sisters!"
  13. "Did you see that interview with Noah's family last week on the new broadcast? He and his sons built a model Ark to scale for their family worship project". "I did see it! And did you know he and brother (insert athletic brother's name) are going to the new golf course in Hawaii next week?"
  14. So, the conversation with a young person in the New System: Son: "Mom, let's walk from the Atlantic to the Pacific? All my friends are doing it!" You: "Over my dead body" Son: "What is a dead body?" You: " Well, it was an expression used a long time ago to mean 'I'd rather be dead than do that' Son: "What is it like to be dead---to be old--to be sick---to be dying---etc" You: "Go ask your father"
  15. The list is so extensive we will constantly be correcting our speech and/or explaining what we used to mean by saying (that phrase)!
  16. And with them finishing up in September of this year, they are 4 months ahead of schedule.....so I think making the final sealing after Memorial might be rushing things a bit! lol
  17. I could be wrong, but I think he lives in Arizona?
  18. I noticed that, also! Were they discouraged from continuing to blog? I can kind of understand that in view of the days we live in. But it was so encouraging to hear about their day to day missionary activities and the congregations they were a part of.
  19. Be careful today to all of you who live in the blizzard area!:(

    1. Iksplorer


      It's going to miss my State.  Hope everyone elsewhere is going to be okay.  I

  20. Okay, I was thinking-----yep--gets me in trouble a LOT!-----in the New System, there will be a LOT of firsts--first New System wedding, first baby born in the New System----what "firsts" can you think of??
  21. Hey, Cheryl's following me! I wub you Cheryl! tee hee

    1. bagwell1987


      I saw you were following me and felt the same thing!! Hee haw! We be followin' each other!

  22. When I go to Comfort, Consolation, Support and Recovery it only shows me my own posts. Is this normal?

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    2. JudyO


      Thank you so much--I was getting worried I might not be able to navigate this new and uncharted world--uh--forumland. :)

    3. Dismal_Bliss


      It should be working now.

    4. JudyO


      Yes---thank you so much Bob!


  23. It's SNOWING! yay! Now stop already.

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    2. bagwell1987


      Snow is good if all you have to do is sip coffee and look out the window. But I was happy to see the temp a balmy 51 this morning at 6 am, I'll take rain any day!

    3. JudyO


      Yes, I agree completely!

    4. Luezette


      Yes, if I had to choose between rain everyday and snow one day...i'll definitely choose the rain!