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  1. My personal opinion is to not exagerate on the things shown on the screen... otherwise the next request will be to project all the paragraphs of the Wt
  2. By special I meant other images or audios not present in the program. We don't show the "read" scriptures - Is there any instruction regarding that? we only started showing the images after a letter stating that...
  3. Now we can use exclusively theJWL unless there's something spetial to present. The only thing I would like to use vídeo of the countdown clock, but with the problems we're having it would require to open JWL to show the text, then close it to show the clock, then close soundbox and open JWL... Does your script help anything on this? The way I thought I would need a vídeo player that would superimpose on the JWL window when in use and when closed the JWL window would still be there...
  4. On our case we had several problems... JWLibrary just closes unexpectedly (several times)... But the worst problem was the terrible sound on most vídeos. Last week I final discovered that it was due the fact that in order to show the images from soundbox, the JW second window needed to be closed. If we were to play a thvídeo with that 2nd window closed, JWL would create the window and play the vídeo, but the sound would be terrible! On the other hand if we played a song (also with bad áudio but less noticible because of the brothers voices) the the 2nd window would be created and if we played the vídeo the sound would be OK... We had already decided to use only soundbox to simplify the work for the sound attendants. But with this update the only need for soundbox will be to show the countdown clock. But we can close it afterwards
  5. Unfortunately some brothers, including a 5yrs child, died also on this tragedy... It was chocking because 30 people died inside their cars while trying to escape and 17 others were found near the cars on the side of the road, dead due to the smoke inalation... As the fire works are getting inside the Village more dead people are being found on the roda or completely Burnett out... It's a very said weekend for this country... We were able this morning to preach a lot about how Jehovah feels about suffering, what's the cause of it and what the future will bring. Lots of people are in need of confort...
  6. It exists already. IBM has a cloud based quantum computer. You send your problem to them and it will solve it for a fee. The quantum computer solvable problems are things that would take countless years to compute. For now that's where the advantage of QC lies, raw, complex calculations... For instance, the power of an "Artificial Intelligence" has to do with the amount of data it can process and learn from. When the data is huge and all the mutual relations near infinite, a classical computer can't compute all of it. But a QC can. I remember my first computer had a processor of 8 bits, with each bit taking 2 possible values ("0" or "1"), that would give 256 combinations for each instruction, a set of 8 bits (byte) But now they already have a processor of a 16 qbits ("qu_bit") . The difference is not the same as a 8 bit to a 16 bit (256 to 65536) because a qbit can take more than the classical 2 values ("0","1" or "ON","OFF" or "yes" and "No") Each qbit has a superposition of values has in a probability wave. In a two slit experiment of Quantum Mechanics, a particle didn't pass by the hole 1 or hole 2, but rather a probability wave passed by both holes and after we have a superposition of probability waves describing the probability of find the particle in any specific point. That's the same with a qbit which doesn't have a "ON"/"OFF" state but a superposition of both conditions (like the Schrödinger cat that was both dead and alive) That this gives an amount of possibilities that we can't just imagine!!! http://research.ibm.com/ibm-q/
  7. You can play a single verse on wol (or a single § of a pub), just press on a verse and the play icon appears
  8. Did you try to delete the yb pub and re-download it?
  9. Highlight first something, then click on the highlighted text and select the note icon. It should now work
  10. I think that the highlight won't disappear if you delete and download again but you better try it and post the result
  11. by "hard" you mean pressing harder on the screen :p... Or trying several times? It happened to me and it was deleted after pressing on the delete button around 5 times
  12. Check your free memory. When you start to ran out of memory the program starts to behave abnormally. Several friends had strange problems due to this fact that we're solved since they deleted lots of stuff
  13. Try reimporting the notes to the same device you created the backup in. If there is the same error it was produced during the notes creation if not it is on the receiving end (the pair of de vice systems) I don't have any issue between Windows Phone and android and vice versa