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  1. Check your free memory. When you start to ran out of memory the program starts to behave abnormally. Several friends had strange problems due to this fact that we're solved since they deleted lots of stuff
  2. Try reimporting the notes to the same device you created the backup in. If there is the same error it was produced during the notes creation if not it is on the receiving end (the pair of de vice systems) I don't have any issue between Windows Phone and android and vice versa
  3. Like I said on the previous post I was mistaken... The search feature is only available on windows mobile 10 and windows 10 As for the file I say it isn't compressed because there's big chunks of text perfectly readable
  4. Was thuis the screenshot you were trying to take?: I'm sorry for the latest information I passed about this.. It isn't from android but from Windows Mobile 10. Android like iOS doesn't have a search function for the notes
  5. You can reduce even more steps if you just press on the paragraph and selecting the note icon (except for the meeting schedule for some of us ) I think it's the box where you write the note see my comment above when answering Leoperales I'm using Android but you should have that, maybe an error on your specific configuration... Can't answer that... Your export idea is a good suggestion... Send it in (have tried to open the file but I think it's encrypted although some text is readable) But you can send the backup files by email if you want
  6. Explain better what you think you can't do... What options are you referring to? And you can change note's title on Android also. Just click on the current title
  7. That's a good suggestion to add to the list. In fact it may not be that difficult since the note is associated with the pub and the pub is the same only in different Language
  8. That's a good idea to use it on the convention! But when the note is maximized you don't have to select "edit". Just click anywhere on the note and start typing!
  9. In reality the singer has no carrier in music. Her sister does. She wrote the song and offered to her brother for him to sing. He is a very humble person. He is very ill, and is desperately waiting for an heart transplant
  10. Not to be patriotic but I think the Portuguese song is definitely the best (and the only one that sang in a idiom different than English). Wonderful composition, arrangements and vocals, with a pack of simplicity and humility English lyrics Love for Both of Us If one day someone asks for me Say I lived to love you Before you, I only existed Tired and with nothing to give My love, listen to my prayers. I ask you to come back, that you want me again I know you do not love yourself Maybe you can slowly learn again My love, listen to my prayers. I ask you to come back, that you want me again I know you do not love yourself Maybe you can slowly learn again If your heart does not want to give in Do not feel passion, do not want to suffer Without making plans of what will come after My heart can love for both
  11. Don't you see a field on the top with a magnifying glass? export = backup
  12. I'm using Windows and Android and it works. Have you tried to highlight with a color before clicking on the note icon?
  13. I don't know if this was already posted (think not) but just noticed this feature: On the personal study area, if you click on a note and it gets expanded, you can click on the little arrow (like on the music and videos) and the note will stay on the bottom wherever you go on the app - I can imagine good applications for this
  14. If you have the opportunity install the app JW reader. It has the ability to create links to the bible inside OneNote I think this jwlibrary links only work inside the app. The app itself has to allow an external call to be opened
  15. @shaliAnd I add that by hilighting I mean putting a color there not just selecting Select Highlight Pressing on the highlighted area Now it's when you should press on the note icon and it will work (this is just for the meeting schedule, for other places it works to click on the note icon just after selecting)