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  1. I like your Clear and Concise answer LOL
  2. Is this the same story? I found this one on Fox News/June 27, 2017 SCANDAL IN THE VATICAN High-ranking Cardinal hit with multiple sexual assault offenses
  3. Yes, I read this story on JW.ORG, it just shows me that in Moscow/St Petersburg there is one set of rules and then on the outskirts of the two main cities, little authorities make up their own rules and laws based on lies and fabrication from the two main cities in Russia. So far two stories that contradict the "extremism" put on our brothers in Russia, Putin giving the medal of valor to a family that teach their kids to live by Bible principles, and our Br. Dennis, who is married to a Russian sister and who lives in the town of Oryol for YEARS, cleans up with the friends and who later get a note of appreciation from the authorities who have him locked up anyway. Just shows me that the authorities have their mentor Satan behind them.
  4. There are other videos of this, like the one was I saw after this one. It was even better because the brother did make a speech and asked Putin to help. Then Putin takes to the podium, and he says a few things, but doesn't mention anything about our brothers. I wasn't sure what to make of his (Putin's) speech.
  5. Found this on You Tube/June 23, 2017. Video was made on May 31st 2017 by someone at the Kremlin when our Brother and his family awarded medal by President Putin. The brother actually had a chance to speak to Putin and the guests at the tables.
  6. This CARNAGE will continue all the way to the end of Satan's system. He no longer cares if the people who are blinded by him get killed in the process, so he can keep going. He's out there kicking and screaming that his time of Abyssing is nearer then when his butt got Kicked out of heaven with a swift booth! I have never seen so much destruction of human lives. More people getting killed then both World Wars combined. And with this, majority of mankind doesn't get it, that there is a force greater then them causing it. I happen to listen to JW.Broadcasting morning worship talked entitled: William Malenfant: Morality in the Last Days (2 Tim. 3:13) From Jehovah's viewpoint, this brother explains why the majority don't believe and take any note of the times we are living in. I thought this was very good. Hope many of you have heard it. Even though it does not mention these sort of terrorist attacks or revenge, Jehovah makes a clear point about why the people are taking no heed. Soon, none of us will ever have to put faith and hope in the paradise. There won't be no need to put faith or hope like now. All of this carnage will be forever gone. It certainly hurts my heart to hear and then see on the news all of this mayhem, people suffering and etc. Truly only Jehovah's Kingdom by Jesus, can fix it! Please come soon Jehovah's Kingdom, we are ready for it even if the rest of the world is not!
  7. Front Page of Daily Mail/June 1, 2017 BREAKING NEWS: Plumes of smoke are seen towering above the Vatican after reports of an explosion at nearby buildings
  8. Here is a news story from a CNN reporter in Venezuela. Thought it speaks about Goldman Sachs, the video shows the reality of what is happening. Just as our brother in Venezuela said. May 30, 2017/CNN News Venezuelans are outraged at Goldman Sachs
  9. (2 Corinthians 1:11) 11 You also can help us by your supplication for us, in order that many may give thanks in our behalf for the favor we receive in answer to the prayers of many. . . We are praying earnestly for you, our Venezuelan brothers/sisters, our worldwide brotherhood, our Russian families and so many around this globe. Satan's time is beyond short, and he is out to stall Jehovah's day. What your going through, may be here where I live, things change over night. So your situation may soon become our situation. Jehovah our loving father, God and friend is the only one that can help us maintain our integrity and not give up. We love you, please relay this message of LOVE to yourself, your family, your congregation and other congregations you are in contact with.
  10. May 26, 2017 from a news site (dated May 18th) on line about the persecution against our Brothers/Sisters in Russia: Since Russia's ban, persecution of Jehovah's Witnesses is 'worse than ... › News May 18, 2017 - Members of Jehovah's Witnesses react in a court room after judge's decision in Moscow, Russia, on Thursday, April 20, 2017. Russia's ..
  11. Satan is enraged with anger/Rev. 12:12 The fulfillment of Rev. 17 & 18, Daniel 2:44, Zeph. 1:14-18, Rev. 11:18 ... is coming our way! May the name of Jehovah be blessed and his glory filled in all the Earth, through his appointed King-Christ Jesus, the anointed ones, and the entire Heavenly Hosts, the Angels.
  12. I could be wrong, but I heard a talk on the broadcast, and the brother said, "we are walking right into the G.T." Am waiting for that One Thought Jehovah will put into their hearts and the full destruction of Babylon the Great, and then Armagadden. Things are super bad worldwide and I agree..."Let Your Kingdom Come!"
  13. I just find it humorous to see this statement "In God We Trust" on all the USA money notes. Didn't Eisenhower add that quote in the 50's or was it someone before him? Their god is $$$$$ no question. I know they don't believe in the creator. For me, its just humorous to see that on my dollar bill and other bills.