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  1. I have my meeting tonight. I plan on singing out loud for the sake of my brothers who today were silenced even though temporary. Every moment I can muster to be out in the ministry is for Jehovah's glory and all my brothers. We are a united family, Jehovah (as many have already stated in this thread) has our back, no matter what else drops or falls upon us all.
  2. I really feel that the world is heading into the G.T. On another post in here, I heard N.K., for the very first time ever mention Peace & Security. It was said by a spokes person representing NK at the UN. I found it on CNN news the other day. The way things are moving ahead, perhaps its closer then we imagine. No one wants a Nuclear Thermo War on this planet. Today I heard that Russia and China are moving missals and soldiers to the NK border to stop any influx of N Korean people of crowding in their country if there is a war. Is this part of Daniel's prophecy, all the ships and movement? Maybe? Maybe not. That coalition will move at Armagadden for sure. Daniel chapter 8 is interesting. Daniel's prophecy at chapter 8 verses 23 - 25. Has this happened yet? If not, could it happen down the road? Yes, am sadden by the actions of the Russian Court, but maybe Putin and his Justice Minister threaten the lives of the Judges families. We all know that a drop of a pin, Putin has had people murdered in broad daylight. So this wouldn't surprise me any. In the news again, another person (Russia) who didn't go by Putin's will/policies got knocked off. I feel that soon, we here and all around the world, our tests will begin. Am sitting here thinking, Jehovah, whether I live or die, I will never give you up. Soon, people who read this, will remark and smirk at all of us. They think they have the victory. Really?
  4. If it's Jehovah's will, if any of my brothers come over here, I can take in a family. They are welcomed in my home.
  5. From Daily Mail/April 15, 2017 (Sorry, but this tid bit of news was better then all the war talk and back stabben from all this weeks news on the world of Internet and Television) want to share, this made my evening! 'Welcome to Chicago': Woodpecker clings onto driver's windowsill as it gets a gusty sightseeing tour of the Windy City
  6. Well today on the news I heard (CNN) that Russia was perhaps behind the chemical drop on civilians that killed the children and adults. Am so sick and tired of these rants. Tonight is Jesus moment a covenant with his disciples and future ones, and the greatest gift he gave to us all, his life as a ransom, so we can have a relationship with Jehovah, be his children (soon to come) in the paradise he meant to be forever. Our brothers and sisters in Russia, will be doing this in remembrance of him at their secret locations. Hope its the last memorial for all of us and the Kingdom will be ruling over this planet. Am so glad you guys in here keep stating.. "WE NEED GOD'S KINGDOM GOVERNMENT TO RULE" No more Satanic or human ruler ship! For some reason, I think tonight is just so special, more special then its been in years before. So much is going on with these "world powers". May Jehovah bless us at his son's memorial observance worldwide!
  7. For many it's scary, but for us, it should be Keep on the Watch, we don't know much on details and how the demonic frogs speak, but we all know that this may lead up closer to the G.T. Russia sent one of their smaller destroyers I guess to block the US destroyers from sending more miss-ells toward Syria. They (US) knew all along that Russia always supported Syrian President and remember last year or 2, they were the ones who made false deal with Syria to remove the chemical weapons. Yeah, they moved chemical weapons to another part of Syria, near their air bases to be used at another time, and that was last week. So like Jerry, pointed out in here, we need Jehovah's Kingdom. We have a few days left before the memorial, so its my goal to get out that really press to the people I meet get those invitations out and show that video which shows Christ's benefits for the earth and for all people who turn to his father and him. The video is more beautiful then the headlines of death and destruction!
  8. Did you dear ones in here read the latest news on our trial on JW.ORG newsletter? Those of you who haven't read it yet, should go there now. It's an update from what happened today in Russia at their 2pm time.
  9. I was just told about this from a sister in California. Who knew! The pushing and shoving has gained momentum. Am impressed, because Jehovah's purposes will be carried out, all his prophecies falling into place. In the paradise, I know that Daniel and other prophets will be asking so many of us.."so, how did the prophecy of the pushing and shoving go?" Who knows, this may distract Russia and its Court system from banning our brothers. I heard today that their Minister had no proof on our "extremist" literature, so when they couldn't show the judges, they turned around and asked for the judges to prosecute them (our brothers) if they gather for prayer. You know, sounds like Satan is getting really desperate in trying to bring down our brothers. What exciting times we are living in, the time of the end, and moving right along into the Great Tribulation. It's my heart's desire to live through it, hope I can unless my sickness acts up and it kills me before it happens. I'll be counting on all of you in here to let me know how it went down!
  10. The Russian Orthodox Church and Sorcery, yes, very true. When the last Czar of all Russia existed, they had a son from among 4 daughters. The son had inherited hemophilia through Queen Victoria's family line. His mother was Queen Victoria's granddaughter and her mother was a daughter of Queen Victoria. The son ALexis had this health problem, who came along from the teachings of Sorcery and every vile thing a villan can think of! Rasputin. Today, the church has a new Rasputin. Name sound familiar? This mad monk from the fields of the vast Russian Empire, brought mayhem to the Russian Royal Family. The Empress, worshiped this man like he was God. The Russian Orthodox church did not support him because he got first place with the Empress and Czar. They were jealous and eventually joined forces with other royal members who knew that he was greedy and extreme immoral person. History shows too, that he was possessed, full of evil and he rampaged women in high society and also had his eyes on the Empresses daughters. The Empress got wind of that, and so she removed him from all their Palaces. He had a vast apartment mansion in St. Petersburg, not far from the Royal Residences. He had the Czar's secret police kill those who opposed him and no questions asked. Remind you of today? His end came at a small party in somone's royal basement. He was given Cynide enough to kill 5 elephants, and he was still alive. Then one of the Czar's cousins, shot him, he empty his gun in this monk. Prior to his death, the demons had him relate that if something happened to him, the Czar and his entire family would die. His pals went out fo find him, and someone reported a frozen ice cube that had a human in it. When they chiseled him out of the ice, after being poison and shot, it looked like the person who killed him had tied him up, but he managed to get his hand free and made a sign of the cross. He was dead all right. The demons were in him 100 percent. What he told the Czar about his doom and theirs, people due to the Russian Orthodox church teach their flocks sorcery, and so many were superstitious. Then WW1 busted wide open, Russia was not prepared for war and we all know that in 1917, the Russian Revolution began and then here we are and its history repeating itself, except there is no Czar, but there is a Rasputin.
  11. Here is the translation from Google from the news article from Venezuela: Los Testigos de Jehová una Secta Extremista o Reedición del Triángulo Púrpura de los Campos de Concentración Por: Pablo Jiménez Guaricuco | Martes, 28/03/2017 10:37 AM | Versión para imprimir I am not an active Jehovah's Witness, but I was brought up under the guidance of my parents in that religion and so I believe that in none of their meetings do they speak of overthrowing governments, nor of organizing terrorist attacks, much less calling for hatred against any racial group Or religious, on the contrary, their beliefs are based mainly on the LOVE of the neighbor as a demonstration of adoration and respect to Jehovah creator of heaven and earth. In each of the meetings that I attended for years with my whole family we were taught and urged to be a citizen example, to differentiate ourselves by being always attentive, respectful and empathetic to the pain of our brothers of faith and especially of those who live Out of it for not having the knowledge of Life that gives comfort and hope to all pain. During the meetings for the study of his monthly magazine called The Watchtower I learned about the history of World War II and the role played by the Soviets in the liberation of many Nazi concentration camps where thousands of Jehovah's Witnesses called the Bibelforscher In German means Bible Students) were stored for death by being tagged and branded with the purple triangle mark on their prisoner's uniforms simply for not swear allegiance to HITLER nor make their formal salutation of raising their hands and proclaiming HEIL HITLER . It is therefore paradoxical that those who at that time were key pieces for the Liberation of a savage and ignominious persecution of hundreds of Jehovah's Witnesses today are the ones who redesign a new purple triangle with judicial makeup against the Witnesses in Russia under the same excuses That the Nazis used: They are dangerous extremists because they are incapable of denying their faith in God to declare absolute loyalty to a system of government ... Like all men and women on earth Jehovah's Witnesses are not perfect, they have their weaknesses and perhaps because of this superficial people and immediatist tends to generalize or question a whole community that already total more than 8 million around the world But the reality is that despite their mistakes the great majority as well as every human being honest and responsible seek to learn from them and improve dedicating that effort as an offering to God. I have faith in God and as a man of Faith I accept and acknowledge his existence and how his word exerts influence on me by giving strength to my values and principles for which. From here I humbly appeal to Chancellor Delcy Rodriguez so that from the beginning Humanists of our Constitution endorse the request of Jehovah's Witnesses in Venezuela to the government of Russia so that their worship of Jehovah will not be outlawed or persecuted for trying to promote the first and second commandments which we can read in the book of Matthew Says: "You must love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind ... The second one is this: you have to love your neighbor as yourself ..." On October 17, 1939 the New York Times reported on the first execution of a person for refusing to do military service, it was August Dickmann, a 20-year conscientious objector, a student of the Bible who was shot in the concentration camp In order to press Jehovah's Witnesses to sign the renunciation of their Faith (wearing a purple triangle in their uniform) ... My call today is to prevent again ignorance, fear and lack of respect and tolerance lead to Repeating this type of immoral conduct of persecution in the name of immoral legalities imposed by men who only think selfishly in their interests. In short they are not an extremist sect, they are respectful of the legal framework that governs the country where they are Giving to cease what is of Caesar and to God what is of God. Their publications are widely known worldwide and their meetings are not secret, they are open to the general public so much so if they want to know more about their beliefs they will be glad to answer your questions ... It is not necessary for them to persecute you will surely knock on the door Of their house to inform them. ... let us not repeat these events and may God be ashamed of his creation ... And to the Russian comrades I can only tell them that Jehovah protects them and gives them the strength and wisdom to cope with this situation ... Writer Tomas Mann, a Nobel Prize-winner in Literature, exiled in Switzerland, wrote about Nazi persecution of Jehovah's Witnesses because of his faith: "In my opinion there is no greater appeal to the conscience of the world ******************************************************************************************************************************************************** (article so well explained and done. Thank you for suggestion on Google Translate)
  12. Thank you Br. Lynn, I couldn't pull this up and put that from Fox News in here.
  13. So today was the trial and I heard the brothers got a judge to postpone it till tomorrow. This story was on Fox News under "WORLD". Who would have thought Fox News would report this story. Every thing the brothers (lawyers for us) the judges refused to hear. They refused everything but one thing. Am waiting on the F&DS to let us know how this goes. Am hoping it goes right into the G.T. But that is not my call.
  14. Other news agency's are suggesting that the President got someone to do this, to make his point strong to keep bombing Syria and take revenge on other groups who are terrorists in his eyes and the eyes of his henchmen. After all, he did order the killings of some of his former buddies who spoke against him. Had them assassinated in broad daylight. Am not surprised one bit. Satan his behind him and the religion he loves so much. In fact, the picture of the suspected bomber looks just like one of those Russian Orthodox Priests! We'll see where this goes in Russia. I know where Satan is going soon....abyssssssssss