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  1. We were on the deck of the cottage at the time.
  2. I caught the "tongue-in-cheekiness" of your question As for the training of the dogs, there is no issue leaving them when we're home, but the cottage belongs to a friend. Her cottage, her rules with respect to dogs on the furniture, etc. (at home they have one chair by the window in the office they take turns sitting in, but never go on any other furniture; at the cottage they think all the chairs are by windows, so they must be fair game, and they need to be reminded). I just do not want to leave them unsupervised there, and as we can't bring them into the hall, or leave them in the car, we listen to the meetings by phone. If that means their training is lacking, I am open to suggestions. (By the way, last summer I called them back when they started chasing a bear cub that had wandered out of the woods by the cottage, and they came. That to me is the second most important command they have to obey). I realize this is off topic, but I wanted to clear up any misunderstandings.
  3. Phone hookup is not available for that congregation . And as it's not our place, we don't leave them alone in the cottage for the four plus hours we would be gone, including travel time.
  4. I don't know for sure, but wouldn't flat roofs be inadvisable for areas with a lot of snow? This hall is on Manitoulin Island, about six hours north of Toronto. It has a small English congregation and an Odawa group. It's the hall in whose territory our friend's cottage is located. We go to the cottage every year, but phone into our own congregation because we have the dogs with us.
  6. We have used diatomaceous earth with great success. It is also safe for pets.
  7. Of course all monthly broadcasts are wonderful, but this one? I can't even express how wonderful it is.
  8. Yes, the wheelbarrow method. If you're by yourself, focus on the instigator. Pivot the dog away from its victim (grab both rear legs if you can) and if possible, leash it (provided you have a leash or rope handy). If you have a companion, have him or her do the same with the other dog. The goal is to get them separated.
  9. That's what I do. It used to work, but doesn't anymore.
  10. "He was fined a total of £666". Hmmmm. Sad for the sister and the children.
  11. I considered this as well and waited a while, but it didn't move.
  12. I use the app on my Android phone and have noticed the following: When clicking a link to a publications used during the meeting (e.g. the Bible study book), it will take me to the start of the current chapter, not the paragraphs being considered for the week. When tapping the "back" arrow, it often does not go back one page, but directly to the top of the current week's schedule (so I need to scroll down to the closing song, for example). Has anyone else noticed this?
  13. My Suki doesn't like thunder either. We find the thunder shirt helpful, but it can be so humid I worry about overheating her. I recently started using essential oils, and found that a blend called Peace & Calming helps. Also, lavender will knock Diva out when she's stressing when my husband is away overnight, so I may give that a try on Suki next thunderstorm.
  14. Canada Branch visit tomorrow. My congregation has been invited to attend the live program :) And we can also stay to hear the orchestra practice for a performance they're giving at the special convention (it's just a short session, about 20 minutes, but not sure if I'll be able to stay as I'm leaving for vacation later that evening and need to finish getting ready).

    1. Beggar for the Spirit

      Beggar for the Spirit

      That is great Sister Sylvie about your congregation being invited to the live program! Soak up all of the spiritual encouragement from this important event! And please share with us some of the GEMS you find there! :)

    2. hatcheckgirl


      Enjoy both the spiritual feast and your vacation! :D

    3. Sylv


      All I can say is that it was great. We also listened to a 20-minute performance by a choir, who will be entertaining the delegates to the special convention in July. The word for that is "goosebumps"! They sang an original song that I hope will become a music video on JWB.