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  1. It's ok Jerry ......not to worry we have all been guilty one time or another . The video is impressive though and as Linda says it's 2017 RC theme . Probably Ukraine as was mentioned.
  2. So official count in 2017 Russian RC in Helsinki last week ...,top count Sunday 5000 and 33 Baptized .
  3. Your right same place ..... thanks Eric are you all ready for our Special Convention?
  4. I am not sure where the video was taken not Helsinki for sure. Kiev seems more likely .
  5. The venue does not look the same as the pictures that were sent to us right from the convention in Helsinki ( 2017) the video looks more like a convention that I attended 24 yrs ago in Moscow .....when Russia first opened up there were hundreds baptized looking at the crowd it is much larger than the one in Helsinki . Family not up yet in Finnland will confirm # baptized asap and venue.
  6. Linda so nice to hear from you ...we know how busy you are thanks for taking the time to post. My hubby's cousin hosted two couples they had a great time despite the language barrier . Sunday night he ( cousin ) organized a huge BBQ with 150 attending that stayed in the area our family lives outside of Helsinki . What a brotherhood we have ...... beautiful example of love in action.
  7. I have read that the scan using heat is not as effective as the usual mammogram ..,..asked my NP Dr and he agreed , though it is safer it's not as good of detecting as one would think . The mass has to be quit large for heat to detect but the original can detect a lump in its infancy. Our medical pays for them here in Canada we get letters in the mail to remind us when our next MG is due. I also have my Dr pushing flu and Pneumonia shots ( paid for by the govt) I have refused . My Dr is not very happy about my refusal.
  8. We are getting closer and closer to Jehovahs great day the second study article in the April 2017 WT has a powerful picture of Jesus .... not up in the clouds but already through the clouds with hands reaching up toward the King on his white horse...... powerful image . Your in our prayers Antonio and yes very frustrating we can't send boxes for you all .
  9. So true we already have been told a RC is in the works in a neighbouring country preparations are already underway. Jehovah doesn't fool around he's a God of action.
  10. LOL no your secrets are safe ....
  11. This sounds like a carbon Copy of MH job including the cat ! Amazing !
  12. All I can think about is how important this must have been that Jehovah would interrupt our memorial campaign to write letters .... letters written now back to our task at hand ....get those memorial invitations out and patiently wait and see what happens with the results of our efforts We can speculate til the cows come home but ........... the out come will be evident in time as Jehovah sees fit for it to play out. Welcome to the forum Tom lol we appreciate your input and know your motives were pure .... our forum family is always ready to forgive .
  13. Found this on a web page inquiring about how to address Mr. Putin. I like the last sentence.. Important points when considering the complaints and requests of citizens All letters to the President of the Russian Federation considered within thirty calendar days. Our citizens need to understand that the letters are not seen personally by the President of the Russian Federation , as a special service by professionals . Even with good intentions , Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, physically could not read all the treatment received daily for consideration. But do not forget that many of the issues the president takes under his personal control . The answer to the complaint will be directed to the email address or the actual citizens. It will indicate the measures that have been taken to solve the problem to handle. If the letter was forwarded to the relevant authorities , in response to a letter from a citizen can understand exactly where he should be treated . Whichever of the above methods you choose, be sure that your request is sure to be heard, and then you will succeed!