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  1. I'm so excited I'm beside myself ( now there are two of me) . I remember doing a similar campaign years ago ......someone refresh my memory was it Malawi ? I would like to be a fly on he wall in the post office when all these letters start arriving lol . Makes me think of Daniel 11:44 ......perhaps the reports will be our letters . ( just thinking out loud)
  2. Every thing has gone up ......have you seen the price of nuts ? pine nuts went up so much I no longer buy them ..... "days wage for a loaf of bread ( or a pound of bacon)"
  3. Friends in Mntreal really got hit .......70 Centemeters over night.
  4. That's too bad ......I agree it doesn't sound good . I can't believe the amount of friends that are dealing with very very serious health issues. So glad the sisters could kick in and give her a hand .........Love in action.
  5. Like the great tribulation it will happen when you least expect it .
  6. Haha that reminds me of a line at our recent Assembly " in a world of Kerdashians , why not be a Naomi , Esther , Ruth etc . " that was the Bethel speaker .
  7. We just keep getting report after report of very serious illnesses with our brothers n sisters..... most recent was a sister who has been in full time work for many years was diagnosed with a brain tumour . Our family experienced first hand the ER Dr , using the 1-800 # to call the JW medical info line ..... after talking for about 10 minutes he came back to us and said " impressive very impressive .....this is what we are going to do for you Mr. N" I have never felt so proud to be part of this beautiful loving organization , that cares so well for Jehovah's people.
  8. Looks like a tire iron .....used to loosen bolts on tires ?
  9. Oops the above happens I tried to copy and post a picture ...... Sorry tried deleting and that didn't happen either . I give up !
  10. one of my favourites.
  11. Cheryl that picture looks like one taken by a Russian photographer her life story is on UTube she holds seminars all over the world teaching photography . I follow her on IG her pictures mezmorize me . Children and animals are her key subjects ... I believe they are her own children , her name is Elena Shumilova you can google her.
  12. Loved your report Rosanne I personally love spending time with the older ones , we always come away encouraged. Tonight we spent a few hours with an elderly brother (84) who lost his son in death today . He has already lost another son a few years ago who was a missionary in Africa to Cancer and his wife just a short time ago . Yet his spirit is strong and his hope alive in the coming resurrection recounting how busy he would be preparing for their return to life in the paradise. Though he shed tears he was so appreciative of all the blessings and provisions on a JW.Org and JW.TV. How cruel the legacy satan has inflicted on mankind has been ( old age , sickness & death) but Jehovah's blessings give us much much to be thankful for . What a privlege to have these faithful older ones among us.