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  1. Hahaha ....... oh yes it is I know this to be a fact I have nursed the male species in my house when the sky is falling in from the dreaded "man flu" !
  2. I think you can Linda you just have to get the right connections ......I wonder if there are on-line schools you could apply with .
  3. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-12973543
  4. Dear brother how man has made such a mess of the world their rule has only brought suffering and pain , we here in N America live in a world of Excess and waste but our circumstances could change in an instant ...... how mismanaged the earth is and how we long for relief by means of our loving a God and father. I assure you we are making constant supplications for you through your terrible sufferings. Your faith and reliance on Jehovagh has I am sure deepened and you are a source of encouragement for us as well. Genesis 31:49. " may Jehovah keep watch between you and I when we are situated unseen, one from the other" . ( older version)
  5. Dorothy I wondered where you were and I hadn't seen you post in a long time , what a terrible ordeal you have been and were going through, I think of Job and all he could do is sit n scrape his wounds ......but he faithfully endured, I just read and meditated on James 5: 11 " you have heard of the endurance of Job and have seen the outcome Jehovah gave " your reward will be soon . " for Jehovah is tender and merciful " . Thinking of you ,
  6. Greg what a nightmare this poor sister is living. Terrible .
  7. Travelling by Train Dilip? That's some journey .
  8. I put it in my nostrils when I feel a sore throat coming on ...... usually works every time. After my bad winter I'm praying I don't get any bugs. But there is always the one that shows up at the meeting sick/ coughing / sneezing , really frustrating . Happened yesterday at the pioneer dinner !!!
  9. Our hospitals were reported on the news as being the worst winter for a virus. That is spreading like wildfire, I saw it first hand the corridors at our local hospital were lined with beds & the ER was jam packed with people ( sometimes a six to 8 hr wait) to see a Dr. I held my breath and washed my hands thourally when I left . Most vunerable, elderly . Children, those with compromised immune systems.
  10. Our very own world class Ski area just a hours drive away . Whistler Mt.
  11. NO !!! LOL
  12. Ha this subject always intrigues me ..... I have a mix too father Croatian , mother German ( grandparents came from Croatia and Prussia) I would like to do the Ancestory DNA saliva test just because this kind of history fascinates me to think about all the generations that preceded me . We will learn so much about our history in the New system and I think we will all be surprised to see where we came from. ( all mutts ) lol My husband is a Fin we went back to Finland when we discovered over 70 relatives ALL in the truth ( quit a story) it was such an eye opener, my husbands mannerisms, voice inflections and personality wow ! For the first time I truly understood the making of his personality .
  13. That was a long time ago brother John I think the number now is nearly 120, 000 ..... Jehovah's blessing s on our efforts are very evident .
  14. How nice Van ..... it's sure touching especially for all us softies .