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  1. Greg what a nightmare this poor sister is living. Terrible .
  2. Travelling by Train Dilip? That's some journey .
  3. I put it in my nostrils when I feel a sore throat coming on ...... usually works every time. After my bad winter I'm praying I don't get any bugs. But there is always the one that shows up at the meeting sick/ coughing / sneezing , really frustrating . Happened yesterday at the pioneer dinner !!!
  4. Our hospitals were reported on the news as being the worst winter for a virus. That is spreading like wildfire, I saw it first hand the corridors at our local hospital were lined with beds & the ER was jam packed with people ( sometimes a six to 8 hr wait) to see a Dr. I held my breath and washed my hands thourally when I left . Most vunerable, elderly . Children, those with compromised immune systems.
  5. Our very own world class Ski area just a hours drive away . Whistler Mt.
  6. NO !!! LOL
  7. Ha this subject always intrigues me ..... I have a mix too father Croatian , mother German ( grandparents came from Croatia and Prussia) I would like to do the Ancestory DNA saliva test just because this kind of history fascinates me to think about all the generations that preceded me . We will learn so much about our history in the New system and I think we will all be surprised to see where we came from. ( all mutts ) lol My husband is a Fin we went back to Finland when we discovered over 70 relatives ALL in the truth ( quit a story) it was such an eye opener, my husbands mannerisms, voice inflections and personality wow ! For the first time I truly understood the making of his personality .
  8. That was a long time ago brother John I think the number now is nearly 120, 000 ..... Jehovah's blessing s on our efforts are very evident .
  9. How nice Van ..... it's sure touching especially for all us softies .
  10. In a way it was a BIG announcement as we are going to be synced with the Special Convention in Toronto which will have members of the GB in attendance, this includes Calgary, Edmonton and other major Cities across Canada. The brothers have asked that we build Enthusiasm and show Canada how united JW are in Canada. There will also be all congregations from Vancouber Island coming to Vancouver......expected attendance in Vancouver 17,000 . Quite a feat to get venues in all major cities including good rates in Hotels right across Canada on the same date but it all came together . Jehovah's blessings were evident the brothers mentioned .
  11. Probably linked to the RC announcement ! Are you west or East ?
  12. Does any of the ne know where we can get the work book with the research complete for the OCLM for 2017 ?
  13. I get the Enerex brand ( I think it's Canadian made ) 120,000 SU one a day I take first thing in am on empty stomach . If you ordered from Canada your $ is higher may work out ok or you probably can find a good brand in the USA . They have tried to ban it here ( because it's effective) . Disclaimer I'm not promoting a cure all .