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  1. Preparing for a dreaded MRI. NO coffee, no food, no metal on my clothing, only an ounce of diet ginger ale this morning.  I don't want anything disturbing me in the tube. Flunked my first one, took my second in an open faced MRI. Today, we are again trying a traditional machine. Took an allergy pill and 4 mg Diazepam. 

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    2. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      Oh dear. Concern. I have my first MRI scheduled next week. Yes, sister, I wish the best for you! 

    3. Tortuga


      How did it go?

    4. kejedo


      I was out in service again today for a long day. My dx right now is a hairline fracture from September. I probably have no choice  left but to go in for a spinal procedure, the less invasive, the better.  This was recommended to me in Oct. due to the Sept incident, but I wanted every chance to heal without surgery.  I have not resumed my previous exercise/walking habits despite physical therapy. My little dog has gotten too chubby  due to shortened dog walks.  Thanks for asking. 8-)   Rock on/walk on.