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  1. I used to suggest to brothers that they could do this since some elders (not wt conductor) liked it. Since there wasn't unanimous consent of brothers I stopped doing it. I could do it if asked ahead of time. I have approval for the digging for gems 2 questions, Kingdom Rules teach box and wt question box. That's all.
  2. I just simply went to the Windows Store and click the update tab and there was the update for that build number. Maybe its an east coast thing. LOL Maybe will come to west coast soon.
  3. After getting home from work prior to CO meeting with elders and ms, I see there's a Windows 10 update for JW library! It's a 72.78MB download. I wonder what could it be?? The build is 9.1.11966.0
  4. I had also a similar problem with with ba.jw.org. I just filled out the request for help form and waited. Weeks later I got calls from the help desk. When I finally responded to the brothers message he reset my account and everything worked out well. Patience and calling back solved the issue. Thank Jehovah.
  5. I was told about this when a brother's sick mother could not make our convention and he said he and mother watched it. I don't get it.
  6. Looks like it's going to be a beautiful place of worship. I guess the local friends didn't opt for the newer commercial building designs from JW broadcasting discussion on newer LDC Kingdom Hall projects or there were other considerations.
  7. Thank you for for the post. Very disturbing but our brothers keep their composure during all this. More prayers.
  8. While studing and doing some extra research for the Congregation Bible Study this week, I discovered this priceless gem: *** yb79 pp. 149-150 Canada *** POLICE CENSORSHIP DEFEATED The sedition cases had all been dismissed. That was fine. But there still remained a mountain of over 1,600 bylaw charges. What about these? Basic to these cases was the effort of Quebec authorities to keep all dissemination of information subject to police censorship. Typical was Bylaw 184 of the City of Quebec, which said: “It is forbidden to distribute in the streets of Quebec any book, pamphlet, booklet, circular, tract whatever without having previously obtained for so doing the written permission of the Chief of Police.” To overcome this censorship bylaw, a test case was started in Quebec City in 1947 asking that the bylaw be declared illegal. In court, three clergymen—a Catholic priest, an Anglican cleric and a Jewish rabbi—appeared as witnesses for the City of Quebec. They endeavored to persuade the judge to rule against Jehovah’s Witnesses. Here was further evidence that politics and the major religions were united against the true servants of God! This case, styled Saumur v. Quebec, also was appealed to the Supreme Court of Canada and was argued there for seven days. On October 6, 1953, the nine-judge Court ruled in favor of Jehovah’s Witnesses in a split decision of five to four. Victory in this case terminated the hundreds of bylaw cases still pending in the courts of Quebec. The Saumur ruling also is acknowledged in Canada as a landmark decision of benefit to all the Canadian people. One columnist was so moved by this grand decision that the following remarks appeared in the Toronto Telegram: “EQUAL RIGHTS TO ALL “A large bonfire on Parliament Hill should celebrate the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision in the Saumur case; a bonfire worthy of a great occasion. Few decisions in the history of Canadian justice can have been more important. Few courts can have done better service than this to Canada. None has placed Canadians who value their inheritance of freedom more deeply in its debt. . . . The deliverance cannot be celebrated with the bonfires it deserves.” Interestingly, at the time that this case went to trial, the branch office in Canada had sent out word requesting that all the brothers petition Jehovah in prayer as to the outcome of the matter. So much depended on having a favorable decision in this case! (1 Tim. 2:1, 2) The eventual outcome indicates that there was a favorable response from the “Hearer of prayer.” (Ps. 65:2) Indeed, “a righteous man’s supplication, when it is at work, has much force.”—Jas. 5:16. Indeed, we must keep praying for our dear brothers and sisters at this time to NOT GIVE UP!
  9. Thanks for the info from the salt lake tribune. Jehovah will handle this.
  10. Thank you for this post. I looked at it some days ago and decided to include this in my Family Worship. I'm glad I did. My wife and daughter paid keen attention and they will take note of the other 4 videos for JW Library. Again, THANKS.