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  1. Countdown timer is not implented in JWL app. only soundbox. greets,
  2. maybe a silly question but, is there any chance we can get the lossless audio file recordings? Greets, your brother Ilias Bosman
  3. Let us pray for our brothers and sisters! Only Jehovah can set this matter right!
  4. ive updated the list with the latest songs
  5. the point is, only the more expensive tv have good image quality, and than you get smart tv functions, netflix etc. but i dont need it. when i just want a simple 1080p tv, you get only the basics and no picture enhancement etc. so thats really a shame they dont have plain tv's with no smart functions and good image quality. Greets, Ilias
  6. Yes, Panasonic had a good name, also their plasma tv,s were top notch. What you think About LG? Greets, Ilias Verzonden vanaf mijn iPad met Tapatalk
  7. yes i understand. i think i will be sticking with either samsung sony or LG. Greets, Ilias
  8. I know stavro, ntsc is diffrent from pal, and so on. i dont want exactly the same model as in US. i just want to know wich brand is most used in kingdom halls and buildings in the US. Greets, your brother Ilias Bosman
  9. Im installing a new tv in our congregation, in the smaller room where mothers with baby's sit so they can watch the meeting, without disturbing the meeting. im installing a camera in the main hall, leading to the smaller room, doing it wired cause i dont want it to run through the net, so i use HDCVI instead of IPCAMERA. i know it maybe is a stupid question, but what tv brand they use in america, new world headquarters in walkill, or at existing locations. is there a brand they have as favorite? i know it all doesnt make that much of a big diffrence besides some social, graphical, and interface changes. but im just curious. Greets, your brother Ilias Bosman
  10. How awful! ! Let Jehovah handle this situation! Verstuurd vanaf mijn GT-I9505 met Tapatalk
  11. on what title do i search ? Greets your brother Ilias
  12. Hey brothers, does anyone know where i can get a ipad air 2 Cover/case that is the same color as our new NWT Bible? Greets, your brother Ilias
  13. I'm going to find out I'll get back to you on that
  14. Yess we been to the meeting yesterday in Gozo (Victoria)and à sister there told me the brothers and sisters from gozo and Malta have something special in mind, and also all the children. Also interessting, there was à brother from Brittain england hè had à speach and pictures of the building progress in Malta, their building à RTO just as we saw in broadcasting, its so touching to see that everywhere you go Jehovah's people are united as 1 nation. Brings joy in my heart! Monday, me and my wife are going to help at the construction site where They are building the RTO. The best thing to do when you are in holiday, is keep working for Jehovah!! Greets, Your brother from Holland.... In Gozo (marselforn) Verzonden vanaf mijn iPad met Tapatalk