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  1. According to biblical calendar, today is 14th Nisan until the next 10 hours in my country, Israel and Moscow. Maybe it will be twice an important date for the brothers in Russia.
  2. I feel like all of us we are sitting at court hall's seats and we have the same feelings with the attenders
  3. Propably all these things could be happened. But is it a good idea to focus to them? It reminds me king Padi in Ezekiah's drama, who said to Ezekiah that "the Assyrians are coming and they will do this and that to you". I mean that if we start talking about the severity and the effects of the ban in Russia, maybe the Russian brothers and sisters who read us will discouraged.
  4. I vote "Your Word Endures Forever" too. But you MUST listen the italian version. The voice of the brother is magnificent!
  5. I copy the tweet of Anton Chivchalov: "Even if we lose, all the media and all foreign embassadors already see how ridiculously ungrounded claims against us" Now I see with my own eyes that Jehovah is acting with "style"!
  6. They "discovered" literatures in our kingdom halls, that they themselves had already put there before and they ignored the cameras' prooves. So they are able for everything. Even hiding toxic dust in an envelope and say that Jehovah's witnesses sent us these envelopes.
  7. I have a bad feeling..
  8. So true! I remember before some years we had a convention in a hotel's convention hall. During the break of the program, some young brothers noticed two famous singers waiting at reception. One of the singers is a hip hop singer using bad words in his songs. It was very sad when the young brothers took photos with them and autographs. Can you imagine the brother wearing nice suit next to a person who is dressing as a hip hoper, taking photo together? Very ashamed
  9. We had to live under these restrictions to understand our brothers and sisters in Russia. If I was under this pressure propably I would panic, I would think "what's next, how long will this go on, etc etc". But definetely everybody of us will face these conditions. Until then, the only we can do is to think in our prayers about the brothers and sisters in Russian Federation, to keep building faith.
  10. Let's make a speculation: I think the asian woman that appears on convention's program will be the protagonist of the drama.
  11. The house on magazine's cover belong to my wife's uncle but the brothers and sisters are unknown to me. An interesting thought I found in the article "Jehovah God Provides Comfort in All Our Trials" paragraph 16: "And if such a study is conducted, it would be wise to do so either in the children’s home with the parents or another mature Witness around or in a suitable public area. Thus no one would have a basis to misconstrue what is occurring. It is to be hoped that the parents will, in time, fulfill their God-given responsibility to care spiritually for their children".