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  1. Our dear brothers & sisters in Russia need our prayers more than ever now to help them endure this great injustice! .....'Just a little while longer'...... :-(
  2. Do we know what time the appeal starts tomorrow? & will there be a link we can use to follow updates as they happen like last time at all? Thank you
  3. A lovely field ministry tool....
  4. This was a horrible revenge attack....these people are innocent victims just the same as the many killed by extremists. We know people are frustrated & angry at what's going on with ISIS at the moment, but killing muslims is not the answer, in fact he could just have made the situation a whole lot worse!! We are in the very last days indeed.....
  5. Just to let you all know I have written to the wife of our dear brother that was fatally stabbed, & included all your 'love & thoughts & prayers' as some of you requested......
  6. Exactly! Personally from what I'm hearing on the news it's more likely to be lots & lots more as they've not recovered anyone from the top floors.....and they're now saying some residents may never be able to be identified! How very tragic & sad.... :-( :-(
  7. Yes the count is now 12 very sad :-(
  8. Please rest assured I will convey the love & thoughts from all of us around the world in my card. I know it was an enormous comfort for me getting cards from far & wide of people I didn't even know. It sustained a crushed heart, & I know it will do the same for our dear sister. :-)
  9. Thank you... it's just so sad. I'm going to send a card for his dear wife Sandra to let her know we're all praying for her.....
  10. Yes that is all true! He was a very well respected elder with a wife & was 54 yrs old. I also have his name but will wait till it's released. I have just cut a brothers hair at the new Brd, Chelmsford, who has been in contact with the brothers where it happened. Very sad indeed.... will be praying to keep his dear wife comforted as I too know what it's like to have lost a dear husband suddenly... we need the new world very soon.....:-(
  11. Yay! It's up in Italian! Going to watch it NOW!
  12. Just watching live on Sky News in the U.K. Theres seems to have been a terrorist attack on London Bridge! A van drove into people & a knife attack followed. 2nd incident at Borough market...not clear what's happened there. seems to be happening weekly over here at the moment! We all need to 'keep on the watch' as this system is going down fast....
  13. ....yes and how amazing that many unbelieving relatives, former brothers & sisters & others are coming back to Jehovah because of what's happening in Russia. Many hate us JW's but many other non-Witnesses are happy to defend us. Such a lovely talk. Enjoy!