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  1. Don't think that I'm mad or any simillar to this. But we everyone can check and we don't have to wait until elders or someone urges or encourages us to contribute in this campaign. This is a personal thing, everyone should consider it prayerfully. If elders or someone don't tell us about this campaign, it doesn't mean that we must wait till they will say that.
  2. It's for those who didn't heard about it. We can write hashtags #stopJWBan in our social networks like Facebook, Twitter, VKontakte, Instagram and etc.
  3. Who can help me and show how to write an formal letter? I mean, I want to print it and don't know how formal letter should look I should write my first and last names, also address in left corner at the top of letter? That's only an example. Who can show me a right template? Thanks!!
  4. Recently developed JW's game - JW Crush. Also I can't see the app "Ministry Assistant"!
  5. Finished! So glad that I can contribute to this campaign!!
  6. All the information what we need we can look at It's very nice if we check our website regularly. I knew about it right from Sister, you can be assured that all the information what we need we will get then when it will be the best time to know that. We won't be left out.
  7. Capital Y is using in formal letters to show respect to the addressee. It's also in Lithuanian.
  8. Can anyone share with me your letters or what did you wrote in that letter? I really want to write it but don't know from where to start and what can I mention.
  9. Decided to write a letter. It's so important!! It's not so hard brothers and sisters, let's do it!
  10. I want to be like you when I grow up!:)

  11. I will have a demonstration during assembly :) Can't wait, it's so interesting, so exciting although it's not the main part in the assembly :D

  12. This month's song! It's wonderful!