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  1. This month's song! It's wonderful!
  2. That's right. Nowadays music is at completely other level. I think it would be nice to put some tracks from 50's-90's maybe.
  3. I think it's a good place to share music for dance parties with all us. P.S. I will be in one dance party and I should choose music tracks. So, I will be thankful for your help!
  4. I remembered about this song recently and decided to make an instrumental version. That's very emotional song really.
  5. MIDI and simple sheets are available on my channel
  6. Of course, that's interesting!
  7. Which songs are out of a songbook? Sorry if I missed something in this topic
  8. Don't you tried via It's very simple - copy a link of a any video, insert here and woohoo - MP3 is here!